Mission First Tactical BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock - MIL-SPEC - Scorched Dark Earth

Manufactured by Mission First Tactical
Manufactured by Mission First Tactical
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The BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock ensures all functional requirements are met while keeping the weight under 6 ounces. Includes multiple sling slots and a quick detach sling mounting point positioned for optimum usage. An angled non-slip rubberized buttpad allows faster presentation, even with body armor. The upper section provides enhanced cheek weld, so you can be more consistent when aiming with your optic. This is the lightest rifle stock of its kind in the market and is a great upgrade from your standard AR-15 buttstock.

NOTE: Fits MIL-SPEC, 1.148” diameter receiver extensions (buffer tubes). Not compatible with commercial spec tubes.

  • Fits Mil-Spec 6-position carbine buffer tubes
  • Angled non-slip rubberized buttpad
  • Multiple sling slots
  • Quick detach sling mounting point
  • Enhanced cheek weld
  • Height: 5.22"
  • Width: 1.752"
  • Length: 7.084"
  • Weight: 5.8 oz

Mission First Tactical develops select rife/carbine accessories specifically for military and law enforcement markets and civilian shooters also benefit from these leading edge, affordable products. Design of these accessories is based on the need for enhanced accuracy and functionality, improving the effectiveness of weapon systems.
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BrandMission First Tactical
Sling MountMultiple - See Description
StorageNot Storage Capable
Weight5.8 Oz

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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Mission First Tactical BMS Stock - Mil-Spec - Sc


Awesome stock !!! a MUST HAVE for the serious shooter ! Comfortable, Affordable, TIGHT on the tube, but no so as to make it hard to adjust. Good solid product ! the BIG plus is not pulling my muzzy and goatee hairs when running and gunning!!! Will change all my "Tools" over to these in the near future !!! !

First impression is good to go


Bought from another vendor...sorry, had I known, it would have come from PA. If you want something different, USA made, lightweight, sturdy, priced right, and well made....get this. It is super tight on my buffer tube, zero wiggle. In comparison, my locking magpul ctr stock is WAY looser. Maybe over time it ends up different. Cheek weld is better than ctr stock because its wider, also it shoulders very well as butt portion is a little wider also. Of course its noticeably lighter, and adjusting it is easy enough. Coloration is a hair darker than magpul fde, which i like.My purpose was to mate this with a basic build thats reliable, low cost, sturdy and efficient, to keep in my truck and I won't worry about it getting banged around. The MFT stock meets those criteria in spades....get one. Hope this helps you make an informed purchase decision.

Second BMS stock and I'll buy more


I can't recommend this enough! It's my second BMS stock on my second gun. I will never buy a different stock for an AR-15 or SBR AR-15. It's worth every dime of the money. If you wear body armor or a harness, even a backpack, the backplate of the stock works great, better than Magpul MOE, by far. Even if you don't wear the aforementioned, this stock is very comfortable.

Great buy


I have made several orders from primary arms and it is the best service of any company I've ever dealt with.... The stock was purchased to go on an AR build and hasn't been installed yet, however appears to be very well buil and fits nice and snug on my buffer tube...

Excellent Stock


If you're on the fence, get this stock. It is so light weight! Easy to adjust, perfect fit on mil-spec tube and has a QD swivel mount in the bottom which I either missed when ordering or didn't read about it. Added bonus! It matches Magpul FDE perfectly.

Nearly perfect.


Strong, light and fits very tight. Comfortable to use and with the addition of some para cord to prevent snags, it is a very good stock for a battle rifle.



This stock is in a word "Impressive". Its is rock solid and though as nails. Didn't quite expect it to be as tough as it is. Fits the Mil Spec Tube very tightly. The lever to extend/retract the stock is tight as well. Actually a bit too tight at first, but quickly broke in and now just feels solid. The rounded contour of the butt is great and just rolls up from lower ready. Nice rubber pad on the butt aswell. Can't wait to see some more options for add ons for this stock. As usual Primary Arms Shipping = Fast and On PointThanks

Light and simple


Tightest tolerances of any stock I have used. Absolutely no shake. Firm slide pressure as well. Very light and very rigid. Qd mount under tube opening ahead of the release switch, and a few loops for strap and hook style slings. Less is more. who needs all that weight on the rifle. Color matches all of my other grips and rail covers. Buy one, you won't regret it.



Replaced two Magpul CTR stocks with these MFT BMS stocks. The Magpul stocks, ever when locked, have a slight bit of vertical play. The MFT stocks have no play at all. The Scorched Dark Earth was a real close match to the Magpul FDE hand guard.

Best stock yet for the price!!!


Awesome Stock. Tight fit. Great price.

Find another lightweight stock

by -

This stock is far too tight. It is so bad I can barely get it on the buffer tube (Strike Industries) to the first notch. Then it is so tight that it is impossible to adjust and very hard to get it back off. Hoped to get a light stock to go with a lightweight build. This isn't it.

To fix a tight fit


I've got 5 of these stocks on various builds. While reading the reviews I saw a review about it being too tight. First off as stupid as it sounds, check your buffer tube that it is correct for the stock. i.e. MilSpec or Commercial.
<br>These stocks do fit tight, it's a reason why I love them so much, zero, I mean zero rattle in mine.
<br>TIP until it wears in, put a little lube on the receiver tube to ease it sliding in and out. (Man that sounded better in my head)
<br>With 10 mins of sliding it back and fourth the polymer should have enough wear to lighten the sliding motion significally while still remaining very tight.

Bought at the right time! Better tube-fit than others.

by -

True coyote brown. Not that desert sand of BCM or Magpul.
<br>It seats in the shoulder really well--as good as the CTR on my other build.
<br>Tight? SURE. A good fit. None of the rattle I get with a Magpul on a BCM tube. It is on an ALG true milspec tube. BUT, how many times do you open and close this? C'mon!! If you change it all the time, you need to spend more time shooting. LOL.
<br>The jury is still out on the QD location. And, it doesn't lock, so I see a potential problem with a single point sling. Time will tell.
<br>(I haven't figured out the hole in the top of the stock, nor the reason for the bevel at the front top.)

Great and MFT's Scorched dark Earth Matches Magpul's FDE Color. Win Win!

by -

Bought this one in scorched dark earth, as I also currently have one in black. Great buttstock and light too...oh yeah, FWIW MFT's scorched dark earth is an almost perfect color match to Magpul's FDE. Might even be a perfect match. Depends how your eyes see colors.

Love it!

by -

I really like this stock! It's very light. Yes, this fits snug on a mil-spec tube. In my opinion, you want this over the other side of the coin. This can wear in, you can lube it, etc. You can't fix too loose. Also the picture of the stock is darker than it truly is. This is a FDE stock and not close to brown at all. There is also a quick detach socket in the front of the stock, forward of the lock latch, facing downward. The only negative I could possibly see with this stock is that the bottom of the butt end could unwittingly catch on things because it is "open" instead of a closed triangle.