Mechanix Wear Suppressor Cover - Black

Manufactured by Mechanix Wear
Manufactured by Mechanix Wear
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Mechanix Wear, the famous manufacturer of high-performance work gloves, also offers various products to meet the needs of firearms enthusiasts and law enforcement officers. This includes the company’s Suppressor Cover. 

Sound suppressors, by capturing the high-temperature expanding gases from propellant ignition, accumulate heat. During extended firing sessions, suppressors can become hot. The Mechanix Wear Suppressor Cover protects your hands from accidental burns from contacting the suppressor. You no longer have to wait for the suppressor to cool before detaching it from the muzzle. 

When firing long strings, the heat from the suppressor can cause an effect known to shooters as “mirage.” This is where the heat rising from the suppressor or barrel distorts the apparent location of the target, interfering with your sight picture. Mechanix’s Suppressor Cover, by insulating the suppressor, reduces the effect of this phenomenon so you can shoot accurately longer. 

Composed of heat-resistant CarbonX material, padded, and insulated with aluminum, the Suppressor Cover can contain temperatures of up to 2,000 °F.
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