JP Enterprises Enhanced One-Piece Gas Ring - .223

Manufactured by JP Enterprises
Manufactured by JP Enterprises
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JP Enterprises Enhanced .223 One-Piece Gas Ring is the perfect solution for those looking to replace traditional three-piece gas rings. Utilizing a one-piece design similar to the McFarland rings, the JPEGR-223 has been precision-ground to suit small-frame carrier group components such as the JP EnhancedBolt.

Through rigorous testing, the final JP Enhanced Gas Rings spec was perfected to provide a solid gas seal while maintaining a low-friction relationship between the rings and bolt carrier. This reduction in resistance between components increases the rifle's operational window. Additionally, the edge of the rings uses the cycling action to scrape the walls of the carrier, helping to shed fouling with every shot.


  • Compatible with small-frame carrier group components
  • Strong, one-piece design
  • Low friction between rings and the bolt carrier
  • Increased operational window
  • Ring edges help shed fouling

For those seeking a reliable and efficient replacement for traditional three-piece gas rings, the JP Enterprises Enhanced One-Piece Gas Ring - .223 is the perfect choice. With its precision-ground design and low-friction relationship between rings and bolt carrier, this gas ring is sure to provide reliable and efficient performance.

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BrandJP Enterprises
Manufacturer.JP Enterprises
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Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews


JP Enterprises Enhanced One-Piece Gas Ring-223


For a small first class mail envelope it took 7 days to get to Evansville, IN from Houston, TX. This seems to be a long time in transit- the USPS should refine their processes. Gas ring works well.

Good rings


I don't know what Roger is talking about. The instructions clearly say the ring isn't supposed to pass the standard "stand on bolt" test for gas rings. The test is useless. Shoot it to see if it works. A great ring. Makes my bolt engage and disengage a lot smoother.

Did not fix my problem.


I own a WMD nickel boron BCG and after a few thousand rounds I noticed the gas rings failed the test where you remove your BCG and pull the bolt to the extended position, and then place the face of the bolt on a flat surface and if the bolt can't support the weight of the BCG without the bolt sliding back inside the BCG ,your gas rings should probably be replaced. Well after replacing my old gas rings with this new JP Enterprises one-piece gas ring , my bolt still failed the test. I ordered standard gas rings made by Rock River Arms, installed them in my bolt and it passed the test. I'm not saying these rings aren't any good, they just didn't work any better than my old worn out ones. I'm staying away from the one piece gas rings from now on and when I need to replace them again I will be using three separate gas rings instead of these. "Your mileage may vary".

Very easy to install


My fumbling around with the 3 piece rings is done. This 1 piece ring is the best I've seen. and super easy to install.

One piece gas ring


Good service with Primary but terrible shipping through USPS.

Runs perfect and you can too!


Couple weeks ago I was out shooting a .300 Whisper and it started to slow down. Get home and clean it only to see my gas rings were so worn that one broke and one bent. Since this was for a .300-221 pistol that had always had issues cycling some loads, I figured it might be time to try one of the fancy rings, but was concerned about friction with the lower pressure and impulse of the .300 Blackout. But upon finding out that JP makes such a product as they do here, I thought that might be the solution. And, after installing it and running through a few loads, it seems to work better than the regular rings did, keeps things a little cleaner, and cycles loads that weren't quite reliable with standard rings.

And yes, it's surface ground for a closer fit, so not enough friction to pass the supposed test of holding up the carrier, that's notated in the directions, even. But since it's a different thing altogether, it doesn't need to have a tight fit to seal, so that test's no good.

Out of spec...wouldn't cycle

by -

I have this on 3 ARs and it works perfectly, so I ordered one for a 10.5" 5.56 AR Pistol build. Installation (before I ever fired a shot with my new AR pistol) was easy, but I noted that the bolt would not hold the bolt carrier up when placed on the bolt face (indicating that the rings were undersized), but I didn't think too much of it, and I was off the range for the very first time. I ran:
1) M855 green: zero issues.
2) Silver Bear 62gr HP: FTE or FTF every other round. Never locked back on an empty mag.
3) Silver Bear 62gr SP: constant failure to extract (three required me to "mortar" the weapon to get the ammo to extract), in addition to FTF.
I returned home, cleaned the weapon, uninstalled the one-piece gas ring, and reinstalled the original three-piece gas rings. I went back to the range and fired PMC 55gr Brass, Silver Bear 62gr HP, and Silver Bear 62gr SP. All ammo ran flawlessly. Zero problems.
In conclusion: the problem was the out-of-spec JP gas ring.

The Best

by -

Absolutely fantastic, this worked 100% with my colt BCG that I use for re-enactments and rentals for full auto purposes. I plan to switch all of mine to these

It works

by -

This works as advertised. Easy to install and you do not have to worry about alignment of the rings.

Just what I had been looking for my 350 Legend.

by -

I was having trouble with gas rings caking with carbon after a few shots, after using these one piece rings, problem solved!