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Welcome to Discovery 2022

Here, you can learn about Primary Arms Optics’ 2022 releases, including new products across our PLx®, GLx®, SLx®, and co-branded optic families. This year, we’re driving innovation with brand new scopes, sights, and mounts that leverage cutting-edge engineering and technologies. The result is a new generation of high-performance optics at unprecedented value—all backed by our legendary lifetime warranty and total commitment to customer satisfaction.

To celebrate these new releases, we will be giving away 4 of our new optics. We will select 1 winner for each of the 4 new optics: SLx 3x MicroPrism, SLx RS10 Mini Reflex Sight, SLx Micro Magnifier Pegasus, and the PLx 1-8x24FFP Compact Rifle Scope! To enter, please click the link at the bottom of this page.

This will be an exciting year for Primary Arms Optics. The big news is our move into a new 50,000 square foot facility. This facility is separate from the company’s main retail operations facility and will allow us to expand our engineering and quality control staff. In addition, the building has a state-of-the-art clean room, which will allow us to pursue new optics projects unlike anything we’ve done before. We look forward to revealing more information on those projects soon, but for now, we’re proud to present this year’s upcoming optic releases.

At the forefront, our new PLx® 1-8x24mm FFP Compact Rifle Scope stands out as a true ‘No Compromises’ optic. PLx optics meet the exacting demands of professional use, offering impeccable glass clarity and advanced features from state-of-the-art production facilities. Measuring 9.28 inches, the new 1-8x scope weighs a mere 16.95 ounces, yet it boasts unmatched optical clarity and precision with Japanese-made E.D. lenses. In testing, this optic proved resilient through the most demanding conditions, and with our AutoLive® illumination and new user-configurable turrets, the new PLx 1-8x24mm FFP Compact will impress even the most discerning marksmen. PLx will also grow with new US-made 30mm and 34mm scope mounts, which combine a billet 7075 aluminum body with Grade 12.9 steel hardware for guaranteed precision.

Our popular SLx® optics line will also receive several new releases and updates, building on its legacy of proven innovation at a fair price. SLx optics built our reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment, and these new optics are no exception. The SLx 1-10x28mm SFP Rifle Scope brings a brand-new magnification range with a daylight bright reticle, offering improved versatility for carbines and battle rifles. For those with reflex sights, our new SLx 3x Micro Magnifier improves your accuracy potential with a 5.3 oz footprint and our new ACSS® Pegasus™ ranging reticle. We are also proud to announce the new SLx RS-10—a budget-friendly mini reflex sight designed in-house with over 23,000 rounds of testing. Finally, SLx will have a new series of traditional 1-inch lightweight hunting scopes, which include 3-9x and 4-12x optics with 40mm and 50mm objective lenses.

As you browse these new scopes, we hope you see our commitment reflected in every product. These optics represent the hard work of a passionate team composed of marksmen, veterans, and enthusiasts alike. Primary Arms is a company built from the grassroots, and we put our heart and soul into every new release, ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of service and support.

Thank you,
Marshall Lerner, CEO

Our No-Compromise Optic

The PLx 1-8x24mm FFP Compact Rifle Scope is a scope made without compromise, combining an ultra-compact lightweight footprint with peerless Japanese E.D. lenses. In every aspect, this scope contends with the absolute best on the market.

Groundbreaking Technologies

Building on the essentials, this scope incorporates new technologies like our user-configurable sealed turret system, which uses steel-on-steel adjustments for a lifetime of accurate tracking.

Enhanced ACSS® Reticles

This is the first scope to feature a new generation of enhanced ACSS LPVO reticles, including the ACSS Raptor M8 Yards, ACSS Raptor M8 Meters, and ACSS Griffin MIL M8.

16.95 oz




Grade 12.9 Steel Hardware

Precision comes from consistency, and with heavy-duty steel hardware, PLx Rifle Scope Mounts can safely achieve up to 6,500 pounds of clamping force with guaranteed rigidity and retention.

Billet 7075 Aluminum

PLx Rifle Scope Mounts are made from billet 7075 Aluminum, optimized for both weight and rigidity and equally suitable for carbines and precision rifles.

100% Made in the USA

We manufacture every PLx Rifle Scope Mount here in the USA, so you can be confident in the quality and consistency within every component.

6,500 lbs

Clamping Force


Made In The USA

10x Magnification Ratio

The SLx 1-10x28mm SFP Rifle Scope is the first Primary Arms Optics scope to offer a true 10x magnification ratio, giving unparalleled versatility from close-quarters to long-range.

Daylight Bright® Reticle

The SLx 1-10x28mm SFP Rifle Scope features 11 different reticle illumination settings, including night vision compatibility and two Daylight Bright settings.

Optimized ACSS® Reticles

To help you get the most of the 10x erector ratio, Primary Arms Optics offers specialized ‘M10’ ACSS reticles that adapt to the magnification for optimal performance.


Magnification Range

Night Vision

Compatible Brightness

No-Compromise Precision

Weighing only 5.3 oz, the SLx 3x Micro Magnifier offers enhanced mid-range performance with minimal effect on ergonomics and handling speed.

Two-Screw Mounting Footprint

The SLx 3x Micro Magnifier uses the popular two-screw mounting footprint, making compatible with most popular aftermarket mounts.

ACSS® Pegasus Ranging Reticle

This is the first magnifier to feature our ACSS Pegasus reticle, which supplements your red dot with an etched ranging ladder to deliver more accurate firing solutions. Also available without ACSS reticle.

SLx Flip To Side Mount

*Sold Separately

The SLx 3x Micro Magnifier is compatible with the new SLx ‘Flip to Side’ (FTSM) Mount, which offers maximum durability and maintains alignment at an unbeatable value.

5.3 OZ




Enclosed Emitter System

The HE509-RD-ACSS is a fully enclosed window, protecting your emitter from obstruction by moisture, mud, or other hazards.

ACSS® Vulcan® Reticle

The HE509-RD-ACSS features Primary Arms Optics’ patented ACSS Vulcan reticle system, which radically improves the user’s sight acquisition in high-stress, high-movement situations.

Two Factory Mounting Options

At release, the HE509-RD-ACSS will be available with two mounting plate configurations: industry standard and fits GLOCK MOS.

ACSS Vulcan




continued Commitment to Customers

with our comprehensive lifetime warranty

We stand by our products for a lifetime, so you can be confident we’ll always have your back. Starting in 2021, every Primary Arms Optic rifle scope, prism scope, red dots, mounts, and accessories will come with our comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Premier Savings Program

In appreciation of America’s Law Enforcement professionals, Primary Arms Optics offers individual sworn officers a special once-per-year discount through our Law Enforcement Premier Savings Program, covering any optic, mount, or accessory.