Rise Armament Super Sporting AR15/10 Single Stage Trigger with Anti-Walk Pins - Black Fallout

Manufactured by Rise Armament
Manufactured by Rise Armament
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The Rise Armament Super Sporting Trigger is a high-performance, cost-effective upgrade to replace your Mil-Spec trigger. This easy to install drop-in kit provides a crazy-fast reset, nearly non-existent over-travel, and a smooth, crisp, and consistent 3.5lb. single stage trigger pull. Trigger reset is how much movement it takes for the trigger to move back into a ready to fire position, making it optimal for competition by allowing you to pull the trigger faster than a standard Mil-Spec trigger. Over-travel is how much the trigger continues to move rearward after the trigger breaks and a round is fired; like the reset, minimal movement is optimal for fast follow up shots when every second counts. The trigger bow is a standard curved design that gives you optimal control of the trigger. The RA-140 comes with anti-walk trigger and hammer pins for installation.

  • Single-stage 3.5lb. trigger pull
  • Curved trigger bow with straight trigger functionality
  • Quick reset with minimal over-travel
  • Precision machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum
  • Black hard coat anodized finish for corrosion resistance
  • Fits most .308 and .223/5.56 AR style platforms
  • Self-contained design makes it quick and easy to install with no tuning needed
  • Quality-assured with high-tech inspection equipment
  • Includes ant-walk trigger and hammer pins
  • Lifetime guarantee through Rise Armament
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.

Another benefit of the Rise Armament AR-15 Trigger is the redesigned hammer with a drop safety catch. This safety feature ensures that no matter how short the pull and reset may be, this trigger will remain drop safe, so you can have confidence that your rifle will not fire until you're ready.

Rise Armament is committed to quality and success, and you can see that in their weapons. All Rise parts are manufactured according to strict AS9100 and ISO9001 2008 certified procedures and must pass stringent QA inspection before leaving their facility.
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BrandRise Armament
Drop InDrop-In
Total Pull Weight1.5 lbs to 5 lbs
Trigger BowCurved
TypeSingle Stage
Weight2.6 oz.
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Get your lotion ready

by -

3.5 pounds... crisp but firm, once you're on target it whispers, "I'm ready..." Your finger slowly passes over the high quality machine grade steel, the curvature greets your delicate phalanges like a kiss from the lady of the lake. Gradually you pull the 3.5 lb pound wall smoothly embracing your soft caress as you BOOM! It was premature you exclaim, this never happens, you look down at your trigger finger completely depressed. She's not mad, she's ready for more, you slowly release and OH! What's this! The reset, so prominent, so short. You can't help but smile. This, this is what love is, the connection between you and your file as you view your mile long bulls eye shot that never would have happened unless Primary Arms brought you to this moment. Thank you Primary Arms and Rise Armament.

But yeah it's a dope trigger

Great trigger, great for the price. easily competes with CMC for quality and pull weight/ reset


If youre on the fence about getting a drop in trigger dont be, the price for this trigger is unbeatable. i dont have a fancy trigger pull measuring device but this is such an amazing upgrade compared to milspec. no creep, just a clean break, super short reset, I improved my shooting so much by having this in just one afternoon and 350 rounds of 223, making much better groups.

Good for hunting not competition

by -

Better than having a stock trigger with a crisp break but not a quick positive reset for follow up shots. Would be good for hunting applications but not for competition where a fast follow up shot is needed. Going to replace this with a different trigger.

Good trigger at a great price.

by -

Great trigger for the price, smooth break. Crisp and clean. Don’t expect a high end trigger but it is up there with some in the mid range. Only complaint isn’t with the trigger but the fact I bought it and it went on sale 2 days later... wish I would have waited and saved $30....
From PA: We're happy to price protect our customers purchases for 45 days. Just give us a call at 713-344-9600 or email us at info@primaryarms.com.

trigger never worked

by -

Put this trigger in my bushmaster and my colt match target and the trigger will not reset. Do not waist your money on this trigger.

the Company was really nice over the phone

by -

The reason I give it 2 stars was cause when I first tested this trigger out on my new build it would stick. I thought my bolt jammed but no it was the trigger. I would have to use my finger to push it forward to reset. I only shoot 40 rds and the trigger was malfunctioning. I know what your thinking then why 2 stars and not one, well the second star was for the company that informed me that even though I bought it back in March they would make it right and were super cool about it.
P.S. PrimaryArms were just as cool and I ended up returning it with them.

Trigger is clean but overall unacceptable.

by -

I got the rise armament trigger for a .50 beo build. Loved the trigger out of the package, very clean. However, on my Jtactical 80% lower, Milled with a 5D tactical jig, the trigger pack would not fit under the safety selector. I then swapped a NiB milspec trigger set out of another AR and it fit the 80% just fine.
The rise pack barely fit in my YHM milspec lower, but it seemed to work. Then the range time came in... tolerances between the safety selector and the disconnector were so tight that my AR often fired in bursts. Very disappointed in this product

trigger fails to reset after 30 rounds

by -

I installed this in my FM 45 ACP lower and after 35 rounds the trigger was not reseting. I thought it my be the cycling was to fast for the trigger since I was having some feeding issues. So, I installed it in an Anderson lower for one of my AR 47 and it did the same thing.

Great Trigger After Replacing


I had the same no reset problem some have mentioned. I sent the trigger back and had a new one in the mail 3 days later. The new one works perfectly. Would be 5 stars, but lost one since I had to go through the return process.

Snug those set screws!


I don't remember where I ordered mine from but I have two of these triggers. Both failed to reset until I screwed the set screws against the bottom of the fcg pocket and snugged them. Even with the no walk pins, you still need to do this. Afterwards you will have a nice trigger.