VG6 Precision Gamma High Performance Muzzle Brake - 1/2x28

Manufactured by Aero Precision
MPN: APVG100001A
Manufactured by Aero Precision
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Not all muzzle devices are created the same. There aren't many muzzle brakes and compensators that 'understand' proper high-pressure gas dynamics. The VG6 GAMMA 556 was designed using state of the art engineering techniques, utilizing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering). 100% CNC machined for optimal performance. Stainless steel construction for longevity. The VG6 GAMMA 556 is a muzzle brake and compensator hybrid. It virtually eliminates recoil and minimizes muzzle movement. The unique combination of both braking and compensating features inspire shooter confidence and allows the shooter to make very fast follow up shots. The VG6 GAMMA 556 has been tuned for versatility as well. The brake has been optimized for 10.5"  to 18.5"  barrel lengths, but ultra-shorty SBRs and AR-Pistols with shorter barrels and full sized 20"  rifles will benefit greatly from the muzzle brake as well.
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BrandVG6 Precision
FinishSalt Bath Nitride
Manufacturer.VG6 Precision
MaterialSteel - 17-4 PH Stainless
Suppressor MountNon-Mount
Thread Pattern1/2 X 28
TypeMuzzle Brake
Weight2.8 Oz

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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So far so good


Great muzzle brake. Its very short, easy to install and greatly reduces recoil.

Amazing Service and Shipping


I took advantage of a 4th of July Sale. Expected to wait a week or longer due to the volume of orders they were most likely receiving. 4 DAYS!!! Including the weekend holiday. Great service is hard to come by. Well Done PA. Well Done.

VG6 Gamma 556


Installed in minutes. Looks good but shoots even better.

Awesome Brake -- Awesome Price!!


The brake is awesome. Keeps the muzzle super flat and reduces felt recoil as described. Black nitride finish is also really nice (much better than the flat finish that is on other muzzle devices). The short length is also ideal. No need to add another 3" to the end of your rifle if this length works just as well or better. Side note: brake is listed as 28oz under the description it is definitely NOT 28oz. The actual weight is 2.08oz

If everyone could stop posting shipping reviews on their item reviews that would be greeaaattt.

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This is probably the best brake I've ever used, I ended up installing on almost all my ARs (16", 20", and 10.5" barrels) and even the Gamma 65 of my Bergara B14 HMR. I think I have 4 overall now!
<br>I have a 16" Voodoo Innovations barreled AR with a JP spring, Expo H1 buffer, plain old .750" gas block, and this muzzle brake the the rifle shoots super flat and very soft while maintaining perfect reliability.
<br>I put this on a 20" A2 style upper and have the same results. It even tamed my SBR, plus the noise and fireballs from 5.56 make everyone next to you flinch.
<br>If you see this on sale, BUY ONE!

Very nice

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The install was easy and the results were as expected. Kept the muzzle down and did not feel the recoil as much. I will say that it is louder than the standard birdcage, but not as loud as I expected. for my first muzzle brake, I am very pleased.


by -

Replaced my bird cage muzzle device with this brake on my 10.5 ar pistol. The felt recoil reduction was minimal, helped to keep muzzle down very well. My only complaint is the headache it gives me while shooting. I had to use ear plugs and over the ear protection and the concussion blast was still unpleasant to my ears. I dumped three magazines of 5.56 and stopped. Will be removing from my weapon and replacing bird cage. I had high hopes for this brake, control is great but shooting pleasure is terrible.


by -

This is my favorite of the two I have. Shipping was fast and I got it on sale. It was really easy to install and reduced the recoil to almost nothing. I couldn't believe how nice it worked. It looks great on my rifle as well. I totally recommend this brake.

forget about bump-firing with this


Loud, (for others) but it's the best I've used.
<br>Keeps the muzzle down for follow up shots. Only down side, reduced recoil to where I can no longer bump fir my AR. HaHa

Wow...What a difference!

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I had high hopes for this muzzle break and was not disappointed. My original birdcage had my muzzle all over the place and made quick follow-up shots difficult. I assumed this would make a beneficial difference but I was amazed at how much. Muzzle rise will almost non-existent after installation. Felt recoil was a bit less but that wasn't what I bought this for. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Best upgrade on my rifle!


I put this on my Radical Firearms SOCOM 16" mid-length that I purchased from Primary Arms. I was curious about muzzle brakes in general since I had never used anything but the old A2 birdcage flash hider since basic. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and when I saw this on sale I thought why not? I shot it for the first time this weekend and I was shocked. It completely changed how my rifle feels. My groups under rapid fire and engaging multiple target drills improved dramatically. My red dot barely moves after each shot. This will be the first thing I upgrade on any rifle in the future.

*blem* but who cares at this price?!?


Hell of a deal on the best rated muzzle device for your AR. Being as this part is made by Aero Precision I guarantee it's a *blem* model. So don't be upset or anything. It's %50 off anywhere else... I ordered mine like 12/18/19. It has a inconsistent finish down around the barrel but. I really dont care one bit considering the price, shipping & prompt reception of it. I couldn't be happier! So choose USPS. I'm in VA and got it with a week.