Primary Arms Classic Series 6x32mm Rifle Scope - ACSS-22LR

Manufactured by Primary Arms
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Manufactured by Primary Arms
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The Classic Series™ proves that entry-level optics don’t have to be poor quality optics. Unlike some other brands, we don’t use the word “value” as a euphemism for “junk”. Classic Series scopes are perfect for the budget conscious and the new shooter. We take the time to 100% inspect every product in our facility here in Houston to ensure you are receiving the best quality product as our other three tiers. These scopes are backed by the same excellent customer service and support as all other Primary Arms products.

The Primary Arms 6X32 Rifle Scope features the Patented ACSS 22LR reticle that is a perfect addition to your 1022 or other .22 caliber rifle. The ACSS 22LR reticle is a giant leap forward in 22LR reticle design, utilizing bullet drop compensation correlated with range estimation and wind holds, all in one simple system so you can use it for plinking, hunting, or competition use. The ACSS 22LR reticle increases first hit ratio and decreases time on target and is specifically designed for range clays, cans, bottles, and more. With the included manual, you will be able to fully utilize the ranging features and bullet drop compensation in no time. Like most of our products, this tough scope features a lifetime warranty. This magnified 22 scope is designed to last and continue working along-side your .22 caliber rifle for many years to come.

  • 22lr reticle designed for hunting, plinking, and even some competition use
  • Extremely effective ACSS reticle for accurate range estimates, BDC, and windage
  • Fixed 6 power magnification so you can use your .22 at the furthest effective range
  • Compatible with Butler Creek flip-cap: OBJ-15, Eye-17
  • Capped finger adjustable turrets for quick elevation and windage adjustments
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • 1-inch tube diameter for compatibility with a variety of scope mounts

Built on the foundation that customer service is the most important product/service a company can offer, Primary Arms is dedicated to meeting the need of every customer with the utmost respect. Not only do we provide excellent customer service, we offer fast shipping and competitive prices on everything we sell. If our foundation is customer service, then our structure is the increasing line of high quality, dependable optics designed right here in Texas. Our goal; to provide firearms enthusiasts, professional shooters, and servicemen and women the right tools for the job at an affordable price.
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BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value1/4 MOA
Eye Relief3.10 in
Field View 10017.50 ft
Focal PlaneFixed Magnification
Length9.05 in
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
Objective Diameter32mm
ReticleACSS 22LR
Reticle TypeMOA
Total Elevation Adjustment50 MOA
Total Windage Adjustment50 MOA
Tube Diameter1 in
Weight11.7 Oz
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WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Awesome scope!


I have this scope mounted on a CZ452 and it works great for taking out starlings and crows around the house. A few days ago I picked off a crow right at 100 yards with this scope and the ACSS reticle was dead on. Now my dad wants one for his Winchester 9422 for squirrel hunting.

Cross hairs moving

by -

My cross hairs is moving upside down after I have mounted my scope on my Ruger 10/22. I will be sending back the item to have it fixed.
<br>The Scope was crisp and other complaints. 1/2 inch group in a 50 -75 yrs....

Great scope. Go ahead and buy it!

by -

5 out of 5 stars based on value. It's not ACOG clear but it's clear, and it's fun and fast. Well worth the $120.

Excellent service


i got my original scope faster than expected. while zeroing it in at the range the reticle did rotate, so i emailed them to see about having it repaired. they responded back late stating that i would receive a return shipping label in the morning. they were unable to fix it but did send a replacement and it works great. i am very pleased with the product and the customer service from Primary Arms. i will definitely be purchasing more products in the future

I wanted to love it, but it failed.


I was excited to buy this scope for my kid's 10/22, because my other PA optics are top-shelf and I love them. I wanted to love this optic, but it didn't work out that way. I had a hard time zeroing this scope initially. Using a gun vice on a bench rest, I could not get consistent groups for anything. Frustrated, I put the rifle away for several months and finally came back to it recently to try my hand at zeroing it again. I was disappointed to see that the reticle had rotated counter clockwise quite a bit in the meantime between my first range session with it, and this most recent session. While I was at least hitting the paper in sporadic groups during my first session, I couldn't even hit paper at 50 yds right out of the case at my second session, so it was clear that the "zero" I had set before was no longer set. And it wasn't the mount/rings, unfortunately.
<br>I'm in the process of returning this optic to PA for repair or replacement. We'll see if the next one works better.
<br>From PA: We're very sorry about that, and we've shipped a brand new one out to you. Please let us know how it works out for you after your next range trip.

Holds up to heavy abuse and recoil.


I've had to these fixed 6x optics mounted on AR10's 308, and 7mm08) For about 2 years now. They are built like a tank. Watterproof, fog proof, and that ACSS reticle is amazing. Love the donut of death for trick shooting between the oaks on deer and hogs.
<br> I recently took out the .308, It is the least used of my semi autos. A freezing 27゚ deer hunt after it sat in the locker for the better part of a year. I own 6 primary arms optics of different Iterations. I've come to expect that the zero they hold is firm. And this opportunity was no different.
<br>It was a wet cold predawn insert, rifle resting in the bottom of a canoe, getting a bit wet, and icy, across a lake. Only to allow a clear view and make for a precise shot at 100 yds in dawns early light, on the best 10 point whitetail I've ever taken.

Great 22LR scope

by -

Awesome scope for 22 plinking or hunting. I’m running a MP 15-22 with this and I was hitting silhouette at 200 yds all day and hitting good Center of mass at 100. First outing was suspect at long ranges then I rechecked the scope leveling and I was slightly off—BE SURE SCOPE IS LEVEL. After relevel it was good with some minor adjustments needed at 100. I’m going to throw it on my Ruger Precision Rimfire for fun to see how it performs. Yes the reticle sights are small, but not unusable. ACSS is great once it’s set up correctly. Recommend

Absolutly love it..


I have not 1 but 2 of these plus a prism, I am hooked on the reticle.. I'm a back yard plinker and occasional critter shooter.. I shoot a range where there is 5 berms at 25,50,75,100,125 and 150.. There is assorted steel plates at each berm and this reticle allows me to ping 3" plates at 100 yds and 6" plates at 150.. The acss reticle is da bomb, I find it every bit as fast as a red dot.. I'm here now to look at the 3-18, good stuff PA has..

This scope should be discontinued

by -

The scope felt well made and fit the rifle nicely however there are 2 major flaws with it.
<br>1. I believe the scope was creeping and not holding zero. I could shoot 5 shots through a dime sized hole at 50, reload my mag, 1st shot would be on target then following shots would begin to creep up and to the right. In addtion, I would make adjustments and it would seem as if I didnt even touch it, then suddenly it would jump 3 inches too far, then I would have to dial it back.
<br>2. The biggest issue with this scope is that it is made for a .22lr yet paralax is set to 100 yards fixed. The problem with that is that most people (not all) will sight in and shoot a .22lr at 50 yards, not 100. This causes crosshair drift depending on how you look through the scope and the position of your eye in relation to the scope.
<br>I ended up returning the scope and replacing it with a nicer one from Primary Arms thanks to their AMAZING customer service!
<br>From PA: This was clearly a defective scope. We are sorry for the inconvenience making the exchange caused you.

Excellent scope for the money.


Easy transition between multiple targets with fast acquisition, very accurate with CCI Mini-Mags 40 gr. and Aguila 40 GR Super Extra HV Copper Plated, at all distances.
<br>I would like to see this made with a higher power or variable, and for the 22 WMR.