Uniquetek 22 Caliber Gas Block Aligner

Manufactured by Uniquetek
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Manufactured by Uniquetek
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Correctly align your gas block on the first try with the UniqueTek Gas Block Aligner! With six sizes on each pack to satisfy the varying gas ports between manufacturers, the segmented rods are easily removed with a standard cleaning rod. Designed for .223 / 5.56 caliber barrels with .750" gas seats.
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TypeGas Block Alignment Tool

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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4 reviews


Better instructions


Better instructions multiple sizes. But only one of each. The one I needed broke to easily while trying to use. No others fit.

Did not work


This product did not fit the gas port on BHW 5.56 M4 barrel.

Use of Gas Block Aligner, part One

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Part 1:<br>1) Place a properly fitting plastic peg into the gas port of the barrel. A complete peg will be detached at the caliber plate, and will possess a ridge in the middle. A proper fitting peg will fill up the gas port WHILE STILL ALLOWING EASY MOVEMENT OF THE PEG. The peg should simply fall out of the gas port if the barrel is turned upside down.<br><br>2) Slip the gas block onto the barrel, roughly into place. Turn the barrel upside-down so that gravity will allow the peg to "fall into" the gas block. Move the gas block as needed so the peg occupies both the gas port and gas block. Once the peg occupies both the gas block and gas port, adjust position of block as needed for appearance and secure the block. Turn the barrel so the gas port is on top and gently tap the barrel so that the peg falls mostly into the bore, with a portion in the gas port. Keep the barrel parallel to the ground with the gas port on top.

Use of Gas Block Aligner, part Two

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Part 2:<br>3) Take a cleaning rod and run it through the barrel. when it encounters the peg, give the rod a slight tap to break the peg. One portion of the peg will remain in the gas port. remove the cleaning rod from the bore.<br> <br>4) Gently tap the barrel to help the section of the now-broken peg to fall from the gas port to the bore. Tip the muzzle end of the barrel towards the ground. Remove peg section by either allowing the piece to fall out of the barrel or run a cleaning rod down the barrel to push it out. You are now done.