Radical Firearms AR-15 18" .223 Wylde 1:8 - 15" M-LOK FCR Rail

Manufactured by Radical Firearms
SKU: FR18-223W-SS-15FCR3
MPN: FR18-223W-SS-15FCR
Manufactured by Radical Firearms
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This Radical Firearms AR-15 is more than just an affordable rifle. It comes with a large variety of enhancements over Mil-Spec rifles. This AR-15 is chambered in .223 Wylde, which can take advantage of either the accurate .223 Remington ammo or affordable 5.56 NATO rounds. The chamber is specifically designed to chamber both styles of cartridge. The 18” barrel is machined from 416R stainless steel and features a medium contour. 416R stainless steel is known to be much easier to machine allowing for more precise and consistent dimensions allowing for better accuracy. The medium contour is also conducive to accurate shooting as the thicker profile prevents the barrel from vibrating as much with each shot, so you will see more consistent groups. Radical chose the medium profile as opposed to a heavier barrel in order to keep weight down. The barrel is paired with a 1:8 twist rate, which is a good middle ground for shooting a variety of bullet weights, so you can shoot cheap plinking ammo or nicer target ammo. If you are looking for a versatile rifle that can do it all, this Radical Firearms AR-15 might just be the one for you.

  • 416R stainless steel barrel with medium contour
  • .223 Wylde chamber for maximum versatility with ammo
  • 1:8 twist is a great for 62gr to 77gr rounds
  • Receivers forged from 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Ambidextrous safety selector
  • Extended magazine release and bolt release
  • Type III anodized finish on receivers
  • 15” FCR free float handguard with M-LOK slots
  • Rifle length gas system optimal for 18” barrels
  • MFT Minimalist carbine stock
  • Includes 30 round aluminum magazine

The upper and lower receiver on this AR-15 rifle are both forged out of 7075-T6 aluminum to Mil-Spec to ensure maximum compatibility with aftermarket parts if you so choose to upgrade your rifle in the future. It comes with a Mil-Spec lower parts kit; however, the 6-position carbine buffer tube is outfitted with a Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock. This lightweight collapsible stock is made from durable polymer and provides much better ergonomics over standard M4 stocks. Another main feature of this Radical firearms rifle is the 15” FCR rail. This is a slim free float handguard that is much more versatile than other handguard options. It features plenty of M-LOK attachment points, so you can easily customize how you want your rifle set up. It also allows eliminates pressure points at the end of the barrel that can cause inconsistent accuracy.

Radical Firearms offers law enforcement grade hardware. Crafted with quality materials and covered by their lifetime warranty, Radical Firearms is an outstanding choice for any budget.
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Barrel Coating
Barrel ContourMedium
Barrel Length18
Barrel LiningStainless Steel
Barrel Material416R Stainless Steel
BrandRadical Firearms
Caliber Gauge.223 Wylde
Gas System LengthRifle
Gas System TypeDirect Impingement
Handguard15 in Radical M-LOK FCR Rail
Muzzle DeviceA2 Flash Hider
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
Twist Rate1:8

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews


Failure to feed

by -

Bought this rifle and took it to the range immediately. The first shot was so smooth and soft shooting. The compensator worked as expected. I was so excited thinking what a good choice I made until I pulled the trigger a second time and it went click. Tap- rack- bang and click. The rifle won't shoot but one round at a time without manually cycling the next round. Failure to feed. This went on for the next 60 rounds. I called the company and they were very nice and explained it was probably the extractor and would send me replacement parts. Wanting to shoot my new rifle, I dropped a new bcg from another rifle in it. The same problem happen, failure to feed. Sadly I had to send it back to Radical to repair. They sent me a return label without any hassles which I appreciate. But seriously, this rifle should have never left the company without checking to see if it actually works. Quality control failed big time.<br><br>I'll happily update this review if it works when I get it back.

Failure to feed

by -

I bought this rifle after a lot debate and was excited to get it. I took it to the range after lubing it. The first shot was was awesome. It felt good and was very soft shooting. Then I pulled the trigger a second time and click. Tap-rack-and bang, then click. This went on for the next 60 rounds. I used different mags all loaded with only 10 rounds, but it would not feed and every 3-4th round wouldn't eject.
<br>I called the company and told them about the problem. The said they'd send me a new extractor. Wanting to shoot my awesome new gun, I dropped a new BCG from another rifle into it and took back to the range. 1st round was smooth, then click! Tap, rack-bang. This went one for the next 15 rounds. I called Radical again and explained the problem and they sent me a return label without any hassles. This is a case where quality control obviously failed. What a shame since it's such a nice rifle.

Rifle is 18in rifle lenght gas system which is undergassed and better for use of lightweight carrier with adjustable gas block.

by -

You have to remove around .7oz from either the carrier or buffer. This rifle is under gassed as it comes and short stokes. It should be a mid length gas system rifle if it is going to be sold with a full weight m16 carrier and a 3oz buffer. Remove 2 or all weights from the buffer to fix. I own 2 of these rifles. I love both. Ive shot 1050yds with federal 55grain fmj 223 pressure ammo. Which is pretty much the worst choice you could make for ammo selection. Google: "1050yds Radical" Hit is at 35seconds in. Its a solid rifle. Less 1 star because most people don't know how to tune gas systems and also they should be using mid length gas system barrels on their 18in barrels so people don't have the short stroking problems in the first place. There products are surprising good however radicals r&d could be a bit better.

Review update

by -

After 6 months at Radical waiting on repairs, I received my rifle and it shoots great. Its light weight and is crazy accurate. It has a extended textured bolt catch for easy use and a smooth stock trigger. It's a nice rifle that's enjoyable to shoot.

I'm happy


Haven't been able to take the rifle to the range yet so this is more of a company review for both Radical Arms and Primary Arms. Rifle was shipped fast, service was great, and everything went really smoothly. Package showed up in great condition on time and was perfect. I'm excited to get it out to the range. Thank you!