Trijicon ACOG 4x32 Scope Dual Illuminated Green Chevron ACSS Aurora Reticle

Manufactured by Trijicon
MPN: 100702
Manufactured by Trijicon
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No Longer Available
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The Trijicon TA31 ACOG -- Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight, for the uninitiated -- is one of the most easily recognizable military optics available on the market today. Originally adopted by the US military in 1995, the ACOG is a fixed power and remarkably compact scope that combines close quarters speed with the ability to make precise hits at range. Their reputation for optical clarity and overall durability is both legendary and well deserved. To make the most of this battle-proven optic, Primary Arms has teamed up with Trijicon to offer the legendary TA31 with our new purpose-built and patent pending ACSS Aurora reticle!

  • Fully featured and intuitive ACSS Aurora reticle
  • 50-meter bullet drop compensation gradients to 800m
  • Integrated moving target leads for speeds up to 40mph
  • Full value wind holds for 5mph - 10mph winds from 400m to 800m
  • Automatic target ranging and BDC
  • 1/2 MOA tool-free click adjustments
  • Fixed 4X magnification
  • Expansive 36.8ft field of view at 100 yards
  • Superior optical clarity and light transmission
  • Green dual-illuminated, glass etched reticle powered by fiber optics and Tritium
  • Incredibly rugged construction is shock proof, waterproof, and fog proof

The ACSS Aurora reticle is our very first foray into meter-based ranging and fire solutions. The feature-rich and intuitive reticle design is uncluttered, designed to communicate vital information in an efficient manner to not only increase first-hit probability but drastically reduce the time necessary to reach a firing solution to get that hit. From 300m and in, the illuminated chevron aiming point provides wicked-quick snap shooting capability and both-eyes open engagement, so you never lose peripheral vision. The outer tips of the chevron pull double duty as leads for targets moving 3.1mph perpendicular to the shooter. For targets moving a bit faster, the two lead dots on either side of the chevron are leads for a target hustling along at 8.6mph. Aurora even compensates for mounted targets up to 40mph!

For engagements 400m and out, the integrated bullet drop compensation and wind leads come into play. The tried and true ACSS auto-ranging system allows for near-instant range estimation, which enables rapid transition to the BDC system that offers holdovers in 50m increments out to an impressive 800 meters. The real world often involves wind, and ACSS Aurora provides full value 5 and 10mph wind holds. Is the wind a little stronger or softer, maybe coming at an angle? Use the holds as a reference point and adjust accordingly. For operators in the field, no other reticle provides the combined capabilities and intuitive use of the ACSS Aurora.
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Click Value1/2 MOA
Eye Relief1.50 in
Field View 10036.65 ft
Focal PlanePrism Scope
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
ReticleACSS Aurora
Reticle ColorGreen
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Finger Adjustable
Weight15.8 oz
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A Better RCO


IMO, this is the best "RCO" type optic made to date. Much more usable than the standard military issue RCO with the wind holds and auto ranging capability.

I've never been impressed by a BDC until now..


I have a public range that goes to 600 yards with about 35 steel targets (gongs, animal shape, etc.) scattered from the 200 yard mark on out. I zeroed the scope at 100 yards (supposed to be meters) and promptly set to try the BDC out. I ranged multiple targets from 200 to 600 yards (using meters on my range finder) and the BDC blew it away. It was almost to easy. I was smiling the whole time, to much fun. From just one range session I feel confident in the rifles capabilities with this ACOG ACSS Aurora. Well done.

Trijicon ACOG 4X32 with ACSS Aurora Reticle


I just tested my ACOG and I am very impressed! Very good optics with edge to edge clarity. The Chevron was bright but no flare. With sun going down, the ACOG gathered light compared to my naked eyes and it was like someone had shined a light on the area I was viewing.
Eye relief was not a problem. I was able to find the sweet spot in the scope. I mounted the ACOG in front of my rear sight.
CQB with a 4 power scope, was not a problem. I shot with both eyes open. If you focus on looking through the ACOG, your brain gets used to it and you are able to see the the reticle (with your dominant eye) and your peripheral vision (with your non dominant eye).
I was able to view the ACSS reticle clearly. I am 49 and I've had lasik surgery so that may help? The ACSS BDC hash marks work great. I hit targets at 400 meters with ease.
My favorite part compared to a 1 X power red dot, was having magnification of my target. I now understand why the military has been using ACOGs for so long.

Top notch clarity


I’ve owned several LPVOs, red dots, fixed powers and I have to say the FOV and clarity of the ACOG is amazing. The Aurora reticle was easy to pick up and all of the BDC references seem to be lining up if you use the chart provided. I would 100% recommend the ACOG with Aurora reticle combo for almost any situation. It’s not a “target” reticle but if you do your part it’ll get 1 MOA, maybe better but 1.5 MOA is the best I could do with it so far with my setup.



Just got my Aurora reticle ACOG today, I've used the ACSS Reticle before and found it was VERY easy to use accurately after sighting it in at 100 yards. I live on the coast so there isn't much long range areas but it was spot on at 300 yards measured with a rangefinder. Got most all my shots on a 6" gong, I'm sure all the misses we're on me.
I got used to the "doughnut of death" section of the ACSS Reticle and kinda wish it was used on the Aurora as well, at least for close range. My opinion on this might change using it more though, the much larger chevron will likely be better for long range. If you liked your Acog this is definitely the best option imo.
I'm very impressed and I'm sure you'll be too.
It's worth the cost imo, acog's have the best glass I've yet seen and you're not going to find a more bomb proof optic anywhere.

Please bring this back!


This is an amazing optic. I’m so disappointed it has been discontinued.