Trijicon ACOG 4x32mm Scope - Dual Illuminated ACSS Reticle - Green

Manufactured by Trijicon
Manufactured by Trijicon
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The Trijicon ACOG brings precision aiming and close quarters speed together in an advanced, combat-ready, and compact package. Extremely durable, these proven combat optics feature dual-illuminated reticles lit by fiber-optic for daylight illumination and tritium for low light operations. Offering unparalleled field of view, simplicity, and glass clarity, the ACOG is the ultimate do-everything optic for the modern sporting or combat rifle.

Exclusive to and Primary Arms authorized dealers.

  • Expansive field of view
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Reticle illuminated by fiber optics and tritium
  • Bomb-proof construction
  • ACSS reticle
  • BDC out to 800 yards
  • Fast ranging features
  • Moving target and wind holds
  • Comes with picatinny mount

The TA31 is a fixed 4x optic designed to provide fast hits at close quarters with both eyes open. This special edition ACOG features our patented ACSS Reticle offering superior first-hit capabilities out to 800 yards! The ACSS is compatible with 5.56 NATO, .308 Winchester, and 5.45x39 7n6!
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Click Value1/2 MOA
Exit Pupil Diameter8.00 mm
Eye Relief1.50 in
Field View 10036.80 ft
Focal PlanePrism Scope
Maximum Magnification4
Minimum Magnification4
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
Objective Diameter32mm
ReticleACSS 5.56/.308
Reticle TypeBDC
Tube DiameterNot Applicable
Weight15.8 Oz
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WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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Simply Amazing


Great optic. I like the ACSS reticle a lot. ACOGs are built like tanks... I know I can depend on this optic with my life. I love the price too (when compared to other ACOG models).

Good combat optic


Bought this for my SCAR. Using m80 ball, the reticle is pretty accurate. I'd definitely recommend over the standard acog.

Great scope


BDC is on out to 800. Easy to understand and use

Great scope


My first review never showed. The BDC is on out to 800, easy to understand and use.

Best TA-31 ACOG Out There


It's really hard to go wrong with the TA31; then add in the ACSS reticle and you've got a durable optic with the capability to engage targets out to 800 yards.
<br>-Glass is phenomenal
<br>-Reticle is the best BDC I've used to date
<br>-Adjustments are crisp and audible
<br>-The wind holds in the reticle are better than most other ACOG reticles and the chevron allows for better precision
<br>-With all dual illuminated ACOGs it's possible for the sight to be too bright for really precise work at distance but putting a little tape on the fiber optic rod fixes that. The good thing is the tritium is still there to let you see the reticle, even against a shaded background
<br>If you're looking at a TA-31 ACOG than this is the one to get for sure. Lots of really knowledgeable guys online have made similar comments which is what led me to it; glad I picked it up!

Great choice for DMR applications!


Most useful ACOG yet! These ACSS reticles are by far the best Trijicon has to offer for real-world DMR/rifleman combat apps. First off, you get instant ability to make precise wind hold-offs and target-lead corrections. Second, you get the horseshoe (for quick, point-blank apps) AND the small chevron reticle (for precision) – the best of both worlds. Third, ranging targets using the ACSS scaled brackets is set up right. After multiple tens of thousands of rounds down range through various AR configurations, I think these Trijicon ACOGs are top of the line. Prismatic optics are incredibly heavy-duty and the clarity is incredible on these, perhaps due to the tier-1 Schott Bk4 and Bk7 glass in the prisms. If you want an ACOG, this is the one to get!

Great Reticle


Great Glass Great Upgrade from a 1-6x ACSSThe optic being a fixed power and high quality glass is much brighter and crisper than my 1-6x ACSS. This specific ACOG model also has a fantastic FOV when compared to the 1-6x. Ya it's much more expensive than the 1-6x but it's at least 3 times the optic. It also shaved 6oz from my 1-6x which was using an Aero Ultralight Mount. The fact that it's 5x pricier is WELL WORTH IT if you can manage the investment. (sell off that second rifle or that third pistol... you are stuck with the kit you have when you really need it the most... don't scrimp on optics on your primary rifle for the sake of collecting other guns you don't really need in times of crisis! An investment in high quality optics on your primary rifle is an investment in your life and your families survival... don't slack on your duty!) I've had this for around a month with two trips to the range. BDC ticks checked out good enough using 75gr Hornady Steel Match out to 600 yards (I zero'd at 300 to insure BDC was well averaged out for all ranges). There is a good reason this optic family is issued on all USMC rifles. The fact that this reticle is far superior to the Mil-issue reticle is a shame for our military but a boon to us citizens. thanks PA for such as great optic/reticle combo!



After shooting Primary Arms' ACSS reticle I fell in love with the ease and simplicity of the design. The ACOG with ACSS in green dual illumination is just incredible! The clarity from edge to edge is simply amazing and the unit is very well made. You can't go wrong with the ACOG with ACSS!

JUST DO IT!!!!!!

by -

Its been 2 months now I have never been happier with a product. This thing rocks!!! I shoot religiously every week at a 500y steel target range. I was pecking 300 and 400 yard steel with ease. The fiber optic is crazy bright (I recommend black electrical tape). The Bindon Aiming Concept works for close quaters (use it like a red dot); and the glass clarity is of the charts! Its such a lightweight optic that it makes it hard to believe its a x4 scope! The BCD and range finding in yards is dead on accurate (assuming you are using XM193). If you have proper shooting fundamentals the short eye relief is not a problem. If you are compelled to shoot from an awkward position, just move your head back! You might not see the entire scope picture but as long as you see the reticle you can still make hits.

Better than expected and worth the cost.


Light weight. 13 oz with an American Defense mount. Compact, smaller than appears from pics. Bright, sharp, magically clear glass; like looking through thin air except magnified. Reticle is fine and sharp, high quality etching there, all numbers and BDC lines easy to see and read. Unlike all other scopes I've tried, point of aim = point of impact for me on this one when using BAC, meaning I can use this as fast as an Aimpoint. FOV is excellent, not claustrophobic like the TA33. Eye relief is better than some people make it sound, and eye-box is better than the Aimpoint magnifier. Overall very useable. Can extend the stock out completely and reticle is still visible enough to use BAC for CQB. Reticle does work with a PVS-14 at night, enough to co-witness an IR laser; IR illuminator reduces halo. Overall, is it worth the cost? Yes, with the ACSS reticle and lifetime warranty (15 years for tritium), super clear glass, and extreme durability.