Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV 8 oz.

Manufactured by Pro-Shot
Manufactured by Pro-Shot
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Gun cleaning is one of those things that some people find really divisive. Some people try to avoid it as much as possible, and dread cleaning up after the range. Others, like us, find it a little therapeutic to set up on a workbench, put on a movie, and really take our time to make sure that every nook and cranny is utterly clean. Whichever camp you fall into, firearms cleaning is an important part of owning firearms. A clean firearm will last longer, work better, and be more reliable. This is doubly true if you plan on carrying a firearm: do you want to carry a dirty firearm that may just not work when you need it to? Us neither.

So, when it comes to cleaning supplies, it’s more than worth your time and effort to invest in quality tools that will help you keep your gun in tip top shape. One of the things that’s been a pain to maintain in the past is the bore of a firearm. In particular, copper fouling from jacketed projectiles can really gum up the rifling of a barrel, and lead to a degradation of the barrel over time. Basically, the more stuff that gets left behind after a cleaning, the more there is for carbon and other debris to get stuck to, making the problem grow over time. This specially formulated copper solvent bonds to the copper and attaches it to your patch, leaving the bore much cleaner. This pairs very well with any of the kits Pro Shot sells, as well as a bore snake. The Pro-Shot Copper Solvent IV 8 oz is one of those tools that will help you keep your firearm in good working order for the long term and would make a great part of any cleaning setup.

  • Size: 8oz
  • Copper solvent
  • Keeps bore clean

In 1982, our founder John E. Damarin, started Pro-Shot Products with one goal, to make quality firearms cleaning accessories that worked faster and easier. He was a very avid marksman, shooting most every shooting genre and event he could find to compete in around Illinois and the Midwest.  From pistol, benchrest rifle, and of course his favorite Shotgun events, I always watched and learned how to shoot with my Father.
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