WeaponTech AK47 Enhanced Bolt Hold Open Follower - 10 Pack

Manufactured by AccForm Services
Manufactured by AccForm Services
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The WeaponTech AK-47 Enhanced BHO Follower keeps the bolt open when the last round is fired, allowing for faster reloads without the guess work! Improve reliability and increase safety with this gunsmith-free upgrade for your AK magazines! Simply replace your factory followers for the WeaponTech Enhanced BHO Follower. It fits as a drop-in replacement for standard AK-47 metal and polymer magazines designed for 7.62x39.

  • Compatible with metal and polymer 7.62x39 mags
  • Not compatible with AK-74 mags
  • Not compatible with Magpul mags

  • Pack of 10
  • No gunsmith required
  • Easy to install
  • Locks your bolt open on an empty mag for faster reloads
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Manufacturer.AccForm Services
MaterialPolymer and Steel
PlatformAK-47/74 Magazines
  • Adiga Armory Reviews the WeaponTech BHO Followers

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Ratings & Reviews

15 reviews


Works well, even when modified for Magpul Ak mags.

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Works as designed, even worked when modified for Magpul AK Gen3 magazines.

WARNING!!! NOT Compatible with Magpul AK Magazines!!!


Bought a bag of ten of these followers thinking they would add a great "AR" feature by holding the bolt open after the last round is ejected. And they may well work in any other AK magazine - EXCEPT – Magpul AK magazines! The follower in the Magpul AK magazines has a slot on each side to align with the rib that runs down each side for stability. These followers are flat on the sides. Further the Magpul followers cover the rear half the magazine and are open in front – right at the slots. These followers these cover the entire magazine. Very good idea but NOT for Magpul AK magazines. I may get my Dremel out for a little surgery to see if I can rig them but certainly will not use if I have any doubts about reliability after "re-sizing" them to fit the Magpul AK magazines. I so wanted them to work which makes it that much more frustrating. Oh well. Be forewarned.

Work great !


picked up half a dozen of these and put them in surplus steel and TAPCO AK mags. 30 and 20 rounders. Work great ! Will be buying a 10 pack soon. I can't understand reviews complaining that they do not fit PMAGs when the description CLEARLY states they are not designed for them ??? I also doubt they can be modified to fit the PMAG. Polymer sides are too thin. Would be great if they make a PMAG version. Just saying........

An outstanding product at a fair price


I bought a three pack of these to try them out. I am thoroughly impressed, and that doesn't happen very often. No, the don't work with Magpul mags, but that is stated clearly in the product description. No more guesswork: you know right away that your rifle is empty. Professional soldiers who use AK rifles load 3 or four tracers first, so they know as soon as they start seeing tracers it is time to reload. With tracers being somewhat limited in availability in the civilian world, these work just as well. I will be buying more.

Made them work in my magpul

by -

I was able to modify these for use in my century arms AK47 weapons magpul 20 and 30 round magazines. Wish I knew how to make YouTube videos to show others how as well. But now all 4 of my mags have last round lock back. Wish it was like my ARMY M16, but for an AK, it will be the best you can hope for.

Great item! Fits Com-Bloc, Tapco, and MAG47 mags

by -

Initially bought a 3 pack to just try them out, then bought a 10 pack and they fit all my Com-Bloc mags, Tapco, and Chinese mags. I am curious about the claim of modifying them to fit the Magpul mags. I have 2 of them and will soon get another 10 pack just for the purpose of trying the BHO followers in them. These really are great so you don't have to hear the "click of death" when your mag is empty, and you don't have 3 tracer rounds in them.
<br>My only question is:. When you gonna make these for the AK 74 5,45x39 mags??😁😁

Update: Magpul Pmag AK 47 modification

by -

A little update and a video. Awesome product!!
<br>From PA: You will likely need to copy and paste the link

Works on metal and Tapco magazines.

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These work great from the limited shooting I have done with them. As soon as you remove the magazine, obviously the bolt closes but it is a lot better then getting a click with no bag. These do not work on Magpul magazines but will work on plastic Tapco magazines. I have not shot with the Tapco and this follower but it seems to function without issues.

Always Turns Heads, And Ask Where To Get Them !!!

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Work Great In Russian and China Mags

Wide Bolt-Hold-Open for Your Buck

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Clean mold quality and very smooth surfaces. Works well on my Molot, Izhmash, Bulgarian, Serbian, Chinese, Hong Kong and Tapco made mags.
<br>Do NOT fit in Magpul AK mags, but they can easily be retrofitted with some trimming by mirroring the shape of your Pmag follower’s contours!
<br>I will buy some more for my remaining 17 Pmags!