Lantac Enhanced .308 Bolt Carrier Group

Manufactured by Lantac USA
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Manufactured by Lantac USA
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The Enhanced .308 Bolt Carrier Group is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a 9310 precision hard ground bolt. The entire carrier assembly is electroless nickel boron coated for lubricity and corrosion resistance. The carrier design features forward facing gas ports which offers a smoother energy pulse and a system that runs cooler and cleaner with less pressurization of the upper receiver when running a suppressed barrel. The flared boss at the tail of the carrier provides a more consistent lock position within the upper receiver while its 1 lb 2.1 oz weight helps to increase lock time.

  • DPMS pattern
  • NiB UCT EXO coating
  • Heat treated 8620 steel carrier
  • Hard turned 9310 steel bolt
  • Bolt magnetic particle inspected
  • CP-R360 domed cam pin
  • Forward porting with enlarged vents
  • Balanced flared boss
  • MIL-SPEC gas rings
  • MIL-SPEC staked gas key
  • Grade 8 hardened fasteners
  • MIL-SPEC chrome lined carrier bore and gas key
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Weight: 1 lb 2.1 oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The included Domed Cam Pin is machined from 17-4 PH stainless steel, hardened to H900, polished, and finished in its natural hardened coppery state. The circular head has a flat face machined so that it may be inserted into any bolt carrier without removing the gas key. Two further flats are machined at 90 degrees to the front face, minimizing internal wear to the cam channel.

LANTAC USA manufactures the highest quality accessories for AR-15/M16 pattern rifles. Precision made in the U.S.A., rifles, muzzle brakes and more.
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Bolt FinishNickel Boron
Bolt Material9310 Steel
BrandLantac USA
Caliber Gauge.308 Win
Carrier FinishNickel Boron
Carrier Material8620 Carpenter Steel
Carrier StyleDPMS Pattern Carrier
High Pressure TestedUntested
Magnetic Particle InspectMagnetic Particle Inspected

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of california to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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Cry once my fellow 308 users...

by -

Wow. This thing is sweet. This is the best BCG I've ever bought in terms of features and manufacturing. It's also the most expensive. Interesting enough I have other chrome and NB coated BCG, somehow this is the slickest feeling to the touch. I had a break in session with a new build on the DPMS 308 platform. I ran 200 rounds to make sure this was good to go. Ran perfect on my setup which includes a carbine length gas system with a JP adjustable gas block. JP piston buffer.

Just do it!

by -

Just finished a Mega Arms build using this Lantac BCG and I couldn't be happier with the results. This thing is a work of art. The fit and finish are better than any I have ever seen. I was building a rifle to get the best possible accuracy and I believe the Lantac BCG has been a major factor in achieving that. The rifle is shooting 1/2 MOA on my first trip to the range. Cleaning the Lantac BCG was effortless due to the very slick finish. All it took was a wipe with a little oil and it's ready to go again. I would highly recommend spending a little more and going with the Lantac BCG.

Reliable, and that's what counts

by -

I got mine from PA over last Black Friday.
<br>Wow this thing looks fantastic! I can't believe how slippery it feels even when there is no oil on it. It's really weird. And it's the prettiest BCG I've ever seen.
<br>I have it in an Aero upper/lower with a Stag barrel. I've only run about 60-70 rounds so far, but NOT ONE FAILURE at all, with a brand new build.
<br>Is it worth $300? Probably not. But if you can get a good deal on it, it's worth it.

Headspace issues

by -

This is a very nice BCG and I would give it 5 stars but I ran into headspace issues with Ballistic Advantage/Aero barrels on my .308 build. It wouldn't go into battery on the Go gauge. I tried with 2 different barrels. I ended up replacing the Lantac bolt with a Ballistic Advantage bolt and that fixed the problem. It did cost an extra $100+ though! Lantac did say that this was a known problem with the BA barrels.

This works

by -

Matched this BCG with a Ballistic Advantage premium series barrel and it’s perfect. Have shot about 500rds with ZERO malfunctions. Very easy to clean, performs very well & looks awesome. You can expect quality from Lantac


by -

So far I have fired 60 rounds and each one fired and ejected flawlessly, not one issue. Casing ejected & new cartridge pushed out of the Magpul magazine and seated perfectly into the chamber. Checked headspace with Clymer .308 gauges before firing... mated perfectly with BA barrel. Pricey, but worth it for me... wiped down/cleaned easily after using.
<br>Upper receiver: Aero Precision 308 M5 (APAR308503)
<br>Gas Block: Aero Precision Low profile .750
<br>Gas Tube: Aero Precision SS rifle length, 5.125": (APRH100199C)
<br>Barrel: Ballistic Advantage 20” .308 win, SS HBAR (BABL308006P)
<br>Charging handle: Aero Precision (APRH100125)
<br>Buffer: Leapers UTG rifle buffer
<br>Buffer spring: DPMS rifle length buffer spring (36 coils)- (DP308-BS-10B)