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The SI Enhanced Lower Parts Kit offers a convenient upgrade package whether you are assembling a new lower receiver or breathing new life into an existing build. This kit features Strike Industries Enhanced parts, including the bolt catch, magazine catch and button, pivot and takedown pins, and Strike's 60/90 degree ambi safety selector.

NOTE: This kit does not include a grip, trigger guard, or trigger components.

Kit includes:
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Bolt Catch
  • Bolt catch spring
  • Bolt catch plunger
  • Bolt catch roll pin
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Catch
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Release Button
  • Magazine catch spring
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Pivot Pin
  • Strike Industries Enhanced Takedown Pin
  • (2) takedown / pivot detent springs
  • (2) takedown / pivot pin detents
  • Strike Industries 60/90-Degree Ambi Safety Selector
  • Safety detent
  • Safety detent spring
  • Buffer retaining pin
  • Buffer retaining pin spring
  • (2) .154" trigger / hammer pins
  • Trigger spring
  • Hammer spring
  • Disconnector spring

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BrandStrike Industries
Weight3.8 Oz

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews



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This is the 2nd SI LPK I have purchased, and will not be using it again.. mag release didn’t catch, (threw an old Anderson MFG mag release in just to see if it was me, worked perfectly).. bolt catch roll pin would not seat properly, ended up chunkin’ my lower despite an OCD tape job.. finally, the front take down pin would not drop all the way.. seemed like the machining just wasn’t there this time around.. will not take that chance again, gonna have to try a different company...

wont by another

by -

used it for a friends build as he needs an ambi safety selector. was so impressed with the quality i will be buying strike LPKs from now on.

Missing safety detent

by -

Eh. Not a bad kit for the money. Everything fits nicely on a PSA lower. I'm not sold on the bolt release. It seems to stick out a little further than I like, but it is easy to manipulate. The safety selector is a little sharp, but it's nice to have the 60/90 degree option. Be sure to count your parts before you start building! Like others I was missing a part - the safety detent in my case. I like Strike Industries but they need to up their quality assurance on these kits. Of course Primary Arms is all kinds of awesome and took care of the issue immediately!

The Best LPK

by -

Fantastic LPK. Used this on a standard X15 Aero Precision lower. Great fitment on all pieces. By the time you add up a couple SI enhanced pieces you might as well just purchase the LPK. Highly recommended. I will probably purchase more just to have spare parts and use on future builds.

Great kit for the money! Make sure the pivot pin springs are there!

by -

Absolutely love the price! I mean you can’t buy the ambidextrous selector switch for this price is most cases! Everything fit great, the enhanced controls feel great! What I didn’t love is both of my packs was missing the rear pivot detent spring! Nothing like getting to the last part of your build on 2 lowers and missing 1 spring!

Great LPK

by -

This LPK is a great addition to any build. Used this LPK in my Mk12 build. All pieces were quality and the enhanced pieces are a nice little upgrade over the Mil-Spec standards. All the pieces fit nice and tight and came together without issues. I’m a massive fan of Strike Industries and this was just another piece of quality kit. Primary Arms is also the gold standard of rifle shopping and supplies

Best Parts Kit You Can Get


I use this kit on all of my builds. You can't beat the price. The safety selector is top notch. All the parts are Strike Industries enhanced version. Plus, you're not wasting a mil-spec trigger. You can drop in whatever you want.

Little inconvenience

by -

Overall its okay other than missing buffer retent spring. Gonna order couple from PA. Other pack of LPK I bought was missing the buffer retent springs also.