Manticore Arms Renegade Forearm FastFire Top Cover

Manufactured by Manticore Arms
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Manufactured by Manticore Arms
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The Optics Mount Top Plate is the perfect compliment the Renegade forearm, and the top plate bolts securely onto the gas tube and allows mounting of various optics in a co-witenss plane. Multiple models are available including the Burris Fastfire top plate and the Aimpoint Micro/Primary Arms Micro top plate. The Optics Mount Top Plate for Yugo AK will fit all models of Yugo M92 and M85 PAP pistol and rifle, and is proudly made in the USA. Optics Mount Top Plates are made of 6061 anodized aluminum and come with the top plate, two U mounting brackets, 6-32 screws, allen wrench, and instructions for installation and are proudly made in the USA. Optics Mount Top Plates are only intended to be used with the Renegade polymer lower forearm. Note: These are designed to be used in conjuction with the Manticore Arms Renegade Forearm and should not be used as a stand-alone optics mount.
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BrandManticore Arms
TypeHandguard Topcover

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Excellent fit


$$$I am very pleased with the fit and quality of the Renegade. It's installation is pretty straightforward which is good considering that there's no instructions shipped. Some light fitting was required to fit my M85 PAP. If you take your time and use sand paper on one end and/or the other it will fit. once fitted it is rock-solid. It seems to be comparable in weight to the wood. The wood from the gas tube will have to be removed ( I used a Dremel cutting wheel). It changes the look of my pistol completely allowing for the later addition of an unspecified optic and the Pictinny rail doesn't block the veiw of the iron sights. As a nice feature the rail can be removed and I suspect that a different rail could be substituted to suit an individual need. No heat shield needed as it sits far enough off of the gas tube and has more than adequate ventilation. I would have liked it in foliage green will paint it at some later date. I dinged it a star only based on price and that it didn't come with instructions (only because I know that lots of gun folks LOVE instructions. I chose the top piece that had the Pictinny rail was made out of a robustly coated aluminum. The $$$ must be in weight savings as the MI setup is a little less expensive but it feels like it weighs twice as much as this Renegade.