Strike Industries JCOMP Gen2 Compensator - 1/2x28

Manufactured by Strike Industries
SKU: SI-JCOMP2-223-5.56
MPN: SI-JCOMP2-223/5.56
Manufactured by Strike Industries
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Strike Industries products are designed by shooting experts for the shooting sportsman.

The Strike Industries JCOMP Gen 2 is based on the classic Type 89 compensator in used by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces. Updated and enhanced, the Gen 2 retains all the great features of the original JCOMP with improved muzzle rise compensation and compatibility with blast mitigators like the Strike Industries Oppressor or the Ferfrans CRD. This effective two chamber design performs very comparably to some of the top-tier comps and brakes on the market at just a fraction of the price.

  • Internal diameter tuned specifically for 5.56 and .223 ammunition
  • 1/2x28 thread pitch
  • 2 chamber design
  • Hybrid muzzle brake/compensator
  • Pre-drilled for pinning and welding
  • Includes crush washer
  • Length: 2.55"
  • Outside diameter: 0.87"
  • Inside diameter: 0.26"
  • Weight: 3.6 oz
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BrandStrike Industries
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
TypeMuzzle Brake
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to

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Best Deal for Muzzle Devices

by -

The JComp has similar data to the Lantac Dragon in famous muzzle brake shootouts. In addition to that, it is about 25% better in flash reduction according to famous flash hider shootouts. I got my Dragon on sale for $80... I got the JComp for $25. It performs as well as my Dragon with less concussion and noise, too. Can't go wrong!!

Badass comp

by -

I've usually fired ar15s with the old style bird cage so this was my first true compensator. With this installed my rifle has even less recoil. Of course it's loud and has a pretty crazy blast, but I'm more than ok with that. Great job SI!

It’s cheap & works great, get it already

by -

Completely agree with Raymond’s review. Decided to try this due to good reviews & EXTREMELY inexpensive price, especially if you get it when on sale. It’s a great brake for any price. Very comparable performance to Lantac Dragon or VG6 Epsilon as far as reduction of recoil & muzzle rise, but I think it has slightly less aggressive side blast concussion. It’s definitely noticeable concussion, just didn’t seem as bad as the Lantac. Haven’t done my own personal scientific side-by-side testing, but it may actually outperform the two aforementioned more expensive brakes. If you want less recoil & muzzle rise & can deal with the side blast then the Jcomp is by far the best bang for your buck. Pull the trigger, you won’t regret it.

For the money (or even a lot more) it's awesome.

by -

For the money and mixed purpose, this is probably as good as it gets... as I see it as 50% less recoil, 35% less muzzle rise, 15% LOUDER. From what I've been seeing vs an A2 FH it knocks recoil into a non-issue and the muzzle doesn't move nearly as much. That said, with most any muzzle device change, as far as LOUD/BLAST: outdoors it's really not much louder than an A2 Flash Hider and doesn't seem to bother anybody (even shooters next to me), Indoors, ...well you might not make friends with the shooter next to you LOL!

Love it but it is rediculously loud.

by -

The barrel doesn't move. Gun shoots like a laser. LOUD. Holy Mother it is loud. I shot my 10 inch barrel 300blk with regular A2 before I shot this. I thought it was loud. I took 2 shots with this on a 18 inch barrel 223 wyld and had to stop. There was a guy in his truck watching us shoot. I never met him before and he was there just watching. He brought me some hearing protection. Asked if it was a 308. Point is, it preforms outstanding. Put something over your ears before you shoot with it. I Highly recommend this product. Performs incredible. Just really loud.

great comp!

by -

next to no muzzle rise and no perceivable recoil. But the more effective a comp is the louder it is!

I used to think my AK74 comp on my wasr10 was loud this is way louder.

for this price you get a lot of awesomeness. fit and finish excellent, performance excellent. it also isn't super bulky and only adds 1.5" to muzzle, low profile with no jagged edges so it will be snag free.

Great for fast shooting


I put this on a 16 inch midlength rifle and it works great. I would recommend it if you're looking for better control under fast shooting. There is some side blast but you really can't avoid that. If I was running a shorty like a 10.5 id probably just stick with a flash can because the side blast would be a lot worse.

I have a good video of me shooting with it on my Instagram which is Tactical_Weasel

non standard wrench size

by -

I just purchased this and havent had a chance to use it yet but the fit and finish is amazing and it looks super cool on the rifle but there is one thing i wish i would have known before hand, this comp does not use a standard size wrench. The standard armorers wrench has two different sizes and neither are big enough. Not a huge deal for me as a i have a few good mechanics tools that will work fine, but for someone that didnt that could be a problem. Not imo enough to deduct a star for but still a bit of an unwelcome suprise.

Awesome comp for the right price


I have used this compensator for three of my builds and will continue to get them as my collection continues. It performs well and helps mitigate the recoil and muzzle rise of the rifle. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Perfect price for a solid muzzle device.



I use this on all my 5.56 ar's, worth every penny, zero muzzle climb. the rifle just shakes a little bit.

holy hell is it loud tho, kinda a bonus to me, to each their own.