NcSTAR VISM Shoulder Sling Utility Bag - Green

Manufactured by NcSTAR
Manufactured by NcSTAR
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Not to be outdone in the hiking and camping arena, NcSTAR, the manufacturer of the “First Responder” backpack jumps into the fray with the Sling Utility Bag.  From the onset, an owner of this utility bag will notice features they’ve always thought about but could never find in a carry bag.  One such feature is the multiple shouldering options.  The NcSTAR VISM Shoulder Sling is designed so the wearer can position the utility bag in the front, the back or on either side comfortably.

With a large main compartment of 11.0”H X 8.0” W X 3.5”D the Sling Utility Bag has zippered and hook and loop pockets that help you stow away and compartmentalize your everyday gear.  Also included is a large sewn in hook patch area with the same dimensions of the bag for placement of another hook fastened concealed carry firearm.

  • Large Main Compartment: 11.0”H X 8.0” W X 3.5”
  • Multiple Shouldering Options: Front, Back, Sides
  • Padded and Adjustable shoulder sling: Large Padded, Adjustable
  • Zipper Compartments: Hook Patch for CCW holster (holster not included)
  • Rear pocket With Metal Fastener: Includes Plastic D Ring
  • Multiple Colors: Green, Black, Tan, Urban Gray

The shoulder sling itself is large and has sufficient padding and is adjustable which by itself is a huge improvement on most bags that begin to chafe after a couple of hours of carrying.  Also, the Sling Utility Bag has large 2.25” plastic quick connect buckles so the entire bag can be removed and shouldered quickly and with ease.  The shoulder portion of the Sling Utility Bag terminates into a plastic snap hook to allow the wearer to connect to either the left or right side D ring and carry on either side of the body.

A cross body strap with sliders and quick connect snaps helps keep the Sling Utility Bag close to the body and reduces the swinging effect produced when walking. With three front mounted zippered compartments you’ll never have trouble accessing your gear and with the multiple sealable pockets and elastic bands you’ll be able to keep your gear where you put it.  Imagine the time you’ll save not having to rummage through the contents of a normal hiking bag.

If all that isn’t enough, NcSTAR doubled down by padding and rubberizing the rear pocket to create a non-slip surface and included a hook and loop fastener webbing for securing the utility to your belt.  In addition, NcSTAR topped all of these features with four rows of PALs webbing on the sides for attaching MOLLE accessories.
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