Pantheon Arms DOLOS AR-15 Quick Change Barrel System

Manufactured by Pantheon Arms
Manufactured by Pantheon Arms
11 Reviews
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The Dolos (Greek god of deception) System is a revolutionary new product that allows the user to quickly remove their barrel, or change calibers in seconds, on their AR15 rifle or pistol with no tools. To break the rifle or pistol down, simply lock the bolt to the rear, turn the aluminum handguard and pull the barrel assembly straight out of the receiver. To reinstall the barrel, insert it into the receiver and twist the handguard.

This kit only contains the Dolos System. The system is compatible with the following YHM handguards;

  • M-LOK MR7 Handguard Models
  • KEYMOD KR7 Handguard Models
  • DIAMOND Series Handguard Models
  • SMOOTH Free Float Handguard Models
  • CUSTOMIZABLE Series Handguard Model
  • TODD JAARRETT Competition Series Handguard Models
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BrandPantheon Arms
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Ratings & Reviews

11 reviews


Great Covert Carry Companion


Installed this system on a custom 300 blackout AR pistol. Installation is simple if you read and follow instructions. I am using a YHM Todd Jarrett 9.5" rail. Fit is great. <br>Makes a great covert carry companion when combined with the LAW Tactical folding stock.<br>Functionally tested at range at 10 yards and 25 yards using Aimpoint H2 red dot. Shot groups .5/1" respectively. Similar results following takedown/installation. <br>Takedown/installation becomes easier with more use. I used Extreme Weapon Lube which made takedown/installation smoother. <br>My next build will include the Dolos system in 6.8 SPC.

Dolos- not that easy


I never do reviews good or bad. mostly when I buy a part and it fails to meet expectations I chalk it up to experience and cry myself to sleep hoping no one hears my sobs of anguish. I had to for this product. I wanted something compact. Was tired of lugging my gear to places. "Hey that looks like a rifle case!" I thought the DOLOS would work. I searched all over youtube and forums seeing if anyone had anything to say bad about this. I found nothing. May I didn't look hard enough. all I found were cool reviews about how easy it is to install and blah blah...First watch out for the female lock collar it may not fit onto your upper. I figure eh I just sand some down to get it on. no prob. we'll get back to this...Second the hand guard lock collar it didn't dawn on me until I started attaching the hand guard on. This does allow for those awesomely beefy YHM anti-rotation set screws to be used. If you compare the YHM barrel nut to the Dolos hand guard mount you'll see what I mean.Mine does ratchet with that cool clicking sound you hear in other youtuber vids. plus I find there is a stacking tolerance that causes interference fits. Maybe I am installing this on wrong. but short of really monkeying the shit out this thing which I kind of already have I don't trust it. the barrel still has play in it. the ratchet is difficult to engage. the handguard DOES not repeat position with confidence. In my defense I wasn't even doing the install. its a trusted friend with years of putting together reliable rifles for me. We are both CNC programmer/machinist and shooting enthusiasts. Maybe I got a lemon. Even if it went on easy the definite fail is that you cannot use the YHM anti-rotation screw that come with the hand guard. you prolly should cake on a lot of Loctite onto the threads of the handguard if you don't want it to move. The instructions even fail to address using the YHM hand guards and there seems to be no support. At least none I could find. Its a good idea. I want it to work. But I have no confidence in its repeatability. I have not tested it at the range. but when the handguard doesn't line up after several function tests I don't want to take the change of a catastrophic failure. I hope others have better luck than me again its a good idea. I would not recommend this to anyone who has to rely on their weapon for anything other than a range toy or only if you're a tactically armed circus bear who has to have the coolest new hoobie doobie on your rifle. And I am not gun guy I just play one on Tee Bee..



installed about six months ago. Very impressed with product. Able to have a single platform with the ability to change barrels in seconds. About 4000 rounds and counting. Hasn't failed me yet!

Great product

by -

This thing is quite a lot of fun. It makes a small gun even smaller. Be sure to check the barrel nut after shooting it a few times. I had to tighten it once after breaking it down multiple times. It was obvious when I re-attached it because I was able to ratchet the barrel down more than normal. I wish it held the barrel a little more firmly when its not connected. I used kevlar cord to keep the barrel from bouncing around inside my handguard. I used kevlar instead of paracord because it can withstand twice the temp and its thinner. Its barely even noticeable.

I'm really disappointed.


Just like the other reviewer named "Mark" who gave it a single star - I could copy and paste everything he said. I really wanted this to work. I spent what is a lot of money for me on an accessory, but now I'm embarrassed to have spent money on this. It simply does not lock down tightly. The YHM handguard is not secure enough to even bother with a front sight. The locking screws cannot be used, so I am stuck using thread locking compound, and there is no way that I can torque the locking ring tight enough to secure the handguard.
<br>My biggest issue is that the locking mechanism is jammed with the interference fit. This has happened to me three times using only hand pressure to snug it down. Now I am unable to get it free. This does not instill confidence.
<br>Bottom line - I'm really disappointed. This 2nd generation version still needs work. Maybe the 3rd generation will be better.

Not Compatable


I was totally excited to get this for the price I did with the YH float tube included. First they could have kept the tube as I had to modify the Hell out of it to get it to work, not designed to work with the Dolos at all as the set screws had to be cut just to go in. The instructions are vague at best and I am a professional Gun Smith! The castle nut included takes a lot of work just to get the barrel tight enough to headspace. I am not sure I could recommend this to anyone and even I am reluctant to fire this weapon. I will probably remove it and just be out $200.00.

Dolos review


In reference to "gunsmith" Daniel's review, this product has nothing to do with headspace.

Best product for breakdown configuration.


The Dolos is excellent. I now have a folding, and removable barrel setup with 223 and 300blkout . Have both a carbine length in the 300 and 18" with a 13" midlength set up for the 223. Both are positive click and lock up well. Going to build another one now.

Outstanding compactness & flawless function.


Installed on my 7.5in 300 BLK build. Came in at 18in OAL, allowed me to skip a $250 Law Tactical folder while still fitting in a Vertex EDC sling bag. Firing from a cheek weld works well. Quality of construction is top-notch. Perfect.

Fear Not The Dolos!


Installation takes a little patience and attention to detail. My son -in-law put one on his 5.56 and was impressed. That in turn, made me want to use it on a pistol build too. Mine is a 10.5" 7.62x39 using an Aero Precision upper and lower, Law Tactical folding device, JP Enterprises A-2 adjustable front sight, and many other premium parts. The only issue was clearance for the gas tube. All it took as a quick light reaming of the upper's gas port and done! This installation may not be for everyone, but if you have the tools and patience, you can complete a firearm that will make others very envious.