Primary Arms Product Demo Days

  • How It Works

  • When purchasing new equipment, experience is everything. That’s why Primary Arms Government works with the industry’s top brands to provide you with department-wide demo days, which provide your team the opportunity to get hands-on with the latest technologies. Demo opportunities are open for all major product categories, including firearms, body armor, optics, night vision, IR aiming devices, thermal optics, apparel, and knives.

    If we don’t have what you’re looking for, just let our sales team know! We’re happy to work with our suppliers to source new products for demonstration.

    To sign up for demo days, please check the current event calendar. If none are accessible for your team, please complete the form below, and we’ll work with you to schedule a new demo day event.

Register for a demo day

To request registration for an existing event, please complete the form below and select the "Attend an Existing Demo Day" option. If your agency would like to schedule an event of their own, please fill out the form and select the "Request a New Demo Day" option. Please note that only agency heads may request a New Demo Day. Once submitted, a member of our Government Sales Team will be in touch with you shortly.

If more information is needed, please contact our Government Sales Team at
or call 713-570-1905.

Primary Arms Mission

Our mission at Primary Arms Government is to ensure that every officer has the tools and equipment they need to do their job as safely and effectively as possible. Today, law enforcement faces new and emergent challenges, and to face these challenges, officers need every advantage that their gear can offer. By adopting and training with the latest equipment, your team will be best-prepared to protect the public against any threat. To help you find that advantage, Primary Arms is dedicated to providing the best shopping experience possible by offering quality products, the right assortment of merchandise, and world-class customer service, all at affordable prices. We were founded based on a simple idea that has become the cornerstone of our business: to provide firearms enthusiasts, professional shooters, and servicemen and women the highest quality and affordable prices.