Freedom Ordnance FX-9P8S 9mm 31 Round Barrel - 8"

Manufactured by Freedom Ordnance
Manufactured by Freedom Ordnance
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Since the old days when your choice of car color from the factories of Henry Ford was black, or well, black we’ve come a long way.  And Freedom Ordnance provides something a long time coming in the firearm industry. 

Freedom to mix and match your semi-automatic 9MM pistol with a wide range of AR-15 accessories.  Now, what we're offering today is the 8" version, but what if you prefer a short 4.5” barrel on your handgun or even a 16" barrel?  No problem.  Freedom Ordnance offers the FX-9 series with your choice of 4.5”, 8” or even a full 16” barrel.  Do you want a semi-auto pistol that's lightweight or do you prefer something with a little bulk to give you a better sense of security?

Freedom Ordnance thought of that too.  Depending on your barrel selections, the weight of the FX-9 Series ranges from a mere 4.5 ounces all the way up to 6.1 Lbs.

  • Caliber: 9mm (9X19)
  • Barrel: 8"
  • Capacity: 31
  • Grip: Polymer Pistol Grip with Finger Extension
  • Sights: M-Loc Free Float Rail fits all AR-15 style optics
  • Weight: 5.2 Lbs.
  • Barrel Finish: Black Nitride
  • Frame Finish: Black Anodized Type III Aluminum

The FX-9 series of semi-auto AR-15 pistols come ordered as you choose direct from the factory.  Just like picking from an ala carte menu, you can select the firearm options you really would like to see in a single piece.  From the faux suppressor which really isn’t a suppressor but a snazzy looking A2 type flash hider, to the extended Glock® style magazine this pistol is an absolute shooter's dream.

Now, there are a few important things you need to remember when you purchase an FX-9 line of pistols.  Let’s put it this way.  You wouldn’t attempt to climb Mount Everest without a Sherpa and oxygen, right?  Right.  So, the following things are important to note.

Note: 9mm FMJ rounds are recommended upon first firing such as the 115 grain Remington rounds.  While the FX9P4 handles shot with Xtreme reliability Freedom Ordnance doesn’t recommend the use of non-jacketed ammunition and NEVER aluminum cased ammunition.

Note: Operation – The FX-9 line of AR-15 pistols is designed for right-handed shooters.  For all you lefties out there who’ve fired an AR-15 “right-eject” rifle and are a little unnerved when the shell casing comes zipping up and across your field of vision you need to consider this before selecting this pistol.

Note: Trigger – Freedom Ordnance doesn’t recommend after market light weight triggers.  Here’s the deal.  Some of are kind of tinkerers.  You know, we always like to improve things, make them better, quicker, lighter, more efficient.  Freedom Ordnance gets it.  However, they recommend you keep the original trigger system laying around just in case your tinkering doesn’t turn out so well.

Note: Buffer Tube – Again, for those tinkerers.  The buffer tubes which come with the 4”, the 10” and the 8” FX9P4 are proprietary to the KAK Shockwave Blade.  All pistols in the FX-9 line are threaded to receive MIL-Spec buffer tubes.
Note: Upper – Any JP Enterprise silent buffering system will damage the upper on a FX9P4 pistol.

Having taken all that into account, let’s get back to the heart of the FX-9P8S model we're offering today.  Even with an 8" barrel and weighing in at just over 5.2 Lbs. this pistol from Freedom Ordnance is designed to be modular so you can get the best quality and performance for the price.  Customizable with just about any AR-15 accessory on the market today.  Made right here in the USA.  This pistol is not only extreme on so many levels, but it’s designed to let you take your freedom of choice to the extreme.
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Barrel Length8.0
BrandFreedom Ordnance
Caliber Gauge9mm Luger

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