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Store Rating: 8.45 out of 10

Total reviews: 26830

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Primary Arms, my primary armory

"I have looked all over the internet for the barrel I wanted, PA is the only place that had it and at a lower price than expected."

Never disap

"Always have great deals. My only complaint is that you guys sell out of what I want so fast. "

"Very nice staff had me in and out very fast. Great communication via email."

"I love using yalls site. Great prices and yall let me know the moment things get in. And it ships quickly."

Great Online Experience

"Easy to locate items, set up of account, and quick check out."

"I've heard great things about this company, looking forward to finding out for myself"

Always happy to pull the| trigger on an order.

"I find the site easy to use, prices fair and customer experience very good. "

Easy to use website

"The website and search tool was extremely easy to use"

Best selection and awesome website/easy and coherent

"This place rocks, gonna make a trip From Austin to Houston just to see if the store matches the awesome website. Fourth purchase and always beyond my expectations. "

Great inventory, easy to use website, good prices

"I've been buying from Primary Arms for a while now and they have yet to let me down. Live inventory, fast shipping, and good prices. They also seem to get access to hard-to-get parts quickly. "