Primary Arms SLx 1-8x24mm SFP Rifle Scope - Illuminated ACSS-5.56/5.45/.308

Manufactured by Primary Arms
SKU: PA1-8X24SFP-ACSS-5.56
MPN: 610029
Manufactured by Primary Arms
28 Reviews

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This rifle scope is part of our SLx optics line. SLx optics built our reputation for innovation, reliability and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

We took our popular 1-6x variable scope back to the lab, and the engineers crammed in even more magnification. Now it’s a 1-8x! Look through it and you’ll find the patented ACSS reticle combining bullet drop compensation, wind holds and moving target leads in one easy to use system. The second focal plane design is simple and strong. The ACSS reticle stays the same size regardless of power setting, so you'll need to crank it up to 8x magnification to use its advanced features. This scope is very fast and instinctive from 0 – 300 yards, and very precise from 300-800 yards.

  • Second Focal Plane ACSS reticle calibrated for 5.56/5.45/.308
  • Includes manual for zeroing with your caliber
  • 1-8x total magnification
  • BDC and ranging accurate at highest magnification setting
  • Red illumination with 12 brightness settings
  • Includes CR2032 battery
  • Single piece 6063 aluminum construction
  • water and fog proof
  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • Lifetime warranty

The brightness knob on the left side of the tube illuminates the center reticle through 12 brightness settings using the included CR2032 battery. This tough scope is waterproof, fog resistant, and covered by the Primary Arms Lifetime Warranty.
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Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value1/2 MOA
Exit Pupil Diameter9.0mm at 1x, 3.0mm at 8x
Eye ReliefLow: 3.50 in / High: 3.30 in
Field View 100Low: 110.00 ft / High: 14.50 ft
Focal PlaneSecond Focal Plane
Length10.0 in
Maximum Magnification8
Minimum Magnification1
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
Objective Diameter24mm
ReticleACSS 5.56/5.45/.308
Reticle TypeBDC
Tube Diameter30mm
Weight16.9 Oz
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WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Ratings & Reviews

28 reviews


Overall great buy.


Good illumination, from very dim to daylight bright. Good detents on the illumination dial. 1x great image, no distortion or fish eye, good eye box. 8x slightly blurry, eye box is small but usable. Decent windage and elevation detents, passed box test. Hoped for better image on high magnification. Great optic for the money.

This optic is great for the price point.


I have this optic on a .308 AR Platform. I haven't had the opportunity to use this optic at more than 100 yds. but I love the Chevron apposed to the Dot that my old PA1X6 ACSS had. I also love the added magnification. I just need to get out to 500 - 800 yds. and really see what this scope can do.

A stand up company.

by -

This is a great scope with a fantastic reticle for a good price. I got the scope in 8/16 and the target image was blurry. I diagnosed the problem for a month in different shooting conditions, mounts, rifles, even had a eye exam. Nothing changed. Called up PA told them what was happening. They said send us the scope to check out. Few days later the where send me a new scope. This 2nd scope was prefect. PA handled everything right way and went above all expectations. They took care of me. Thank You Primary Arms. I will be buying more of your products. You have earned my business. Thank You again.

Awesome scope


This is an excellent scope, well above it's price point. I've had several Primary Arms optics prior to this one, and they continue to improve with each new product.
<br>Overall the scope is great. The glass is crystal clear, the scope feels solid and durable, illumination is bright, and the reticle is freakin awesome. Would definitely recommend.

Just Buy One


Pulled the trigger on one of these on a Wednesday and had it at my door on Friday by 9:00 AM. One hour and ten shots later I was zeroed at 100 yards. Positive sure clicks with corresponding reticle movement of 1/2" moa. Good eye relief on all power settings and very nice glass. I have no real complaints with it. This thing will be riding patrol on a little 16" precision carbine I built.<br><br>I have had a 1-6 for a few years now. Good scope all around save some edge blurring on 6 X but a good sound optic. It has been through a number of pretty intense LEO training courses<br><br>Keep up the good work Primary Arms with your killer scope designs, your fast sure shipping and good prices. Mighty glad to have you guys as my one shop stop!!

Crazy value for the money!


Crazy value for the money! Fast target acquisition at 1 - 3x. Precision shooting at 6-8 hundred yards. What more do you want?! I personally shoot it sub 300 yards with AR-15 platforms, but having the extra magnification is only bonus. Lens quality is superb on my scope. I have zero blurriness at x8. However, even if i did it I'd still would rate it 5 stars due to its price. You basically got a red dot (short range target acquisition with the horse shoe) and long range capabilities with the extra 8x magnification. It's worth the money!

Killer Scope


I picked one of these up from PA got it quickly as always from PA and the quality and look are stellar. The chevron is smaller than I thought it would be but usable for me I love the range finder built in on the right side. Killer product worth every cent.

Heavier than advertised


Performance-wise the scope seems great. 1x seems very close to true 1x depending on eye relief. Clarity/eye relief at 8x were not problematic to me as mentioned in some previous reviews but then I was bench shooting and not moving around. I was shooting out to 600 yards and the BDC wasn't far off with a 16 inch 5.56 AR and cheap 55gr Wolf Gold. One thing I have not seen in any other review is that this scope weighs 18.1 ounces on my scale not the advertised 16 ounces. This may not seem like a big deal but it was one reason I grabbed this scope instead of the highly regarded 1-6x ACSS advertised at 17.6 ounces. Have never weighed a 1-6x to confirm weight but the thought of getting more zoom for less weight was appealing. From PA: Thanks Damian. We had weighed without battery or caps. We are updating our specs to proper weight.

Not their best


but pretty goodI wrote an earlier review that there was some slight fuzziness or blurring around the edges on background objects when the scope is adjusted to it's maximum magnification but that you can work around it. It's only slight and not that bad. It is a good scope though. Good enough that I bought another one. I liked the ACSS reticle the clear and bright glass that you can see out of at it's lowest magnification 1X and on up until you reach 8X magnification where there is some slight blurring. I like the adjustment knobs because they are knurled and big enough to grab onto to make your adjustments without any special tools. Plus they have a moveable scale on them to show your adjustments. The scope is very durable in it's construction. You can tell when you hold it in your hand by it's heft or weight. I like the look of it and that it has lighted optics as well. I got the 3 gun stuff cat tail scope lever for the adjustable magnification ring because it is a little hard to turn if your hands become sweaty. Once sighted in I was able to shoot a 20 round box of ammo thru the bulls eye at 100 yards with all the holes touching each other or thru the same hole.

Primary Arms SFP 1-8


I have the PA 1-8 SFP mounted to my 16 in. Bull barrel AR-15. Quality is on par with the 1-6 but the additional 2x is a big plus for me. Noticeable fisheye @ 1x but workable and gone @ 2x. Low illumination is very very low (a good thing) and highest setting is daylight bright. About the reticle... The good: all of the good things you've read about the 1-6 acss apply. The bad: For me I don't like the chevron as much as I thought I would. It's very small and using the tip for 100 yd zero and base for 200 yd zero per the instructions just didn't work well for me. I figure the chevron represents only about 1.5 inches high @ 100 yds. My workaround: I zeroed @ 300 yds using the 300 yd mark on the BDC. Now the tip of the chevron is good for 50-200. Works great. All in all this is a nice scope and the only entry level 1-8 on the market right now.

Good but not great.


I've purchased about five different PA scopes and have been impressed with all of them which is why they have been my go to scope. Good price and great quality. I usually give them five stars but I have to say I was a little let down with this one. I like the ACSS reticle the brightness and clarity. What I don't like is when you max out the magnification the background becomes fuzzy or blurry around the edges. It doesn't have the sharpness that I have come to know in their other less expensive scopes I've purchased from them. It's not so bad that you can't work with it but it does cause some concern at maximum magnification. I usually rave about how fast their shipping is as well but they even disappointed there on this one.

PA 1-8x24 SFP


I'm extremely pleased with this scope! Glass is clear reticle is crisp and doesn't obstruct the field of view. Very forgiving eye relief and the focus ring works good which was my main issue with a Strike Eagle! You won't find anything remotely close in this price range! I have been a very satisfied PA customer for 2-3 years now and would never second guess thier products! Now I just wish they would let me compare it to thier 1-8 Platinum Series!



Awesome glass, clarity, reticle, etc. Value is off the charts with this scope. If you do not like the reticle on the Vortex Strike Eagle, definitely pick this up.

Fast shipping

by -

Just got scope ordered Monday night @ 7 PM came Wednesday @ 11:11 AM, when the say ships fast they are not kidding. Looks awesome out of the box. thanks for the good service. Will review further after I shoot it.

They just work


We have these at work for all our long guns. They hold zero even after they get banged up. they just work

Perfect icing on top of my new SPR build.

by -

I looked at dozens of optics and this seems to be the perfect balance of cost and performance. The ACSS reticle is so far ahead of the the old crosshairs, I feel like an expert, and the ranging and wind holds built into the optic have me itching to find a 500+ yard range. Solid feel in the PA Deluxe mount, great field of view and easy acquisition at 1x and clarity at 8x impeccable. Love the built-in extra battery storage in the windage turret cap, and the illumination goes to 11, what a awesome touch.



Finally got to the range with my new 1X6 Gen III. with ACSS reticle. Gotta Say I really love my new scope. It was very easy to get on target and zero at 100yds. The chevron is nice and very easy to sight with. I was hitting metal plates at 100, 200 yds. 200 meters way to easy. I must say one should use the lock tight to secure the mount to rail top. I didn't because first time out I was not sure if I would like the position. It did loosen up after about first 60 rnds. Just snugged it back up and still dead on. The view at 6X is very nice and easier to look through than my friends much more expensive scope. :0)<br><br>I had a few friends at the range try it out and they all liked the reticle as well. IMO for an AR running 223/556 this scope is all you need. Thanks Primary Arms for producing and nice scope I can afford.

Great Scope with a minor issue

by -

Finally got to the range with my new 1X8 Primary Arms Scope with ACSS reticle. I have to tell you that I really like this scope. The chevron is nice and very easy to sight with. I am able to hit metal plates at 100, 200 and 300 yards. With this scope and reticle, 300 yards is way to easy. While zeroing the weapon at the range, I had a few guys wanting to try it out and they all liked the reticle as well. Thanks Primary Arms for producing this great scope. I would love it even better if the reticle did not have the spots in it when illuminated.


by -

I have two. One on my LE duty rifle and one on my personal rifle. They are perfect. The quality rivals much more expensive scopes. The glass is clear even at high magnification. I recommend it and as always Primary Arms was great.



I bought this scope about a year ago except it was the “blemished” one that was cheaper. I can’t find any blemishes on it and it holds its zero perfectly. I shoot targets at over 600 yards away and I can easily nail them. I have this on my AR 308. Amazing scope

The "upgrades" work against it.


First of all let me just say I own more PA optics (and optics in general) than one should. I've spent that last couple months comparing all the different PA scopes I own, mainly between the refurb GI 1-6, GIII 1-6 & 1-8 and Raptor. I think the G1 is superior to the GIII 1-6 &1-8 in every aspect excluding length/weight. I'm pretty sure the longer eye bell in the GI and raptor are contributing to increased FOV and trueness at 1x with a much finer and desirable eye ring width. The trueness at 1x is as close to 1 as I've seen. However, the GIII in both 1-6 & 1-8 appear to be like .8 or .9x and appear to have yellow-tinted glass. With that being said, the GI refurb I received has the clearest and crispest glass of them all, which absolutely shocked me and is on par with much more expensive scopes I own. Now the raptor has almost as clear glass as the GI and sits right in the middle of the GI and GIII in terms of the yellow-tint.

Mid magnification and red dot optic all in one


I own several Primary Arms optics. I recently purchased this 1-8 SFP ACSS
<br>to mount on a custom built
<br>18" .223 wylde mid length gas AR. That I hand selected and separately purchased EVERY part. With this scope being the last hand picked thoroughly reviewed piece of the puzzle. The glass is very clear with excellent light transmission. The ACSS reticle is awesome. 1x is just as fast as a red dot, and 8x still remains very clear although the eye box is somewhat less forgiving at max magnification. I will report back with a full review after some time behind the trigger with this value priced excellent quality scope. If I find I don't like this scope for this build, my next one I try on the rifle will be the 1-6 FFP Raptor.
<br>Primary arms should include a way to link Photos and videos to reviews!

You will not be disappointed. Buy it.

by -

I love this scope. Shooting 10”, 8”, and 6” steel out to 500 meters no problem. The ACSS reticle is very precise. Fast magnification adjustments make switching to CQB a breeze, and that is where the fun really starts. Fast target acquisition at close range is easy; rapidly banging 4” steel on my dueling tree, I cannot miss! Life time warranty and the price is a winner.

Excellent scope!! Very Happ

by -

I am always a very honest and direct when I write reviews. So here it goes.
<br>This scope is amazing. Amazing for the common shooter. The practical rifleman. I am a combat vet. Used to the ACOG or a red dot. This scope or just the redicle would have been amazing overseas. I love this scope. The price point is excellent for what you get. I am not a gear snob. I'm a practical shooter. Family man. Thus budget is a big factor. I am so glad I got this. Ok on to infield results. Just this weekend I want out into BLM land. No flat range.. rolling small hills and nothing but my bipod or truck to shoot off of. I was able to ring steel at 500 yds all day. All you need is a very good zero. And then leave it alone! You won't regret this scope.

first one died, but I loved it. Free replacement.

by -

Ok, I got this scope in July and took it out to zero. fantastic scope. the holds with the appropriate ammo were pretty spot on. Sadly after a few months of light use the reticle got knocked loose or something alongs those lines, evident by the group @ 100yds opening up from sub MOA to 3-6 inches. I verified this assumption by using a different scope and the gun went right back to sub minute groups. I called Primary Arms and they immediately gave me a RMA number and I sent it back, few days later had in store credit for the price of a new scope. I can't wait to get this thing back and running steel. If it dies again I'll go with the platinum series.