Ravin Crossbow R20 with Illuminated 1.5-5x32mm Scope - Gunmetal Grey

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If you are a serious crossbow hunter, then you know Ravin Crossbows are some of the most accurate and well-made on the market. Even if you are just getting started in the world of crossbow hunting, you may not want to pass on the R20 crossbow. While most people think of crossbows as primitive technology, the R20 is made from modern synthetic materials and high-tech features that will lead you to a successful hunt every time. The Ravin R20 crossbow is packed full of technology like the HeliCoil. It is basically the engine of the crossbow that coils the cables away from the top and bottom of the cams in helical grooves to ensure that it is perfectly balance during draw and firing. The HeliCoil system also allows the cams to rotate a total 340° which bring the limbs back to an extremely compact 6” allowing you to shoot from unorthodox positions whether you are in a tree stand or on the ground. This frictionless flight system free floats the arrow above the rail for a consistent shot every time resulting in rifle-like accuracy down range and decreased wear on the string. For new and veteran hunters alike, the R20 Ravin Crossbow provides the performance needed for a successful hunt.

  • Injection molded carbon-fiber polymer chassis with sniper grey finish
  • Pistol grip, cheek riser, and foregrip with covers to keep your hands away from the bowstring 
  • HeliCoil technology that keeps the cams perfectly balanced
  • Frictionless flight system that free floats the arrow for consistent accuracy
  • Trac-Trigger with straight-line nock travel and a 3 lb pull weight
  • Automatic dryfire safety and trigger safety
  • Versa-Draw integrated hand-crank cocking system with ratchet mechanism
  • 12 pounds of force to fully draw back with no fear of overdraw
  • Ultra-compact design perfect for use in a tree stand
  • 430 FPS and 164 LB-FT with 400 Grain arrow

This Package Includes:
  • 1.5-5x32 illuminated scope designed for crossbows
  • 6 Ravin arrows with proprietary nocks and 100 grain field tips
  • Quiver with mounting bracket
  • Removeable, ambidextrous cocking handle

One of the drawbacks of some crossbow designs is the cocking system. With the R20, you no longer need to worry about overdrawing and harming the limbs. The versa-draw cocking system is truly revolutionary as it is integrated directly into both sides of the crossbow allowing ambidextrous use. It utilizes a crank handle that attaches directly to a dual spool ratchet that allows you to cock the crossbow with only 12 pounds of force and de-cock with the press of a button. The built-in clutch system prevents you from overdrawing making it extremely fast and easy to load the R20 in the field.

In addition to the industry changing cocking mechanism, the Ravin Crossbows feature the Trac-Trigger firing system which slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the center of the bowstring automatically activating the anti-dryfire mechanism as well as the safety. Once the arrow is fully inserted, the anti-dryfire mechanism is disengaged so you are ready to fire as soon as you take the safety off. The trigger is single stage and set to break with 3 pounds of pressure, allowing you to fully take advantage of the accuracy this crossbow is capable of.

The R20 crossbow also comes with multiple accessories to get you out shooting in the field as fast as possible. It comes fully assembled and tuned from the factory including the 1.5-5 power illuminated variable scope. This package also includes six Ravin branded arrows with proprietary nocks and 100 grain field tips and a quiver with mounting bracket. The Ravin Crossbows R20 comes fully equipped to get you hunting in no time.


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