JP Enterprises Custom Buffer Spring - Centerless Ground and Polished - Carbine

Manufactured by JP Enterprises
Manufactured by JP Enterprises
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The JP Enterprises Custom Centerless Ground and Polished Buffer Spring is a precision operating spring offering smoother and quieter operation in AR-15 carbine buffer tubes. Provides an improved impulse feel resulting in faster sight recovery and improved reliability. These Custom Recoil Springs are an inexpensive way to see exactly why JP has a reputation for having the quietest, smoothest rifles on the market.

  • Platform: small-frame AR-15
  • Length: carbine length
  • Custom tuned to increase reliability with 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammuntion
  • Centerless ground - Eliminates the "twang" noise of Mil-Spec buffer springs
  • Heavy spring weight to reduce felt recoil
  • Made from chrome silicon wirestock

Equipment should not be a limiting factor. Whether a professional or a first-time shooter, move up to the best. JP Enterprises creates innovative new ideas that fill the needs of serious and recreational shooters. Their policy is simple: if you are not happy, they are not happy.
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BrandJP Enterprises
MaterialSteel - A401 Chrome Silicon Wirestock
TypeAction Spring - Carbine Length
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Ratings & Reviews

52 reviews


Great Upgraded Spring

by -

Had a problem with ejection on my ar. Got this along with a Spikes H2 buffer and all those problems went away. The action seems smoother. This spring is definitely an upgrade from my milspec spring that came with the buffer kit. This does nothing for felt recoil, but at least the spent brass is flying out of my ar as fast as I can pull the trigger.

Nice and Quiet

by -

Does what it's supposed to and it's quiet (I put white lithium grease on it)...I like it!

Get one!

by -

Ran 100 rounds through my new upper today with this spring much quieter “twang” than my other mil-spec spring going to buy another for that rifle.

Discernible Difference

by -

This JP Enterprises spring, in lieu of a Sprinco "White" spring, actually made a discernible difference in a 6.5 Grendel 11.5" SBR equipped with a 3 ounce carbine buffer and a SLR Rifleworks adjustable gas block. Smoother cycling, less perceived recoil and quicker follow-up shots. Pleasantly surprised.

A must have in all my builds....

by -

To put it simply, these springs find their way into all my builds. They smooth the recoil action and reduce the spring sound tremendously. Never had a cycling issue in any rifle with these springs.


by -

Works well as advertised. However, you could achieve the same effect just by lightly oiling or greasing a milspec spring. When comparing the JP spring to an oiled milspec spring, I found that there was no difference in feel or noise.
The main issue with this spring is that it is not made out of stainless steel, unlike a milspec spring. After shooting about 200 rounds (non-corrosive ammo) and letting the gun sit for a few days, I discovered that the spring started to get some corrosion on it.
I can't trust a spring if it's going to start rusting that easily so in the trash it goes.
Save yourself some money and just oil you standard spring and it'll work just as well.

PA takes care of their customers.

by -

PA takes care of their customers. When this and my buffer "arrived" I found a damaged box with nothing in it. Contacted PA the next day and a new spring was sent out the same day. That said upon inspection the spring looks like a normal mil-spec spring. Once I get some testing done I'll update this review. Thanks again PA!!!

Worth every penny.

by -

Bought this as an upgrade with along with Spike's Tactical T2 buffer. The spring has more meat to it and is a little longer than the one I had. Made a huge impact on my AR's performance. And PA just has the best order to shipping service one could ever hope for in any market.

Better than Geissele braided


very surprised in the performance of this spring. Running it in an identical build that has a Geissele 42 braided spring, the JP spring is noticeably quieter and just as reliable as the Geissele spring. Definitely recommend, primary arms will have it on your doorstep in 2-3 days after ordering!

Integral part of my custom builds


Not to give away my secrets of AR building but, it's a subtle nuance of muzzle break, bcg, recoil impulse and lots fine tuning.

Here is one thing I use on every build, JP's Ground, Polished spring. Consistent and repeatable. I put on the gloves and grease them down with white lithium (Think that's in the instructions) when I put in the buffer. Cycle a few times to make sure I have proper (quieter) coverage and take the rifle out for testing. This is usually the last step. After a few trips to the range, they settle in they get even quieter. No grit, Twang or Sproong.

One of my buddies had a brand new Rock River factory fresh and still loves to run my original 3 gun prototype with countless rds. thru it. I tried to explain why a $20 spring is better than a $4 one, but...he will get it.