Primary Arms SLx 2.5 Compact 2.5x32 Prism Scope - ACSS CQB-M1 Reticle

Manufactured by Primary Arms
MPN: 710003
Manufactured by Primary Arms
137 Reviews

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This Primary Arms prism scope is part of the SLx optics line. SLx optics built their reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The Primary Arms 2.5X Compact Prism Scope with ACSS CQB-M1 reticle is the lightweight, do-everything scope you've been looking for. The low 2.5X magnification and bright illuminated reticle allow for fast, both-eyes-open shooting at close range, while the ACSS CQB-M1 reticle allows for easy hits on targets out to an impressive 600 yards. Whether you're looking for a new scope for competition, hunting, or plinking, why look any further?

  • ACSS 5.56 CQB-M1 reticle has BDC and ranging out to 600 yards with 5.56 NATO, .223 Remington, 5.45x39mm, and .308 Winchester
  • Fully illuminated reticle is visible even in bright daylight
  • Optional M1913 Picatinny top rail for piggy-backed red dot sights
  • Generous 10.16mm exit pupil allows for a bright sight picture and forgiving eye box
  • 37.5ft field of view at 100 yards provides easier tracking of mobile targets
  • 2.7" of eye relief
  • 1/2 MOA turret clicks are tactile and audible for easy zeroing
  • Tough prism scope is waterproof, fog resistant, and shockproof
  • Durable Type II hardcoat anodized black finish
  • Compatible with standard AR15 carry handle mounts
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty

The heart of the tough 2.5X Prism Scope is the ACSS 5.56 CQB-M1 reticle that combines ranging, wind leads, moving target leads, and ballistic drop compensation out to 600 yards. The outer horseshoe of the glass etched reticle is used for close quarters engagement, simply place the generous semi-circle on the target and run with it! Each side of the horseshoe also has the integrated ranging system. Place the bottom of the target on the bottom rung and range up. If you know your targets are roughly 18 inches wide, they can be ranged on the side Auto Range system, or directly on the BDC hold overs! Two dots on either side of the inner horseshoe offer a moving target lead moving with an average speed of 8.6 MPH. As an added bonus, the glass etched reticle does not require batteries or illumination, but 11 brightness settings (including daylight bright) allow for fast acquisition in close quarters, or enhanced visibility in fading light, powered by a common CR2032 battery!

The PAC2.5X offers mounting flexibility to suit your needs. The included 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny thumbscrew mount can be removed and replaced with any mount that accepts AR-15 carry handle-type optics, or simply so you can mount the 2.5x Prism Scope directly to an AR-15 style carry handle. Optionally, shooters can add an M1913 picatinny rail to the top of the optic to piggyback a red dot back up sight. The PAC2.5X offers the perfect amount of magnification to balance close quarters speed with hits at medium range, in a flexible and durable package.
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Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value1/2 MOA
Eye Relief2.70 in
Field View 10037.50 ft
Focal PlanePrism Scope
Manufacturer.Primary Arms
Mount CompatibilityTrijicon ACOG
Optic SeriesSLx
ReticleACSS CQB M1
Reticle ColorRed
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Tool Adjustable
Weight14.9 Oz
  • Primary Arms 2.5x and 4x ACSS Review by MrGunsNGear
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Ratings & Reviews

137 reviews


Good scope, AWESOME support!

by -

The 5 stars are for the AWESOME tech support and fast response of that support. On the scope alone I would give a 4.5 The reticle is some what smaller than I expected so good eyesight is a big plus with this scope.

Just Buy It

by -

This is my very first PA product, and I am happy I purchased it! Especially for the outstanding sale price, with FREE shipping! If you buy, you won't regret it!


by -

Lets start off by saying great quality, clear glass, overall very nice purchase. Now lets be honest this is for 200 yards and in. It has all of those bullet drop marks but It would be spray and pray after 250 yards imo. If you like a red dot but need some magnifacation this is for you. If you are looking to drive tacks with this thing it ain't happening. I have 20/20 vision as well so take that for what its worth? So I like it and think I may grow to love it. This is a good product overall.

From PA: Check out the videos on you tube of this optic being used from 400 to 600 yards.

what I think

by -

I have been to a few gun shows that featured some PA scopes and I was not overly impressed at the time. However, the price it listed for online got me thinking differently. Reading the reviews from others, I took the chance. I can safely say that it was a really good gamble. The first chance I could, I took it to the range, zeroed and shot with it. My impression is the glass is clear, the reciticle is really cool and it was really easy to zero. I did not torture test it, nor did I do anything that was beyond a semi normal day at the range. So far after about 100rds there has not been any issues. The firearm I have it on is a AR pistol build in 7.62x39. The maximum range I shot out to was only a 100yrds and I was able to hit where I aimed. I believe that the only real limits to this scope will be myself and length of the barrel which is 7.5in.
I would buy again.

Simply amazed


I had this scope for several months before I took it to the range. The reason it took so long was because I was abit disappointed in the reticle. I figured I'd keep it due to the quality that I'm used to from PA. I finally got around to taking it out and man this thing rocks for target acquisition. It's faster, at cqb, than any scope I've owned.....Spitfire, PA 1x6, aimpoint etc. It's tough and durable. A bit larger than I expected but no bigger than my vortex spitfire 3x and to be honest I cannot tell the difference in magnification between the two. This scope is a great scope but the price puts it at excellent.

Great Optic !

by -

Mounted on my 10.5 inch AR Pistol. Out to 400 yards and everything inside that, this ACSS is just Awesome. Once sighted in it’s deadly accurate and fast. For the sale price you just can’t go wrong especially if you have older eyes.

The etched reticle is great. I removed my backup sights as I don’t see the need for them which would be my only negative for this optic. It’s a brick, pretty heavy for what it is compared to an Acog. But every bit as good IMHO.

I love it and will be purchasing again. Christmas presents for my boys ;).

Works great

by -

Close enough to zero I could hit what I was shooting at out of the box.
Easy once zeroed to shoot and range using the reticle

A deal at full price, a steal on sale

by -

Been eyeing this for a while for a 10.5 pistol. When I saw it on sale, I couldn't resist. Really clear glass just like the 1-6x on my other build. Arrived quick like all my Primary Arms orders. I've still got get out and put them through their paces.

Great for close to mid range.

by -

I have run this scope for about 2 months and about 700 rounds. Glass quality is great, not as good as acog but exceptional for price range. Good turrets. Now the reasons for 4 star. The bolts from base to optic came loose first time out, used blue loctite and held zero since then. Battery life is really short, the batteries are cheap so I keep several in pistol grip. This is a great close quarters optic. I knew that when I bought it. But I feel discrimination is misleading especially for new shooter. You are not going to be capable of aimed fire at 600 yards. Advertised as a 600 yards recital REALLY?!?!. Shipping was great. Got shipped same day and well packaged. Can’t ask for better. This really is a great optic for what it’s meant for, close to mid range fire, would not recommend for past about 250-300 yards, but super fast and super clear glass. Buy with confidence but if you need to shoot out to further ranges get more power.

Great scope for fast shots up close and good for long shots too!

by -

I just sighted this in on my new AR 15. I haven't shot at anything over 50 yards yet but I like this scope so far. I can get fast hits with it at 50 yards.