Radical Firearms Nada Zero Impulse Muzzle Brake - 1/2x28

Manufactured by Radical Firearms
Manufactured by Radical Firearms
33 Reviews

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The Radical Firearms Zero Impulse Muzzle Brake features a highly effective, patent pending three chamber design that redirects high pressure gasses. This significantly reduces both felt recoil and muzzle rise, aiding the shooter in staying on target even during full auto fire. The rear-angled side ports with generous top ports are exceptionally effective, allowing for faster follow-ups and dramatically reducing the effort required to stay on target. Machined from a solid piece of 4150 chrome moly steel and finished with an exceptionally corrosion resistant salt bath Nitride, this AR-15 muzzle device is highly durable as well!

  • Length: 2.385”
  • Diameter .855”
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Includes crush washer

Radical Firearms offers law enforcement grade hardware. Crafted with quality materials and covered by their lifetime warranty, Radical Firearms is an outstanding choice for any budget.
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BrandRadical Firearms
MaterialSteel - 4150 Chrome Moly
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
TypeMuzzle Brake
Weight3.2 Oz
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ratings & Reviews

33 reviews


Very good muzzle brake, as it indeed reduced felt recoil. Recommended.

by -

Easy install on a Colt 6920. Reduced felt recoil. Very load report while shooting in a covered shooting range. (expected for a muzzle brake) Did not affect point of impact from previous zero. (this surprised us) This is the first muzzle brake we've owned, so we were please with this purchase.

Primary Arms

by -

Amazing muzzle brake!!! Installed in less than 5 minutes. Super easy install and super fast shipping from Primary Arms!!! Will definitely purchase from Primary Arms again!!! Great prices, fast shipping and great customer service!!!!!

Fit and finish issue, but excellent piece

by -

Very good muzzle brake, it functions great and does what it should. The issue i had was that the thread tolerence was WAAAY too tight. You could not screw the brake on a new barrel without a wrench. I verified using a mil spec A2 birdcage which spun on the barrel by hand. Luckily, i used this brake for a pin/weld build, so the thread tolerance wasnt much of a concern, as it was never coming back off anyway. On a side note, it does not had a flat on the top or bottom, so it does make it a bit harder to center punch and prep for a pin/weld. Works good, and functions as it should, would buy it again.

I'm Only Going To Say This Once......

by -

WOW! I replaced my YHM Phantom Comp/Brake with the RF NADA and the result was amazing. I was shooting waaaay low and my carbine came straight back while still on target. The YHM opens into large Chambers and the gas pressure drops but the NADA doesn't open up at all. The full gas pressure is focussed out 3 small top ports and 6 small lateral ports. So, I had to adjust my electro-optical sight my BUIS and my LAM but it was worth it as I get faster follow-ups.

Good deal, but only if it's on sale

by -

Very effective muzzle brake. I never even entertained the idea of rapid-fire or trying quick follow-up shots until now. However, fit and finish on this muzzle brake was poor. Threads were UGLY. Would not even thread on by hand and I didn't want to force it on with a wrench. Luckily I had the correct tap at work I could use to chase the threads. This thing works. Best muzzle brake for the money when this is on sale for $20! But at full price or only mildly discounted you would do better spending money on a VG6 or similar.

love it


This brake works wonders on reducing recoil and looks good. My only thing I dislike about it, is that without ear protection the brake is incredibly loud for the shooter. Friends have stated that they feel a bit of a blowback or back blast from the break to the face. Hasn't deter'd me from buying a second one in 223 and third in .308. Good Break.

Second Time Around

by -

And it's still WOW! First time out shooting was impressive as the muzzle stayed down and recoil, what there is with a 5.56, seemed reduced but it was a cold and blustery day.

I was back at the range this last warm and calm weekend and had a real eye opener. When I fired the first round, a wave of hot air came back over me.....and I smiled. That wasn't apparent the first time out due to the cold wind coming in behind me but this time it was obvious and even more obvious off axis.

I let my buddy shoot and stood beside him where the back blast was very prominent. Those vanes really vector the gases back and reduce what recoil there is. I could see that the muzzle stayed down and my partner commented on that as his doesn't. The back blast isn't a game changer just something that will be different and obvious from the first shot.

This is a great item. No quality or fit issues and performance is on the mark!

And my buddy? He bought one too.

Excellent value

by -

I picked this up while it was on sale and I am very impressed with it. It went on easily and performed how I was hoping it would. Very minimal barrel rise.

Great bargin when on sale.

by -

Purchased this when it was on sale and couldn't be happier with it. When shooting at 100 yards I noticed the muzzle pulls slightly to the left, which is far enough to lose the target in my scope. I would have thought it would have stayed on target, better than that, but it is still better than the standard bird cage muzzle device. You do get a puff of air in the face after each shot, but it's not enough to distract you, once you figure out where it is coming from. Finish was not the best, but with the prices, I can't complain.

Great Muzzle Brake

by -

I gave 4 stars because while it is an excellent muzzle brake and works great and finish is really good, like others have stated I had to chase the threads on the brake before it would go on. Once I ran the tap thru it, it was no problem to install. If you want a good devise that performs well at a decent price this is the one. Performance is a five star, fit is a three star, overall four star.