Lancer Systems L5AWM 30-Round AR-15 Magazine - 5.56 NATO - Translucent Dark Earth

Manufactured by Lancer Systems
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MPN: 2320-13
Manufactured by Lancer Systems
12 Reviews

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From concept through production, Lancer Systems engineer solutions that make a difference. Whether in the hands of service members or commercial customers, their products will provide a definitive advantage. Lancer designs, develops and tests all advanced weapons and components in-house.The L5AWM Magazine is built with the reliability of steel, durability of polymer, and weight of aluminum. The magazine design includes a one-piece, wrap-around, steel feed lip assembly and an aggressive surface texture to create the ultimate hybrid magazine.The constant curve internal geometry of the Advanced Warfighter Magazine utilizes an anti-tilt follower for reliable feeding of .223 Rem/5.56 NATO ammunition. The body and component materials are corrosion and chemical resistant, passing military chemical testing.NOTE: The L5AWM is compatible with modern weapon systems, including M4/M16/AR, SCAR16, HK416, ARX160, and SIG MCX.Features:
  • Hardened steel feed lips
  • Impact resistant polymer body
  • Top of magazine catch is steel
  • Non-tilt follower
  • Constant curve internal geometry
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Aggressive texturing on body for positive grip
  • Slim body design
  • Slide on bottom, easy to disassemble
  • Round count markers
  • Weight: 4.48 oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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BrandLancer Systems
Caliber Gauge5.56 NATO
ColorTranslucent - Dark Earth
Magazine Capacity30
PlatformAR-15 Magazines
Weight4.48 Oz
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews


Very Disappointed

by -

I ordered these magazines based on a review that I read so you can imagine my disappointment when they arrived, I loaded them and could not get them to seat in the lower receiver. Trying different modes I found that they will load but only with an open bolt.<br><br>After a short bit of web research I found multiple write ups stating that others had similar issues. <br><br>I manually cycled a few rounds and based on how the bolt moved I am very leery of firing rounds from these magazines as it appears that they press up hard against the bottom of the bolt carrier... I’d rather not risk damaging it.<br><br>A wasted $40/bucks (2 mags)

My gold standard for AR mags


The Lancer mags are made to USGI spec; the closest thing in polymer form. Ever tried to load a fully loaded USGI mag into a closed bolt? It's because they are supposed to prevent a soldier from loading 31 rounds in a 30 round mag. Think they are "too hard" to load on a closed bolt compared to your Magpuls? It's because Magpul can have 31 rounds in them. Don't think you're getting an extra round off - it won't function. You can clip the bottom of the follower on Lancers to make it easier. I just leave a fully loaded magazine seated against a closed bolt and it will loosens up just fine.<br>I carried these for duty, practice regularly with them, and prefer them (by far) to the Magpul variants. I miss the L5 rubber plate. I just use the original Magpul rubber pulls (for USGI mags) and wrap 'em over the bottom to save the floor plate from wear. Easy to see all of your rounds, smaller footprint than Magpuls, no over-travel notch to worry about. Under $15 is a steal, esp clear mags.

It's a lancer... if it's not working it's probably your lower, or operator headspace.


I've been using these for a couple months in my CAV arms lower, and a PSA lower. the Magazine catch was machined incorrectly on my PSA, after I filed it down to be correct the lancers, and my ETS magazines would seat correctly. No problems with an out of the box CAV15 lower.
<br>Fully loaded magazines are always 'difficult' to seat on a closed bolt, you have to give the magazine a good smack/pull to make sure it's seated. I don't know what the other guy is talking about. These have been rock solid for me, seat easy on an open bolt, seat reliably on a closed bolt. Disassembly is easy. I like to keep magazines loaded, and ready to use, I haven't had any issues with feed lip fatigue or reliability after several months loaded/unused.

Color Not The Same As Picture

by -

I bought one of each color. Definitely sexy points. Nice smooth metal feed ramps. Fit and function are good, (when there's not 31 rnds). Cons, price point too high, had seating problems with all of them on a closed bolt like others, problem is these comfortably hold 31, went back and counted every mag. Took a point off there. Also this translucent fde is way dark. I could not tell the difference between fde/tr fde in the store.

Love these magazines

by -

Solid magazines. I use them to differentiate cartridge types for different AR builds. They have always been perfectly reliable. They are always lightweight.

great mag, misleading reviews.


i bought 2 of these for an sbr build. the rifle is fde and the translucent fde look great. there is a large difference between the translucent fde and the regular fde. not sure what other reviewers are talking about. i do have problems seating with a closed bolt, but all my mags do with 30 in. kind of expected. i keep 2 loaded and have never had feed issues. waiting for a good sale to buy a few more as they are alittle pricey compared to reg magpuls but i do like the lancer more.

Go-to favorite AR mag


My absolutely favorite mag. Never any issues, built strong than STANAG or Magpul, but slightly more expensive. I love the color choices and the translucent mags make round visibility a breeze. The steel feed lips set this apart. A+

Work Great, one of my favorites


The Lancer magazines are very reliable and in my list best 3 brands available. I want to address the rocket scientists complaining about it being possible to stuff 31 rounds in a Lancer. After the 30th round is loaded you need some room so that the full magazine can be easily inserted on a closed bolt. Lancer mags have an index mark on the body for the last round. If you can't count to 30 try not loading past that index.

Thumbs up

by -

They’re pretty cool. Plastic is thinner than I’d like but I do like the steel feeding lips.

My choice for 30 round mags!


Lancer mags are my preferred mag, by far. Every new 30 rounder will be harder to seat, but Lancers have been the easiest I have used over the years. After they break in, they usually seat pretty easy. For fit and function, I haven't found better. Yeah, they are pricey...for AR mags, but worth every penny for me.