Radical Firearms NADA Zero Impulse Muzzle Brake - 5/8x24

Manufactured by Radical Firearms
Manufactured by Radical Firearms
17 Reviews
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The Radical Firearms Zero Impulse Muzzle Brake features a highly effective, patent pending three chamber design that redirects high pressure gasses. This significantly reduces both felt recoil and muzzle rise, aiding the shooter in staying on target even during full auto fire. 

The rear-angled side ports with generous top ports are exceptionally effective, allowing for faster follow-ups and dramatically reducing the effort required to stay on target. Machined from a solid piece of 4150 chrome moly steel and finished with an exceptionally corrosion resistant salt bath nitride, this brake is highly durable as well!

  • Length: 2.385”
  • Diameter .855”
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Attaches to standard 5/8x24 threaded muzzles
  • Melonite coated for corrosion resistance
  • Designed for .30 caliber rifles like .308 and 7.62
  • Includes crush washer

Radical Firearms offers law enforcement grade hardware. Crafted with quality materials and covered by their lifetime warranty, Radical Firearms is an outstanding choice for any budget.
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BrandRadical Firearms
MaterialSteel - 4150 Chrome Moly
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread Pattern5/8 X 24
TypeMuzzle Brake
Weight3.2 Oz
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Ratings & Reviews

17 reviews


Sweet Brake

by -

Bought this for my 10.5” Pistol chambered in 7.62x39... Love the concussion it gave me for my other 10.5” Pistol chambered in 5.56.. Now I have TWINSIES

Works great!

by -

I have the same brake on a Ar-15 build, and the recoil reduction is hands-down one of the best I've experienced. So, I bought the 308 one as well. They work amazing. The 4/5 comes from the fact that it with kick dust all over you if you shoot from prone, or a dust base. I experienced this with the .223 model as well. Highly recommend hearing-pro as well as it kicks sound backwards as well.

Good for Target shooting


Keeps muzzle from lifting too much but the slots are angled back just enough where you feel the blowback on your face with every shot. And if you ever need to shoot without ear protection in a self defense situation you will have hearing damage.

Good brake for the money


Finish was good, a light gloss but not too bad. The brake threaded on just fine, but I had to shim the brake in order to torque the brake and line the top ports,no big deal. The gas ports do point rearward towards the shooter but this particular rifle is only for the range. The brake does what needs to,eliminates some of the recoil.

Be prepared for backblast


It certainly reduces the recoil at the cost of a major exfoliation of your face. I have one on my upper that was included in the purchase and will be replacing it. I shoot AK’s and .308 so am used to the kick of those.

From PA: From PA: We have sold bunches of these with very few issues. It sounds like we may need to swap that out for you.


by -

Perfect for what it is meant for reduced recoil and muzzle rise. Have one installed on a 556 AR 15 build as well as an AR 10 308 build works just as well if not better than my $100 comp I have on my Savage 10 BA stealth. In short yes it is loud yes gas blow back to right and left side if you don't have these on a comp it is not working right. Hence buy a muzzle break not a comp.

Good performance but with instal problems.

by -

Performance was very good but it has epic levels of backblast. I don't mind it, but kept being asked about it from the people next to me at the range. I would give it 4 stars for performance but knocked one off for installation. The threads on the comp only go half way down the hole and my barrel would bottom out with 1/4 inch of exposed thread. I had to use a clocking ring and a crush washer to cover the threads. The A2 that it replaced didn't have this issue.


by -

I received my muzzle brake yesterday and installed it on my Bergara HMR. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed by the finish and crush washer. First, there was multiple imperfections on the muzzle brake like tooling marks, etc. Secondly the crush washer would not stay centered no mater what I did and end up causing the washer to not be usable. Thankfully I had left over washers from a previous muzzle device. I have not fired the rifle yet so I can't speak to the function right now but I plan on updating this one I do.

You can spend more on a brake, but it probably won't work any better.

by -

This was my second brake. Now I own two of these.

The first one I bought went on a brand new TC Compass in 308 Win. I didn't use the crush washer that came with the brake because the Compass doesn't have enough shoulder to take advantage of it. Instead, I used a thin lock nut that I bought off Amazon. I got the brake installed and indexed correctly and went to the range. The POI shifted slightly, but the Compass accuracy was unaffected - still under 1 moa. The brake worked so well that the effect on the recoil was such that I was able to see my bullet hit through the scope. I had never had that experience before.

For the price, I don't think you can beat this brake with a stick. My first brake was a Vais on a 300 Win Mag. I don't think it works as well as this one for taming recoil. And the Vais costs a lot more.

What have you got to lose??

by -

HOLY MOLEY! I bought this just because it was on sale for a ridiculous price. I put it on my 6.5 creedmoor Savage and it indexed perfectly without a crush washer or shim of any kind. Then I Shot about 40 rounds through it and couldn't believe the reduction in recoil, improved accuracy, and ability to spot my own hits (or misses)! I'm going to buy one of these every payday until all my threaded barrels are utilizing these brakes. They are great for my style of shooting.