Rise Armament Primary Arms Exclusive AR15/10 Single Stage Super Sporting Trigger - Red

Manufactured by Rise Armament
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This Rise Armament Super Sporting Trigger was designed as a Primary Arms exclusive with a bright red anodized finish on the trigger housing. It is a high-performance, cost-effective upgrade to replace your Mil-Spec trigger. This easy to install drop-in kit provides a crazy-fast reset, nearly non-existent over-travel, and a smooth, crisp, and consistent 3.5lb. single stage trigger pull. The short trigger reset is optimal for competition use allowing you to pull the trigger much faster when compared to a long reset on a Mil-Spec trigger. Over-travel is how much the trigger continues to move rearward after the trigger breaks and a round is fired; like the reset, minimal movement is optimal for fast follow up shots when every second counts. The trigger bow is a standard curved design that gives you optimal control of the trigger.

  • Red hard coat anodized Primary Arms Exclusive finish
  • Single-stage 3.5lb. trigger pull
  • Curved trigger bow
  • Quick reset with minimal over-travel
  • Precision machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum
  • Fits most .308 and .223/5.56 AR style platforms
  • Self-contained design makes it quick and easy to install with no tuning needed
  • Quality-assured with high-tech inspection equipment
  • Lifetime guarantee through Rise Armament
  • Does not include trigger or hammer pins
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.

Another benefit of the Rise Armament AR-15 Trigger is the redesigned hammer with a drop safety catch. This safety feature ensures that no matter how short the pull and reset may be, this trigger will remain drop safe, so you can have confidence that your rifle will not fire until you're ready.

Rise Armament is committed to quality and success, and you can see that in their weapons. All Rise parts are manufactured according to strict AS9100 and ISO9001 2008 certified procedures and must pass stringent QA inspection before leaving their facility.


BrandRise Armament
Drop InDrop-In
Total Pull Weight3.5 lbs
Trigger BowCurved
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154
Trigger StyleSingle Stage

If budget constraint is your primary consideration in selecting a drop in trigger, this may be the trigger for you. If not, look elsewhere.

by -

It is better than mil-spec. If budget constraint is your primary consideration, this may be the trigger for you. It has a short, light pull compared to mil-spec. It is a little gritty and the reset is weird. The disconnector spring seems to be too heavy. If you hold the trigger to the rear after releasing the hammer to fire the weapon, the trigger tends to push your finger forward. If you don't let go of the trigger briskly, the disconnector sticks on the hammer sometimes even after lubrication. I have CMC triggers and one POF trigger, I have not experienced this scenario on either of those trigger brands.

Yes. Works fine in Aero M5

by -

Ive purchased several RA SST triggers for AR/M4 builds, so was confident in the quality and performance. Built a 6.5 creedmoor using Aero upper/lower, and selected quality parts. Reading a lot about folks having trouble installing these in M5s, esp using typical .0154 fasteners (sex bolts), citing hole size issues. Got no clue what they are doing, but mine fit up and performed just fine. In fact, this was the easiest part of the lower assy build.

The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains Long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten

by -

Bought this trigger hoping it would be at least as good as the POF I had in my other lower, sadly it was not. I really wanted to like this one too after reading about their company. But it was gritty and had a very slight amount of creep. The part that killed it for me was that it would randomly not reset every few rounds. Yes, I adjusted the set screws. This was in an Anderson lower that previously never had issues, ever. I read online and watched some youtube videos about the issue and they said it needed to "break in" or you could "file some of the surfaces". I shouldn't have to do that with a "drop in" trigger. I ended up returning it.

Worth checking out

by -

Put this trigger in one of my heavy varmint rifles. I usually use two stage triggers in my ARs... I think I'm slowly going to be switching my rifles over to this one. The clean break with no creep has me sold.

Great! Just a bit gritty/crunchy.

by -

I have this trigger, a 4 lb Velocity trigger, and mil-spec triggers. This is a really nice trigger. Installation is a breeze. The trigger itself is nice and thick (great for big hands/long fingers). The trigger pull is nice, consistent, and light. I don't think it is too light (I don't expect any inadvertent bump fires). The reset is beautiful. It is short, crisp, and tactile. As to the trigger pull itself - this is where the one star comes off. There is a bit of creep and it is decidedly "crunchy" or "gritty." The pull it is better than even a well-worn mil-spec...but it doesn't have the same "break-glass" feel that my Velocity trigger has. This is a great value for hunting, targets, and casual shooting. If you want one ragged hole or are shooting long-range you might want to step up to other models.