Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 Magazine - 30 Round - Black

Manufactured by Hexmag
Manufactured by Hexmag
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Series 2 Hexmag magazines are made with the latest technology in materials and manufacturing processes this gives you a more robust and durable AR-15 magazine. Magazine now has a revised feed lip profile, which means greater rifle compatibility. Made with; PWS, Armalite M-15 Competition, Stag, Anderson Manufacturing, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Daniel Defense, and Mossberg rifles in mind. Easier seating on a closed bolt and greater retaining power is made possible with a revised catch-pocket and lead in ramp. Easier loading, now made with stripper clip grooves.

  • Hexagon grip surface pattern
  • Black reinforced polymer body
  • Orange anti-tilt follower
  • Tool-free design
  • Heat treated 17-7 PH stainless steel spring
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Caliber Gauge5.56 NATO
Magazine Capacity30
PlatformAR-15 Magazines
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ratings & Reviews

35 reviews


They're not PMAGs...


I bought six Hexmags because I wanted something different to distinguish between my 5.56 and 300 Blackout mags. I had three loaded for a range trip with some generic 147 FMJs and experienced at least one 'Fail to Feed' with all three. Second trip I used PMAGs with the same ammunition without a problem. Maybe they'll work better with .223/5.56 or maybe it was an issue with my weapon but I don't have the same faith in them as with Magpul.

well worth it!


Picked a couple of these up from PA on one of the previous sales. Definitely a great deal on these, quality seems spot on for the price point. Had no issues at all with them. Ran several rounds of different types, some steel case tula, lake city reloads, AE 223, LC m885 and xm193. Also shot a group of the PMC xTAC 77 gr OT match, this ran good as well. Quality seems good and would for sure buy more for stocking the cache! You also get the a mag bottom with the stand for resting the rifle on in the prone so that's a nice added bonus!

Hexmag gen 2


It is a Hexmag gen 2 so they claim to have fixed some of the issues with the first run of these magazines. I ordered a few and picked them up the next day at as I'm in the greater Houston area. The guys at the storefront are fantastic and this is an inexpensive polymer 30 round magazine, buy some if you need some. I have not owned any of these before so I can not speak to how these hold up over time but it seems to be really good quality. The ability to take it apart with out tools is a nice bonus when cleaning time comes.

Buy Magpul


Primaryarms.com is awesome, hexmags not so much. Bought 10 or so hexmags (series 1)in early 2017 for 50 beowulf and 458 socom rifles. Mags do not reliably feed big bore ar's. Weak feed lips swell making mag hard to install. If you load more than 5 or 6 rounds feed lips swell, causing rounds to pop out. I contacted customer service and was told they do not warranty feed issues in any caliber but 5.56. The rep also went on to say the mags are more of a "novelty* for anything other than 5.56. I didnt want novelty magazines for my ultimate ar's. I fail to understand why they market these as a big bore magazine, with packaging stating compatibility. I feel I've waisted my money on subpar mags. Due to Hexmag failing to stand behind there product I will be buying my mag from other manufacturers in the future.

Using for my 458 SOCOM

by -

Bought 2 just because of the price point! Just finished my 458 socom build and was having feed problems with both 20 and 30 round metal mags as well as pmags. The Hexmags never gave me a feeding issue and I believe it is a result of the lowered front lip. Will buy more!

A Tight-Fitting Mag...Good Quality...Reliable...Affordable


This mag is solid. it runs FLAWLESSLY in my three ARs. I like the Hex texturing. It provides adequate grip when handling the mag and is a unique design. NOTE: Every HexMag I own seats very tightly in my ARs (2 Anderson and 1 Bushmaster Lowers) so you have to slap em in a little harder than a PMAG to make sure they seat properly. Other than that, it's a good quality, reliable and affordable alternative to a PMAG.

Series 2

by -

I bought a few of these a couple yrs ago and never had a problem with them. Fit, function and reliability are good. Catch em on sale and they are a steal. Thanks PA

Top Quality - Low Price


Recently order 5 of the new Series 2 to use on a Colt M-4 Carbine style AR and a S&W M&P Sport II and after 4 weeks and shooting hundreds of different brands ammunition rounds, I for one can said they work without any hesitation. The disassembly/assembly for cleaning the Hexmag are among the best without a high price tag. As a retired US Army veteran will take then into combat at any time.

Works great

by -

No issues with several 100 rounds.



Iggie the lone star reviews saying big bores don't eat, they used 1gens, not 2. Use the 2, for all you do.
Feed lips matter!