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What Else Is New For 2021

While SHOT Show 2021 may be canceled, we still have plenty to show. Here, we will be revealing all the newest optics releases for our 2021 lineup, including new additions to our popular SLx® and GLx® product lines, new optics warranty policy, & new Primary Arms Optics logo. From the latest technologies to refreshed community favorites, the Primary Arms Optics 2021 catalog has a little bit of something for every kind of marksman and budget.

SLx 4-16x44 First Focal Plane Scope

Increased Magnification

The SLx 4-16x44mm FFP Rifle Scope improves on our beloved SLx 4-14x44mm FFP by increasing the magnification range from 4-14x to 4-16x.


Superior quality lenses and upgraded illumination make it easier to identify, range, & engage your target at any distance or time of day.

Reticle Choices

The SLx 4-16x44mm FFP has a wide selection of reticles to match your rifle setup: the ACSS-HUD-DMR-308, ACSS R-GRID 2B, ARC 2 MOA, & the ACSS-APOLLO-6.5CR/.224V.

25.4 oz




SLx 1x MicroPrism

Etched Reticle

The agility and size of a micro red dot with the reliability of an etched reticle and adjustable diopter.


Daylight-bright illumination with our patented AutoLive motion-sensing technology, ensuring that you get maximum runtime for always-on operations.

ACSS® Reticle Options

Choose between The ACSS® CYCLOPS-G2 and the ACSS® GEMINI reticles. Each available in either red or green illuminated reticles.


Overall Length


Motion-Sensing Technology

GLx 2x Prism with ACSS Gemini - 9mm

GLx Performance

Our GLx 2x Prism Scope incorporates premium materials and technology without compromising on affordability.

Versatile Magnification

Capable from close-quarters to medium range, the GLx 2x Prism offers the perfect balance of agility and precision.

New ACSS Gemini Reticle

Optimized for 9mm carbines, the all-new ACSS Gemini is making its debut on the GLx 2x Prism. ACSS Gemini integrates vertical and horizontal auto-ranging, moving target leads, ballistic drop holdovers, and an infinitely precise center chevron with bold outer horseshoe.

Daylight Bright

ACSS Gemini Reticle

11 oz

Total Weight

SLx MD-20 Micro Red Dot

SLx Performance

The MD-20 has a durable aluminum body, 50,000-hour battery life, a zero-parallax lens, and an ultra-bright emitter with night vision (NV) compatibility.


Daylight-bright illumination with our patented AutoLive motion-sensing technology, ensuring that you get maximum runtime for always-on operations.

Size & Weight

The Primary Arms MD-20 has 40 MOA total windage & elevation adjustment, 2.4" overall length, & weighs in at 5.3 oz.


Battery Life

Night Vision

Compatible Emmiter


ACSS® Vulcan Reticle

The patent-pending ACSS® Vulcan reticle’s large outer circle naturally draws you towards the precise center chevron, eliminating the need for iron sights.

Primary Arms & Holosun

Primary Arms is proud to announce our second co-branded Holosun optic: the HS507C-X2 with ACSS® Vulcan reticle.

Size & Weight

The Primary Arms & Holosun SLx HS507C-X2-ACSS has 80 MOA of windage & elevation adjustment, 1.8" in length, & weighs in at only 2.6 oz.

2.6 oz.

Light Weight

ACSS® Vulcan

Chevron Reticle

GLx Optics Mounts

GLx Scope Mounts

GLx mounts are engineered to last a lifetime. Choose between 30mm and 34mm diameter mounts. Each with options for 20 MOA of cant.

GLx Red Dot Riser Mounts

GLx red dot mounts excel in durability, agility, and convenience. Choose between absolute cowitness & lower 1/3 cowitness.





continued Commitment to Customers

with our comprehensive lifetime warranty

We stand by our products for a lifetime, so you can be confident we’ll always have your back. Starting in 2021, every Primary Arms Optic rifle scope, prism scope, red dots, mounts, and accessories will come with our comprehensive lifetime warranty.


Primary Arms Optics has unveiled their new logo, which will represent Primary Arms across their optics, retail, wholesale, and government divisions. This announcement coincides with Primary Arms’ 2021 innovation initiative, where customers can expect a compelling lineup of cutting-edge and revolutionary optics, products and government programs.

Premier Savings Program

In appreciation of America’s Law Enforcement professionals, Primary Arms Optics offers individual sworn officers a special once-per-year discount through our Law Enforcement Premier Savings Program, covering any optic, mount, or accessory.

Primary Arms Optics Mission

Started in 2007, Primary Arms Optics seeks to provide the best optics you can get for any budget. Utilizing the highly regarded, repeatedly-proven ACSS® reticle, Primary Arms optics boast unparalleled precision and adaptability for superior performance across ranges. With four product tiers available (Classic, SLx, GLx, PLx), anyone can afford to equip themselves with the latest in optics technology. In addition, every product is backed with Primary Arms’ total commitment to customer satisfaction.

We were founded based on a simple idea that has become the cornerstone of our business: To provide firearms enthusiasts, professional shooters, and servicemen and women the highest quality and affordable prices.