Hesco Armor 200 Series P210 Ballistic Insert - Level IIIA+ Multi Curve SAPI Cut - Medium

Manufactured by Hesco
Manufactured by Hesco
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The Hesco Armor 200 Series of ballistic armor plates is engineered to provide maximum concealability, offering protection against firearm threats in a low-profile, low-visibility package.

All Hesco 200 Series armor plates make use of advanced composite armor materials such as Spectra®, which is 15 times stronger than steel yet only 1/8 as dense. 200 Series plates also feature a polyurethane-coated Cordura® housing, protecting it against humidity, sweat, and exposure to the elements.

  • 200 series armor
  • Level IIIA+
  • Multi-Curve Plate

The 200 Series Model P210-SA-MC-M ballistic insert offers the wearer what the industry terms “Level IIIA+” protection: NIJ certified Level IIIA plus special handgun threats not usually covered by Level IIIA armor. This plate can stop all of the following projectiles:
  • All NIJ certified pistol-caliber threats (IIA, IIIA), including .357 SIG (6 hits) and .44 Magnum (6 hits)
  • All NIJ certified shotgun threats, including 00 buckshot and 1 oz. slugs.
  • Special “Level IIIA+” threats, including 7.62×25mm Tokarev (6 hits) and 5.7×28mm FN (non-armor-piercing, 6 hits) 

At just 1 lb heavy and 0.27” thick, the Medium-size Hesco P210 is one of the lightest armor plates on the market, offering uncompromising protection against common and uncommon pistol- and shotgun-caliber threats.

This model is multi-curved and features a SAPI cut, similar in profile to military-issue SAPI / XSAPI / ESAPI plates. SAPI cuts offer a compromise between the coverage of a square plate and the maneuverability of a shooter’s cut.
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Armor RatingLevel IIIA+
Armor TypeComposite
Weight1 lb

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