Hera Arms CQR AR Buttstock - Black

Manufactured by Hera Arms
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Manufactured by Hera Arms
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The Hera Arms CQR Stock System was designed to create one of the most rigid and compact options for the AR platform. Mounting easily to standard MIL-SPEC receiver extensions, the CQR provides a rock-solid and lightweight fixed stock set up. Add in multiple sling mounting options and a spacer system to find the perfect length of pull, and the CQR is the perfect option for civilians, LEOs, and military personnel alike.

  • Rear picatinny rail section for monopod use.
  • Ambidextrous sling mounting options.
  • Mounts solidly to MIL-SPEC receiver extensions.
  • Perfect match with Hera's CQR Front Grip.
  • Optional spacers sold separately.
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BrandHera Arms
Manufacturer.Hera Arms
MaterialPolymer - Reinforced
Sling MountQD Swivel Socket - Free Rotation
StorageNot Storage Capable

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

A complete let down from their fore-grips...

by -

Be warned!
<br>Pros: This stock is extremely lightweight and looks awesome when paired with their fore-grip. The snug fit to the receiver extension tube is very nice.
<br>Cons: This stock is not designed well. Ergonomically, it is impossible to activate the standard safety selector without turning your hand inside the grip. You need to purchase a castle nut and receiver end plate. Simply adding a flush mount would save some money and improve the overall appearance. This stock does not pair well with Tennessee Arms Company and Aero Precision lowers. When applying even moderate tension to the grip screw, the grip began to split. This is a major design flaw which could have been remedied in any number of ways. The rubber stopper containing the Safety Selector Detent Spring requires a lot of finesse and would have been better served as a drilled hole preferably with a set screw. The QD mounts do not allow for solid attachments without adding glue/lock-tight/grip lock washers.

Pretty decent, but a hard sell.


Overall, I like the way this stock shoulders, and feels in the hand. I purchased this piece along with the fore-grip and have found the weapon handling to be mediocre. I have large hands, and am able to reach around to the safety but those with smaller hands will definitely want to look into a 45-degree safety, or go ambidextrous.
<br>The plastic isn't the lowest quality, but it isn't the highest quality either. It sits somewhere in the middle, which is fine for me. It functions, it shoulders, it's a stock. The QD sling mount feels like it's in a slightly odd place.
<br>The rear rail for a "monopod" is lackluster at best, and easily the worst part of this otherwise decent stock. While a decent idea, I guess, this isn't the kind of stock I would see on a 'marksman rifle' which makes that rail piece utterly pointless.
<br>If it was between this and an A2 stock, I would stick with my decision. As far as fixed stocks go, it's not bad, but there are definitely better products out there.

A little Disappointed

by -

I got this a few days ago and installed it today. I purchased for a 762x39 "AR-47" build, with a very distinct and futuristic look. I paired it with the Hera Arms CQR Front Grip Black - Looks really cool. Anyway, the stock is a little flimsy, hard to install, and when you try yo engage the selector, you need to reach around and feels very awkward. Its easier to use your off hand. Also, if you tighten the grip screw too much, the base of the stock splits a little. Not a very sturdy product overall. My main disappointment was that I purchased this new from Primary Arms - But when it arrived the box was open, and it was clearly 95% pre-assembled, the screws had scrapes on them, and the buttstock itself was scratched and dirty. Clearly someone had purchased it before and sent it back. <br> Very unlike the folks at Primary Arms - First time they disappointment.

Utter junk

by -

Utter, complete bottom-of-the-barrel junk. There are no metal inserts for the side screws, and they will strip, guaranteed, because of the contemptibly cheap plastic Hera chose to use. This thing will disintegrate faster than an ice cube in Arizona.

Not Approved

by -

Received this today after buying it on sale, went to install it on my chosen lower and put it back in its box within minutes to send it back to PA.
<br>This stock is an overpriced POS. It's cheaply made and poorly designed, just the installation process is a short litany of half assed engineering. Sad to see words like "Made In Germany" stamped on the side of this thing.
<br>If this is the best example of HERA Arms products then I will never buy anything else with their name on it.
<br>Beware all, this is just as bad as other reviews have stated, including the splitting of the stock when installing the grip screw.

Not what I expected, in a good way.

by -

Not sure if Hera produced a new revision to this stock because I experienced none of the issues I have found in reviews on multiple sites. I can definitely agree that the plastic quality doesn't seem quite as solid as what I've got from Magpul and such but it didn't seem to have much if any give and once mounted on the buffer, it lined up perfectly and felt like a one piece rifle.
<br>Other than having to replace a sling loop end plate for a milspec, this thing went on like a charm. I installed on a Stag lefty AR and ran in to absolutely no issues. Slid on to the buffer tube with minimal effort, no hammering or lubing the tube necessary.
<br>The safety spring is my only concern but as of yet, have not seen any cause for concern of it falling out. Will update if it starts to loosen after I put it through its paces.
<br>I would really suggest giving it a try if you like the look and feel of it, especially with the excellent service and return policy Primary provides us with.



I bought this for my 450 Bushmaster upper on a Palmetto State Lower to use during the Ohio Deer Season. I read the other reviews and decided to take a chance. Im glad I did, it is great. It feels great on my shoulder. It did take a couple tries to get the grip bolt in at the propper angle but that is not a big deal. If you are interested dont hesitate, im sure will be pleased.

Great stock...if you know what you're buying


I really like this stock, but you need to make sure this style is what you want, as it's very different. As far as the quality of plastic, no, it's not as thick or sturdy feeling as Magpul, but once installed it's very solid and has not given me any issues. I put this on a 7.62x39 SBR with a Hera front grip, and it gets run through tactical courses a lot. This stock has taken some abuse and has held up perfectly. Paired with their front grip, my SBR has great balance and control through closed-quarters. Installation is simple, but can require a bit of fenagling to get it to slide all the way on. There was some flashing down the center mold line that I removed with some 220 grit sandpaper, but other than that I have no complaints with the construction. If you find safety engagement awkward after installing this, give Elftmann's "speed safety" a try. It's a cross bolt design, and really works well with this stock.

love it


looks and feel great. I got this for my SIG M400 Tread and I love it. the other two reviews on here that talks about the grip splitting when the grip screw is tighten are wrong. Its because it was being install incorrectly. the screw has to be at an angle for it to meet the threads properly. if you just put it in straight it will just push at the lower thus causing the split. you will need an SAE 3/16 rounded L shape allen wrench and you're all set.