Rock River Arms National Match 2 Stage Trigger - .154"

Manufactured by Rock River Arms
Manufactured by Rock River Arms
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This RRA match AR-15 trigger kit is designed to be used with Mil-Spec lower receivers with .154” trigger and hammer pins and can also be used with anti-rotation pins for a more secure fit. However, the larger .1555" pins will give you a more snug fit. The versatility of AR-15’s is extended even further as some parts are interchangeable with AR-308 and DPMS LR 308 style rifles and this trigger is compatible with both. Another accurizing feature is the lightened hammer which allows for a decreased lock time while still maintaining reliable primer ignition even with hard military surplus ammo. This fire control group provides a custom tuned feel at an affordable price whether you are upgrading an old trigger or building a new rifle.

  • Heat treated cast steel with phosphate coating
  • Consistent and smooth two stage trigger pull
  • Overall 4.5-5lb pull weight
  • Standard curved trigger bow
  • Fits AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers with .154” diameter pin holes
  • Perfect edition to your short barrel rifle, designated marksman rifle, or duty rifle
  • Lightened hammer for decreased lock time
  • Affordable upgrade over standard military trigger groups

Note: Trigger pull weights are approximate and may vary between rifles.

AR-15 rifles have become a staple in 3 gun competition, precision match shooting, and many other competitive environments due to the large amount of aftermarket parts and accessories available to customize your rifle. Whether you have your gun set up as an sbr, dmr, or dedicated race gun, it is vital that you have a high-quality trigger not only for accuracy and speed, but for safety as well. The Rock River Arms National Match trigger is designed to tick each of those boxes no matter how your AR is set up. It features a two-stage trigger pull with a .5lb first stage and a 4-4.5lb crisp break. The overall trigger pull is light and smooth which is much better alternative than a gritty Mil-Spec stock trigger. Not only is this trigger great for match shooting, it is a great trigger to put in your varmint or hunting rifle so you can be confident in your shot with this accuracy enhancing upgrade.

Rock River Arms has built their name on the idea of providing lawful United States citizens and law enforcement high quality AR-15’s and 1911’s. They have a large selection of parts, accessories, complete lower and upper receivers, and competition match ready components. RRA is owned and operated by the Larson brothers who have worked for high-end companies such as Springfield Armory and Les Baer Customs and brought their knowledge with them to Rock River.
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BrandRock River Arms
Drop InStandard Assembly
Manufacturer.Rock River Arms
Pull Weight 10.5 lbs
Pull Weight 24.0 lbs - 4.5 lbs
Total Pull Weight4.5 lbs - 5.0 lbs
Trigger BowCurved
Trigger Pin DiameterMIL-SPEC .154
Trigger StyleTwo Stage

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

Rock River NM trigger


For the 1st part, this trigger WILL NOT fit in an Anderson lower receiver. I have 2 and it would not fit in either one. I did install it in a Spikes lower and it went in without any problem. There are small differences in mil-spec regardless what anyone says. This trigger is a big upgrade over a mil-spec trigger, but it is not as smooth as the factory trigger a friend has in his factory Rock River Ar. I would imagine they do a little more work when they fit them at the factory. The trigger is OK, but next time I will spend the extra money and buy another CMC trigger. There is about $40 or $50 differnce if you shop the sales.

Buying decision


After checking several sites, your price was the best, for the same product.Th trigger has been installed and makes a great difference in the feel of my AR-15.I have added your site to my Favorites list.Jack

Good Trigger


After installation I noticed a gritty 1st stage pull and a looong mushy reset. I took it to the range to break it in. After a couple hundred rounds there was no improvement with either issue. I sat in my chair that night and run it through a couple of hours worth of usage.I'm not a gunsmith and have limited knowledge of the fire control group, so I make no claims of knowing what I'm doing.I removed the parts which were coated in what appeared to be paint, but I doubt if it's paint. I did a little polishing on the hammer and sear, then reapplied a small amount of grease, the 1st stage take up got a little smoother.I did not attempt to change the reset. All of the parts have the same coating as the hammer and sear. I just hope that over time the reset will get a little more consistent and not have such a long travel.Much better than the stock DPMS it replaced. I kind of wish I would have spent the extra money and purchased a Geissele ssa-e.



As far as I'm concerned, this is an awesome trigger, especially for the money. It has a great, crisp break and has worked really well in the two rifles I have put them in. Can't go wrong with this one.

Rock River Trigger


Building a 300 Blackout and I've got this trigger on my Elite Rock River - will report back how well this worked in my first AR-15 build...

Damn nice trigger


don't believe you can get a better trigger than this without dropping 3x more for a Geissele or Timney.

Great trigger, best price!


Easy install, fantastic trigger, may even like it more than one twice its price.

.156 Pins Required


Edit to my May 2015 review- after shooting it for a while now and comparing it back to back with my SSA-Es, I gotta say that this is a very, very good trigger when used with the JP Enterprises 3.5lb spring set and the .1555 KNS pins. Very happy with it at about half price of the SSA-E. The description states "Fits AR-15 receivers with .154" hammer and trigger pins" but the instructions included state DO NOT USE WITH ANYTHING BUT .156" PINS. So, do I send the KNS normal .154" pins back, or send the trigger back and wait on the .1555" KNS set? The trigger surfaces came straight out of parkerizing and no stoning or similar work has been done. For the cost of shipping the trigger, JP Springs and KNS pins back, I'd have only been about $50 away from an SSA-E.

Great Service!!


Exactly what I was looking for.Great value, quick shipping easy to install thanks to a good set of instructions included in the package.Trigger works great. Excellent quality for the price.

Rock River 2 stage trigger


Fast shipping. Product packaged well and delivered in great condition. Made a huge improvement in my M&P 15 trigger.

Great Trigger


For me this is more than I will ever need in a trigger. Great feel, easy drop-in installation, reasonable price. If I was a world class competitive shooter, I might look at something more expensive, but my abilities will probably never outstrip this trigger.

RRA Match Trigger


Great product and an informative, friendly and courteous team at Primary Arms.

For the money, it is an excellent 2-stage trigger


I bought this trigger for a custom AR after using a friend's stock RRA Operator model that features this trigger. I was so impressed I had to get one. Clean break, minimal travel and over-travel. Think it breaks just under 5 pounds.

Primary Arms comes through again


I couldn't find an acceptable 2 stage trigger at a reasonable price anywhere. Primary Arms had it, I received it quick, installed it immediately, and it works just as good as if not better than other 2 stage I have. They keep me coming back for more, even when I don't think they carry certain Items. I have a hard time beating their prices unless you want to buy questionable used items. Thanks Again Primary Arms

AR-15 swag


I first purchased a Primary Arms Micro Dot-Riser bundle for both price and availability, for my most recent AR build. After having zeroed it in about 20 rounds or so, I immediately purchased another one. I have since purchased among other pieces a Rock River 2 stage trigger, at a ridiculously low price of $99. Primary Arms will be my go to for all of my building and shooting needs.

Excellent and fast service on a great product


I had been thinking about doing a trigger job on a stock Bushmaster ORC but didn't want to spend the money for something I don't use that often. I found this trigger via a Google search at Primary Arms at about 20% below the cost at other sites. The trigger install was easy and the videos were clear. The trigger upgrade came in at an average of 4 pounds 2 ounces with a crisp release and short reset. It really increased my confidence in my ability to shoot this gun as my groups decreased significantly. I will definitely be doing more business with Primary Arms.

Great trigger, especially for the price.


I just bought and installed my 2nd RRA NM trigger into my friend's AR after running one of these in my personal AR for a year. What a difference in trigger feel and pull as compared to the stock trigger. This trigger is well worth the money PA is asking for it and I highly recommend it if you are looking to upgrade your trigger without breaking the bank.

Great Trigger but photo is incorrect!


I love the trigger but beware that the illustration shows incorrect placement of the hammer spring. Consult You Tube for proper orientation. Easy to install even for the beginner once you've looked at a tutorial.

Great Product - Extremely Fast Shipping


I purchased the Rock River Match Trigger and fitted it in my Bushmaster ORC AR. It was a very simple installation and provide a significant upgrade to the stock trigger - trigger pull is probably half what the stock was.I live in CT and Primary Arms ships from TX. I received the product at my house within 2 business days!

First purchase.


I recently purchased a Rock River Arms for my Ruger E-556 and am very pleased with the trigger and the service I received from Primary Arms. I ordered the trigger on Sun. afternoon and received the trigger Thurs. in the mail. The trigger works great and the service was top notch! I'll be back to order again when I need anything for my AR.Good job folks!



In a word, outstanding! Great price, awsome shipping time( got it the next day ). Trigger is great too. I have a few on my M4s.

So much better than stock


Just bought this kit....light years beyond my stock trigger. The pull and break are godly after a stock trigger. And I just put it in 15 minutes ago, it'll break in wonderfully. Lock time is shorter than stock by far as well.As far as durability, I have 1 family member and three friends with these (dad has had his 15 years or so, friends have had them 2 years). Only issue we've had was the older version snapped after 1000 rounds of 22 long, which is a known trade off on the RRA national match triggers. It's supposedly fixed but I wouldn't run .22lr through it. 5/5 if you use it for what it's meant for.

Fits Anderson lower just fine


Just installed one in my Anderson lower last night and it went in easy as could be. Install took a total of around 15-20 minutes. The fit and function is absolutely perfect. MUCH easier and smoother than a standard Mil spec trigger. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one!! While I don't doubt the quality of other two stage triggers, its hard to beat the price of this on budget based builds. Thanks RRA for another great reasonably priced product! (my guess is the bad review was from a part that slipped through quality control. Some people should contact the manufacturer before writing poor reviews on their products since most times they will make it right!)



Love my Giessele BUT for the price and performance of the RRA trigger you can't go wrong. Thanks Primary Arms for lightning fast shipping and NOT ripping off the customer with astronomical shipping charges. You have my business!



My first order with the company. After placing my order a tracking number was emailed to me within 2 hours. The trigger was exactly as advertised. Perfect for my use (poking holes in paper at range and hunting ). Put it in as a replacement for my DPMS 308 stock trigger. No more drag as the trigger is pulled and a 4.5-5.0 pound pull.