Phase 5 Tactical Extended Ambidextrous Bolt Release V3

Manufactured by Phase 5 Tactical
Manufactured by Phase 5 Tactical
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The Phase Tactical Extended Ambidextrous Bolt Release V3 provides a more efficient way to reload and clear jams by eliminating unnecessary hand movements. With no obstructing backing plates or screws, the EBRV3 is compatible with all Mil-Spec AR-15/M4 receiver sets, DPMS LoPro receiver, and some billet receiver sets. It simply installs in the same way that you install a standard Mil-Spec bolt release except that it extends through the trigger guard. It allows you to drop the bolt with the use of your trigger finger like you would when removing a magazine so that you do not have to take your rifle off target and can get right back to shooting immediately. This design is also a great option for left-handed shooters as it allows them to quickly drop the bolt without having to make unnecessary movements.

  • Ambidextrous bolt release
  • Lightweight, one-piece construction
  • Heat treated, 8620 high strength carbon steel
  • Grip serrations on the bolt release lever
  • Improved magazine follower catch
  • Enlarged index finger tab for bolt release
  • Includes one 3/32 roll pin for installation
  • Weight: .7 oz.

There are deep serrations on the large finger tab and on the elbow joint of the latch that allow you to get enough friction when pressing down to make sure that your finger does not slip off. Add this simple modification to your AR15, throw in some range time, and you will begin to see why tactical trainers and LE officers trust the Tactical Extended Bolt Release V3.

Phase 5 builds the best equipment possible for dedicated professionals. Their components are designed to solve problems and help those who protect and defend us, using the best equipment possible. Every part and weapon they build is made in the U.S.A.
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BrandPhase 5 Tactical
TypeBolt Release
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Buy it, You’ll like it!

by -

Ok I have this and a BAD lever. The bad lever moves a bit due to the fact it is screwed around the bolt release. This one “is” the bolt release and lever in one. It is rock sold. I have it installed on an Aero and Anderson lower. No play and much sturdier than the magpul one but it’s double the price. I think it’s worth it.

This is a Gotta Have It, Once You Experience it!


I agree with the first poster. I have probably used these on 20 or so builds. They allow one to maintain their firing hand in the vicinity of the trigger. Most of what we have used were V2, however, we have used a V3, and the changes are subtle, but meaningful. We have observed that "new shooters" appreciate things that reduce the number of things they have to remember, and this accessory falls in that category, because everything is happening in the same general area. One great advantage is that it takes little room in the trigger area. One word of caution, if one is going to install it on their own, it takes caution to drive the old pin halfway out, because the "real estate" is pretty tight. Use painters tape, about 3 layers deep on the receiver, on both sides of the pin. Go slow, and careful - and the result will be an incredibly helpful accessory.

Phase 5 EBRv3= Great Design, Build, Look & Tacticool


I have both the BAD Lever & the EBRv3. I had no issues with the BAD levers screw coming loose and the only thing I didn't care for was the side to side movement from the bolt catch itself and nothing to do with the BAD Lever itself and I figured maybe replacing it with the Phase 5 one piece that it would fit tighter per some reviews saying the EBRv3 took out the extra play. Well first off the Phase 5 lever moves around just as much as the BAD Lever and made no difference in that respect. The EBRv3 is very cool looking and I like the skeleton frame this lever has. I also like the EBRv's grip on the bottom left side & right side of lever. Has no problem locking bolt back and releasing it and it may actually take a little less force to release then the BAD lever. All in all this lever really sets my M&P15 apart from most other ARs in my area but @ twice the cost.

Definitely Recommend!

by -

A must have. Easy installation, and very easy to operate. Quality and material is top of the line.

Great B.A.D. lever substitute on non-milspec/billet lowers, sits a bit too reward to replace a BAD lever.


First off, if you have a milspec lower i'd highly recommend a Magpul B.A.D. lever. The hype is real, get on it. The Phase5 lever sits ~1/4" more reward than the Magpul, it gets really close to interfering with the trigger finger. BUT for those of you with non-milspec rifles, [such as a CMMG Guard/Banshee or a 17 Design IFLR] this'll do, and you dont have much choice. The Guard/Banshee has some unnecessary material on the right hand side of the receiver that means a BAD lever wont move enough to lock the bolt at all, and the IFLR wont allow the BAD lever to move from the 'bolt-lock' position, if you can ever close the upper and the lower. The Phase5 lever bypasses these issues with it's design, and works 100% on my examples. Overall, I wont be replacing my bad lever on my mil-spec lowers, but if you can't run a BAD lever dont hesitate to buy this. It is the best option outside of milling your lower to accept ambi hardware.