Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Buffer Spring and Buffer

Manufactured by Geissele Automatics
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Manufactured by Geissele Automatics
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The Geissele Automatics Super 42 Braided Wire Buffer Spring and Buffer Combo uses a unique three-strand braided buffer spring similar to the legendary German MG42 machine gun. This arrangement allows for better energy absorption and harmonic dampening by allowing the springs to flex separately against each other, increasing the reliability and improving the function of your AR-15. Includes a heavy carbine buffer.

Note: This combo is not suggested for use with 300 Blackout subsonic ammunition.

  • Designed after the MG42 machine gun recoil spring
  • Provides a longer spring life and more reliable function
  • Includes a heavy carbine buffer

For use with AR-15 Carbine receiver extensions only, will not work with A5 length or rifle length extensions.
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BrandGeissele Automatics
ManufacturerGeissele Automatics
TypeBuffer - H1 Heavy Carbine
MaterialPiano Wire
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Ratings & Reviews

23 reviews


Absolutely necessary.


If you're looking for a spring to get rid of the infamous "twang" you've found it, with a very light coating of Weapon Shield grease it completely eliminated any spring noise during firing without adding weight and complexity like a captured spring would. There's a reason these are out of stock a lot of the time, they're awesome!

Strong and silent


This is definitely an upgrade over traditional springs. Gun runs smooth and with no spring noise. Bill Geissele's team designed it, what else do I need to say.

A noticeable improvement


It really works.

I had the feeling that maybe folks were being nice to the product after spending $50 on a buffer and spring, so I bought this on a whim and not expecting too much.

I spent my younger years hunting and shooting without much in the way of hearing protection, so I don't really hear the "twang" so many others talk about. I notice the vibration that transfers into my cheek, but it is just a familiar annoyance.

However, the vibration is gone now. I popped this in and something I've dealt with for 25 years went away. It never stopped me from shooting before, and it wasn't something I even thought about. It was there, and now it is not.

Also seemed to smooth out the recoil, nothing major, but again, noticeable.

This isn't life changing. This is not a product that will make a crap rifle amazing. It is a minor improvement that compliments a good gun.

not for all ARs

by -

I don't understand, this spring should supposed to increase the efficiency of my palmetto lower but to my surprise i suddenly have cycling issues which i don't have using my factory buffer spring. i think this spring are designed for pistols or carbine and not mid length AR15. I think Geissele has not been very thruthfull about the product's description.

I trust Geissele

by -

Geissele has become one of those trust with your life companies for me. I'll buy just about anything Mr. Bill Geissele sells. I've got 2 of these and have had flawless function so far after a combined 1800 rounds. I have 1 in a 16" lwrc piston gun and the other in a 10.5" 300blk pistol.

Amazing Spring For Price

by -

I was skeptical at first dropping $60 on a buffer spring, but Geissele has really delivered on this one. The Super 42 Buffer Spring is a very nice spring and does its job as advertised, the twang that I normally hear in stock rifles is completely gone. The spring complements my Ballistic Advantage .223 Wylde 16" Hanson Profile barrel reducing the felt recoil even more. I would recommend this spring to everyone if you can get your hands on one.

Nice set up specially if on sale. Does not sproing but....


Nice set up for an AR. I can't say it durable because I really haven't used it much but it is quiet. The braided wire spring is nice. Functions properly in mid length gas system I have. I typically use a Spikes Tactical buffer set up whickis also very quiet. Both don't "sproing". My only gripe is the buffer will make a small sound when you tilt the rifle up or down. The weights are shifting inside it. The Spikes powdered tungsten buffers do not do this and are equally quiet.



This is a very nice combination, but be aware of the limitations (another reviewer had issues with cycling). Here's more information from the install instructions from Geissele's site:

The Geissele Super 42 Spring and Buffer Combination
ships in the standard H1 configuration. This is how the M4
Carbine is equipped in the military and it is Geissele’s belief
that lighter-weight buffers were a cost savings solution to
prevent supplying expensive tungsten weights. The H1 and
Braided Wire Spring works well in 18” SPRs, 16” rifles with
mid-length or carbine gas systems and some 14.5” rifles.
Most 14.5” rifles would benefit from the H2 Buffer, which the
military issues in their M4A1 rifles. Weapons with barrels
shorter than 14.5” will need some testing with H2 or H3
buffer combinations to prove out which is most reliable.
When shooting 300 Blackout with Subsonic ammunition the
Super 42 Spring may be too powerful and not allow the rifle
to function properly.



As a member of a tactical team a firearms instructor and an armorer for many weapons I can't overstate how amazing this buffer/spring combo is. It was probably the best addition to a recent high end build and I now use them in all my weapons including my select fire M4 work gun. Immediate noticeable difference in recoil semi rapid semi auto fire or full auto...the rifle sits rock steady...doesn't matter if it's an SBR or a 16" will notice improvement. My coworker thought it was hype so I had him fire a few bursts on his Knights (w/ a $300 nams break) then I swapped his buffer and spring for mine. After a few bursts his jaw dropped....



I can't wait until they are back in stock I will buy more. Great Geissele product. Shot with a few friends and they couldn't believe the difference. low recoil smooth action feels like 22LR