Holosun HE509-RD Enclosed Solar Powered Red Dot Sight w/ MOS Mounting Plate - ACSS Vulcan Reticle

Manufactured by Holosun
Manufactured by Holosun
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A lot of shooters and gun owners who purchased or built their handgun from the ground up use the tried and true three dot iron sight arrangement.  Many of us spend plenty of time at the range attempting to achieve better shot placement.  While three dot iron sights are pretty good, the Holosun HE509 Powered Red Dot sight with Patented ACSS Vulcan reticle is almost guaranteed to help you improve your accuracy.

This pistol sized Holosun Red Dot Sight straightaway allows for a large field of sight and has those features which allow you to sight in quickly and acquire the target and the location you intend to hit.  What’s so neat about the Holosun HE509 is that the entire sight system is fully enclosed in light and rugged aluminum.  Built to provide enhanced environmental protection and abrasion and shock protection, the HE509 Red Dot Sight protective housing stands head and shoulders above an open form reflex form factor.

Note: The 509 ACSS model does not share the same footprint as the 509T (non-ACSS models) and therefore is incompatible with aftermarket mounting solutions and custom cut slides for the 509T (non-ACSS models).

  • Color: Black
  • Finish/Material: Aluminum
  • Adapter Plate for Glock MOS
  • Reticle: ACSS Vulcan
  • Illumination Type: LED
  • Illumination Color: Red
  • Brightness Settings: 12
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Length: 1.78”
  • Width: 1.22”
  • Height: 1.14”
  • Weight: 2 Oz

The revolutionary patented ACSS Vulcan reticle provides a large circle guiding the eyes towards the 10 MOA center chevron, eliminating one of the biggest challenges for shooters new to slide-mounted red dots. If you are off-center, a portion of this outer circle will appear in the window to give you an instant reference on how to get centered. The circle phases out of the sight window completely when the center chevron is properly aligned in the sight window. This patent-pending reticle function significantly improves sight acquisition. It takes the common frustration of hunting for the center reticle out of the equation. Don't need the circle? It can be easily deactivated to extend the battery even further.

The Holosun HE509 Red Dot Sight uses Solar Failsafe™ technology to power the optic providing the shooter or operator with a consistent, and very reliable point of aim.  Another feature you simply don’t expect with a lithium powered optic sight such as this is you don’t have to worry about turning it on or forgetting to turn it off.

The Holosun Red Dot Sight uses patented Shake Awake™ technology which senses motion to power the sight on and off.  In addition, Holosun manufactured this little sucker with a brain that “recalls” your last setting and makes sure you don’t lose those customized settings once the sight system turns off.

Worried about battery life?  The Holosun HE509 Red Dot Sight offers up to 20,000 hours of battery life. Simply put, we don’t think you’re going to have to worry about buying a new battery for this sight system for quite a while.  All versions of the Holosun Red Dot Sight system are projected from the same LED, so you don’t have to worry about having to re-zero when changing reticles.

Altogether, the Holosun Red Dot Sight is a much better sight system for your firearm than traditional iron three dot systems.  If you want to start hammering that 5X target to shreds and not only hitting what you aim at, but sending that shot exactly where you wanted it to go, The Holosun HE509 Red Dot Sight this is the sight system for you.
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Battery Life10,001 - 25,000 Hours
Battery TypeCR1632 3V Lithium Coin
Click Value1 MOA
FinishHardcoat Anodized
MaterialAluminum - 7075-T6
Night Vision CompatibleNight Vision Compatible
Reticle ColorRed
Weight2 Oz
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 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Not Perfect, but Damn Fine


Bad news first. The auto-adjust brightness setting is nowhere near as good as it is on an RMR and it washes out even in indoor areas with varying lighting. But every Holosun I’ve tried is plagued with that issue. Thus, I’m not sure how well the battery will last with it on the third-to-highest brightness setting.
Secondly, and this is much less the fault of the optic and more the MOS system itself, but the mounting plate came loose after about 150 rounds. It’s now at 300+ rounds after applying copious amounts of blue Loctite.
Good news now. Most importantly, it succeeds in its primary goal in being faster than optics with single dots. I’ve tested this 509 up against my RM06 with many reps of different drills (drawing, low ready, unconventional shooting positions…) and it’s anywhere from 2% to 10% faster. That’s significant enough for me to make it my primary pistol optic given more durability testing, which is my current goal.

Worked for p10 with cz custom adapter plate


I bought an OB model for my P10S optics ready, the MOS plate is very similar but it won't fit. However, the cz custom adapter plate for the 509 and p10 series fit the optic perfectly.

So far its great.

by -

Adaptor plate fits well on G5 19 MOS. Battery access without optic removal should be a feature of every optic. 250 MOA reticle works as advertised, speeds up chevron acquisition greatly. Have about 400 rounds with optic mounted with no issues. Would like to see a small dot instead of the chevron. Chevron is larger than a 2.5 moa dot.


by -

Loving the sight so far. Shipping was fairly quick. And well packaged

Great RDS of Duty Use


Great enclosed RDS for Duty Use. Optic mounted on G19 Gen5 MOS using C&H ACSS plate, works great, tight tight fit. Thanks Primary Arms for putting this optic out in an enclosed emitter.

This should be the default red dot reticle.

by -

I have quite a few hours behind one of my .22 pistols with a RDS. I still lose the dot somewhat regularly, but have become better over time.
This reticle, however, is genius. I don't think I'd settle for anything less after trying it.
Mostly easy install with one hiccup: The plate screws don't have very good torx tolerances, so the included driver didn't work very well, or at all in one of them. Another Chinese-made driver slipped also. My high-quality Bondhus T9 was able to torque the plate screw though.
Mounted to a Glock 40 10mm, the whole RDS is maybe a millimeter wider than the frame. Looks good.

509 ACSS Vulcan & Battery


1. I like the enclosed emitter.
2. The front emitter glass screen scratches easily with EDC use.
3. With the settings at power lever 8 and the moa ring, I only can get not quite 4 months max out of a high end 1632 battery, with shake awake on and off at 10 minutes when no movement. Granted it is EDC used though. That is 5 batteries per year use! No where even close to 20,000 - 50,000 hours!!!!
4. Setting 8 is minimum to use with a weapon light otherwise the ring and chevron washes out with the weapon light turned on in the dark.
5. In the sunlight, 8-10 setting is a must to see the chevron well.
6. Do NOT ever count on the solar power backup to use alone!!! EVER. It is only useful when in daylight to slow battery drain.
7. In addition, if the battery is dead, DO NOT REMOVE IT because the solar backup in the sunlight will NOT WORK at all. The battery completes the circuit.

509 ACSS VULCAN & Battery Part 2

by -

That’s it.

Do I like the sight? Yes.
Will I continue to use it? Yes.
Will you need to have lots if batteries? Yes.
Will you need to change them frequently? Yes. Every 2-3 months, to be safe when out and about during edc.

Great RDS

by -

I’ve ran an RMR for years, and I immediately like this one better. I can find the chevron much faster than a regular dot. As long as it holds up there will be no beating it.

Waiting on HE-509 ACSS Vulcan with GREEN reticle


I've been waiting for this optic in the Green Reticle. I purchased this one, but need the Green reticle for my astigmatism. I have two Holosun AEMS (Green) for two rifles and they work great with my astigmatism. I would like to get the HE-509 or the HE-509T with the ACSS Vulcan reticle in Green. I keep asking Primary Arms and Holosun when it will be available in Green. I've been asking for 8 months now. I'm almost at the point where I sell the HE-509-RD and replace it with the HE-507C-X2 ACSS Vulcan in Green. Holosun sights are awesome. Well worth the money. I replaced both of my Leupold DPP with Holosuns on my EDC.