Odin Works AR-15 Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

Manufactured by Odin Works
Manufactured by Odin Works
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ODIN Works is an innovative group creating and manufacturing high-quality AR-15 products and accessories. They bring their experience and knowledge to the consumer through progressive design and technology.

The Odin Works AR-15 Enhanced Lower Parts Kit comes with 31 pieces needed to complete a lower. Quality steel parts are precision machined for an excellent fit.

  • 31-piece set
  • Machined parts
  • 8620 steel hammer
  • 8620 steel trigger
  • 4340 steel disconnector
  • 4140 steel trigger pin
  • 4340 steel bolt catch
  • Polymer pistol grip

  • (1) Pistol grip
  • (1) Pistol grip screw
  • (1) Pistol grip lock washer
  • (1) Hammer
  • (1) Bolt catch
  • (1) Disconnector
  • (1) Trigger
  • (1) Trigger guard
  • (1) Magazine catch
  • (1) Magazine catch button
  • (1) Safety selector
  • (1) Pivot pin
  • (1) Takedown pin
  • (1) Trigger pin & hammer pin
  • (1) Buffer retainer
  • (1) Bolt catch buffer
  • (1) Bolt catch roll pin
  • (1) Trigger guard roll pin
  • (1) Selector detent
  • (1) Takedown pin detent & pivot pin detent
  • (1) Hammer spring
  • (1) Trigger spring
  • (1) Magazine catch spring
  • (1) Buffer retainer spring
  • (1) Takedown pin detent spring & pivot pin detent spring
  • (1) Selector spring
  • (1) Bolt catch spring
  • (1) Disconnector spring
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BrandOdin Works

Ratings & Reviews

6 reviews


Great LPK !

by -

Action is smooth and the break is clean. One of the better feeling mil spec triggers I've used. Really great value for the money!

Would have been 5 stars

by -

Because I really like most of the LPK. The trigger guard is very nice and the FCG is an excellent, smooth, mil-spec trigger group. The only issue I had was the rear takedown pin. For some reason no matter how many times I re-installed it, I couldn't get the pin to move after the spring and detent were installed. I ended up having to trim a few coils off the spring. It works fine now, but it is still a little stiff. I never heard of having to trim these springs and the front TD pin worked just fine. I suspect some sort of defect or burr on the pin itself. All is well ( enough) now though and I would buy this kit again. As always the buying experience at Primary Arms was flawless.


by -

The whole kit was trash. Was trying to just build out a decent starter for a friend and I wouldn’t trust this Kit to just function properly. Out of spec on the roll pin being way too long. Springs needing trimming which states but even after trimming still trash. Trigger is awful. And lastly the trigger guard they included was broken and not even able to be installed. I just a few pieces from the kit and tossed the rest as I didn’t have time to return or exchange for the gift to be ready. 0/10 would never purchase again. Not primary arms fault at all. The QC on the manufacture needs to be laughed at next time. Send the products back and tell them to step their game up.
<br>Thank you for your input on this LPK and per our conversation you should be receiving that email shortly.

Missing parts, problem solved


The kit is well outfitted with good quality components; however, the following parts, though listed in the description, were not included in my package.
<br>1. Pistol grip lock washer
<br>2. TriggMagazine catcher guard
<br>3. Magazine catch
<br>4. Magazine catch button
<br>5. Bolt catch spring
<br>This was a prepackaged item, so it wasn't Primary Arms' fault, but they were willing to fix the issue.

Not a bad kit for the money


As another reviewer stated..the take down detent springs are too long. I experienced the same situation myself. Easy fix. My only issue other than the springs was the disconnector was really sticky...I replaced it with a spare I had and now the trigger feels better. I like how all the parts are nitrided with a very nice finish. Not a bad kit for the price.

A perfect fit

by -

Everything fit together as I hoped they would. This was very important to me as a new customer.