KAK AR-15 Complete Lower Parts Kit

Manufactured by KAK Industry
SKU: AR15-LP-KT-010
MPN: AR15-LP-KT-010
Manufactured by KAK Industry
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The KAK Industry AR-15 lower parts kit is a one stop purchase to get everything you need to complete your first or tenth lower receiver. This AR-15 LPK is made up of Mil-Spec components for maximum compatibility with all lower receivers. It not only comes with the small springs, detents, and pins, but also a Mil-Spec trigger group, A2 pistol grip, and a billet machined trigger guard. The trigger guard is enlarged to give you enough room to pull the trigger if you are wearing gloves. This Mil-Spec complete lower parts kit by KAK Industry is an affordable way to complete your build.

This LPK Includes:
  • A2 pistol grip
  • Grip screw and lock washer
  • 90-degree standard safety selector
  • Safety detent and detent spring
  • MIL-SPEC bolt catch
  • Billet trigger guard
  • Bolt catch plunger and roll pin
  • Magazine catch and spring
  • Magazine release button
  • Pivot pin and takedown pin
  • (2) Pivot/Takedown Pin Detents
  • (2) Pivot/Takedown Pin Detent Springs
  • Buffer retaining pin and spring
  • Mil-Spec trigger and hammer
  • Trigger and hammer springs

With a reputation for precision manufacturing, KAK Industry offers quality, American made components at affordable prices. They began as a single shop and grew to a huge manufacturing facility in California where they now produce more than 1.75 million firearms components a year. They have since expanded to even more locations, including testing facilities, so they can ensure that every one of their products meet the demands of shooters, hunters, and businesses everywhere.
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BrandKAK Industry
Fire Control GroupSingle Stage Trigger
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Good For The Price/Would Recommend

by -

Trigger is excellent, smooth with no gritty feel. All parts in this kit are good except for the mag catch, it doesn't fit well and is a light gray color. It does functions though. The color is not a big deal if you plan to paint, as I do. I gave a 5 star review because all the parts in the kit are 5 star worthy except the mag catch which is 4 star. Kudos to PA for fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Great value

by -

This is now my go to kit. I have ordered several and recommended them to friends. The only problem I have seen is that one kit has a rough disconnector which led to the trigger not always resetting, and needed to be filed smooth.

Trigger - OK
Trigger guard - nice, billet, "enhanced"
Bolt catch - nice, good finish
Mag catch - nice, this is the first time I've used mag catches with dimples on the end of the threaded end, I like them a lot and the finish is good
Mag button - OK, nice finish
Pivot and Takedown pins - OK, nice finish, flat ends/no dimples
Selector - OK, decent finish, perfect 90 degree indexing
Springs and detents - no complaints

Catch it on sale

by -

I've used a few of these and they've been pretty good for the most part. Had one magazine catch that was a little bent but replaced it with a spare so no issue at the time for me. Pretty good value when on sale.

trash out of spec


parts mades with no attention to tolerance have three sets non measure the same td pins .010 thou oversized

Rough, but a good value.

by -

Some parts were likely in spec in the white, but it seems like the finish on parts put it out of spec. It’ll have burrs and it wont be good looking, but it was at a great price and nothing has broken yet.

If you're looking for good and cheap, get the Anderson kit.

by -

This kit is awful. I'll start with the good: the trigger is very smooth. It comes with a nice looking trigger guard. That's it. Now for the bad. The disconnector required modification for the trigger to reset, the safety selector has sharp edges, the bolt catch spring is too stiff and won't allow most magazines to lock the bolt back. That's just the major stuff I've noticed so far. Avoid this kit, go with the Anderson, they also have a smooth trigger and have been 100% reliable in my experience with multiple of their kits. In fact, Anderson lpks are the only ones that I have not had any problems with. If you're worried about the trigger guard, get the polymer bcm for like 6 bucks (I highly recommend that, I use it on every build). If you want a good trigger cheap, get a set of jp springs to go with the anderson kit. Otherwise upgrade to one of the fancy ones. I've wasted hundreds of rounds trying to diagnose all the issues it's caused.

Poor quality kit

by -

I purchased three of these junk lower parts kits on sale during the holidays. I should have known for only paying 32$ each. The first two builds required filing the mag catch so they would operate smoothly in the lower. The two triggers in these sets had a mushy reset and would erratically not reset when fired. I ended up replacing the mag catches and purchased new BCM PNT triggers to correct the reset problem. The third parts kit was thrown in a box and not used on the third build. I kept it bc I may need a spring or pin some day.
What a disappointment and waste of money. Live and learn.