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Primary Arms GLx 1-6x24 FFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS Griffin M6 Reticle

Manufactured by Primary Arms
MPN: 610136
Manufactured by Primary Arms
9 Reviews
No Longer Available
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This rifle scope is part of the mid-tier optics line called GLx. GLx brings premium technology and materials into an approachable price range.

The GLx 1-6x24mm rifle scope is a high-performance low-power variable optic that combines exceptional quality and craftmanship to deliver unmatched speed and precision. Crystal clear low-dispersion lenses, exciting features, and an eminently practical magnification range make this scope an excellent option for hunting, competition, or even just punching paper at the range The combination of quality, features, and of course the Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) reticles is hard to beat.

  • 1-6x Magnification
  • 24mm objective
  • 3.3" - 3.5" of eye relief
  • 30mm main tube
  • High strength one-piece 6061-T6 aluminum body
  • Compact design is 10.25" long and weighs just 21.3 Oz
  • Premium grade glass
  • Steel-on-Steel precision adjustments
  • Tactile and audible 1/10 MIL click value
  • Turrets are user configurable between Tactical or Capped
  • Movable and replaceable magnification ring fin
  • Partial reticle illumination
  • First Focal Plane ACSS Griffin M6 Reticle

This GLx 1-6x24mm rifle scope features the newly designed user configurable turrets, offering not just a new look but a host of incredible new features! Each movement of the turret will provide a crisp, audible, and tactile 0.1 MIL click that will never wear out thanks to the tough steel-on-steel construction! The new user-configurable turrets allow you to easily convert your turrets from tactical-style finger adjustable turrets to capped turrets and back! Capped turrets are ideal for the hunt and high-octane, fast moving competitions where brush and bumps can potentially change off your zero. Tactical-style turrets allow for quick adjustments on the fly without needing to spend time removing and potentially losing protective caps. With both options at your finger tips, you can customize your scope to perfectly match your needs.

The GLx is also home to one of their newest features. A smooth magnification ring hosts an innovative swappable adjustment fin. The fin can be easily positioned anywhere around the magnification ring to meet the needs of the shooter. Optional upgrades and alternatives are on the way as well, allowing users to customize their scope to meet their needs.

This 1-6x24mm GLx scope is equipped with the first focal plane ACSS Griffin M6 reticle. This incredible, all-in-one reticle features an eye-catching horseshoe that functions just like a red dot at low magnifications, allowing for unsurpassed close quarters engagement speed. The automatic ranging system gives easy estimation on targets out to 600 yards. At 6x, the full features of the reticle come to life, offering moving target leads and a MIL-dot matrix that allows for precise shots at extended ranges with any caliber, while the chevron provides an infinitely precise point of aim. Partial red reticle illumination is provided by a single (included) CR2032 battery. A total of 11 settings take the reticle all the way up to daylight bright. All lenses are fully multicoated for maximum light transmission and the 6061 aluminum body is Type II hard anodized in matte black.
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Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value0.1 Mil
Exit Pupil DiameterLow: 9.5mm / High: 3.8mm
Eye ReliefLow: 3.50 in / High: 3.30 in
Field View 100Low: 104.7 ft / High: 18.3 ft
Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
IlluminatedPartial Illumination
Length10.25 in
Magnification1X - 6X
Mount Compatibility30mm
Objective Diameter24mm
Optic SeriesGLx
Reticle ColorRed
Reticle TypeMRAD
Total Elevation Adjustment200 MOA
Total Windage Adjustment200 MOA
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Exposed Turrets, Low Profile, Tactical / Target Profile, Finger Adjustable
Weight21.3 Oz
  • Learn About The GLx 1-6x LPVO
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Heavy duty, good optical clarity. NOT daylight bright.

by -

The scope feels very well built. It is also very heavy for a 1-6! The glass quality is definitely on the higher end for the price you're paying. I'd compare it with probably a PST Gen II or maybe slightly better. Right off the bat I will say the illumination is not daylight bright. Not even close, but the reticle itself tends to work well without any illumination at 1x. The 1x is not a true 1x but it's close enough. I had no issues doing some 25m close range speed drills. The eye relief is very good. The eye box is ok, not great. It'll definitely take some training to get proficient with lining up and not get shadowing. At 6x I was banging steel without issue at a couple hundred yards. Overall, I think it's a solid option for the money. I wish the illumination was brighter because the optic is pretty good and very useable at 1x. The weight is also on the heavier side but the scope feels like a tank. I wouldn't be concerned about banging it around or being gentle with it.

Fantastic mid tier optic


Glass clarity and eye relief are great and what you'd expect in a 1000 dollar and up optic but for a reasonable and affordable price. The reticle make elevation and windage compensation a breeze all the way out to 500+ yards. Overall I'm very impressed with this optic.

Great mid tier optic

by -

Glass clarity and eye relief are great and what you'd expect in a 1000 dollar and up optic but for a reasonable and affordable price. The reticle make elevation and windage compensation a breeze all the way out to 500+ yards. Overall I'm very impressed with this optic.

A true Mid Tier optic

by -

The GLx offers great quality and premium glass clarity at a reasonable price. I've been impressed with the overall usability and function of it. The reticle isn't overly bright like how some can be but I think it's plenty when used during the daylight. There's a very slight fishbowl effect at 1x, but that's just be being picky and probably the only "issue" I can come up with. Which honestly doesn't really classify as an issue. I'd confidently compare it to the ViperPST with a better reticle. Overall, it's a great optic.

Great product at a great price

by -

i have purchased two and very satisfied with PA LPVO

Surprising Quality at this price

by -

Not gonna lie. I wanted the Plx , but the bank account said, "No!". This is an acceptable compromise. Very nice quality glass, and while the reticle appears busy, it's actually pretty quick to use, and at lower Magnification it does not clutter your field of view. I put it atop a 12" barreled Primary Wespon Systems upper with Griffin Armament M4SD suppressor. I believe I put three clicks on windage to have it hitting 1 m.o.a. at 100 yds. You must zero at 100 yds because the BDC/MRAD hybrid reticle is calibrated for that range. The daylight illumination could definitely be brighter, but this isn't a $2,000 piece of glass. Excellent turret design, nice and "clicky", and you can adjust the turret to your zero for easy peasey adjusting. A diagram of how to read some of the subtensions would be nice. The instructions were for the previous gen reticle. If you don't have a budget like the government, this is an excellent choice

Almost Perfect!

by -

When you catch this optic on sale for $399 it is a GREAT deal! I absolutely love the reticle and the new design with their LPVO’s on the outside vs their older lineup. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is I’ve had one of their older 7.62x39/300 black out LPVO before and the highest illumination setting was BRIGHT, but on this optic the brightest setting doesn’t seem to be daytime worthy, unless you’re in an indoor environment, and this optic is a little on the heavier side, other than that I love this scope!


by -

I've been blown away with this scope. The quality you get for what you pay punches miles above. Clarity from edge to edge, great light transmission, no bending anywhere in the image. My strike eagle 1-8 makes me woozy when aiming and moving at 1 power, but none of those problems here.
Got this optic zero'd in on aac 77gr otm with a brand new radical 16" upper socom profile and was getting sub moa at 100y.

Better than Expected!

by -

Let’s be clear this is waaay better than a Vortex optic! Hands down the best value for your money on the market. Quality glass worth every penny.