JP Enterprises Fire Control System Trigger Spring Kit AR-15 4-1/2 lb

Manufactured by JP Enterprises
Manufactured by JP Enterprises
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This service rifle spring kit is designed to be used with JP Enterprises trigger parts and will produce a 4-1/2 lb trigger pull when used with JP trigger components. Can be used with any Mil-Spec fire control components, but may not be provide exact weight specified.
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BrandJP Enterprises
TypeTrigger Spring Kit

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

standard weight spring set


Same as standard

Great Springs.....


I have used theses springs in at least 6 AR builds including 7.62 and 6.5 <br>Grendel configurations. I always achieve 5 - 6 pound consistent, reliable. and repeatable trigger pulls. I prefer to not go lower than 5 pounds for safety reasons, although US Army thought 10 pounds was optimal. These springs are by far the least expensive, user friendly trigger upgrade available and I highly recommend you try them outl

Great upgrade for mil spec trigger

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Anytime I am using a mil spec trigger, I always upgrade to these springs. 100 percent reliable and the trigger always feels crisp. Highly recommend for a mil spec trigger.

Spring kit does not noticibly lower pull - suggest the 3.5T

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Purchased to lighten the standard trigger springs (which measured nearly 7# on my PSA AR - EPT) - after installing I found little change from stock and when measured, came in at 6.6# which is unacceptable when the ad touts significantly less. Called manufacturer during working hours and the phones were not answered; contacted PA and they said would follow up

pairs great with a field & polished action

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while i was installing these springs i went ahead and filed on the hammer-disconnector interface and polished the sides and interface of trigger & hammer to reduce friction. applied a dab of synthetic grease to contact points & the action feels much more responsive, lighter & predictable. it is said that the best triggers have a pull which is so light that the break is unpredictable but compared to the heavy. gritty, sloppy originally manufactured action as it comes from the factory, the finished product of these springs, some filing & polishing the result is nothing short of drastic improvement.