Aero Precision AR-15 Lower Parts Kit Minus FCG / Grip / Trigger Guard

Manufactured by Aero Precision
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Manufactured by Aero Precision
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The Aero Precision AR-15 Lower Parts Kit contains the essential components for a custom AR-15 build, minus the fire control group, grip, and trigger guard. This high-quality LPK is made in America to MIL-SPEC dimensions with a protective coating that offers superior durability and proper compatibility. The kit is perfect for those wanting to build out a lower receiver with the minimal parts needed. Instead of supplying extra parts that won't be used because they'll be swapped for aftermarket upgrades, the Aero Precision AR-15 LPK only supplies the small components you'll need with bare minimum leftovers. Since the kit does not include a pistol grip, trigger guard, or FCG, users can use aftermarket options to build out the rifle they want.

Kit includes:
  • Takedown/pivot spring
  • Takedown/pivot detent
  • Takedown pin
  • Pivot pin
  • Bolt catch
  • Bolt catch spring
  • Bolt catch buffer
  • Bolt catch roll pin
  • Safety selector
  • Safety selector spring
  • Safety selector detent
  • Buffer retainer
  • Buffer retainer spring
  • Magazine catch body
  • Magazine catch spring
  • Magazine catch button
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BrandAero Precision
Fire Control GroupNone
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by -

Everything fit well as can be expected until I got to the safety selector. It was very loose and will not stay in the safe position. The detent protrudes our of the lower, but the selector seems to be machined a little too deep. Save your money and get a CCMG lpk.

Not What I Expected From Aero Precision


My experience from having used two of these kits is mixed. The first kit, the takedown and pivot pin detent springs were bent and had to be tossed. The second kit, the hole on the bolt catch was too small and it could not be installed. It is also of note that several of the larger metal parts were thrown into the box, the bag they were supposed to be supplied in being empty. Otherwise, everything else went together without issue.

If you have extra lower parts laying around and don’t want to pay for a trigger and trigger guard, this kit isn’t a bad deal. If you are a new builder without a stash of spares, I would stay away. Aero Precision has been my go to for quality, budget minded parts for some time and frankly, I expected more.

Great Simple Kit to start out

by -

Found this in stock once and bought it quickly. Fit and finish was outstanding. Great if you have your own trigger, grip, and trigger guard (if your lower doesn't have one). Would definitely buy again.

Great parts for the price!


They function and nothing was missing, quality seems nice too, I'll definitely buy them again on my next build.

Not milspec

by -

The pivot pin and takedown pin were too big in diameter. I wound up messing up my polymer lower because of this. Primary Arms had excellent customer service in sending me new pins from a different brand.
I would not risk buying Aero Precision parts again.

It was good to speak to you on this and that we got you taken care of.

Deep black, quality lower parts kit


I’ve used lower parts from multiple name brands like Rock River Arms, White Oak Armament, CMMG, and Spikes Tactical. These parts rank at the top of my preference list. They are priced right, packed covered in oil, and the visible parts are a nice deep black color. Will purchase again!

Just fine

by -

Installed on a aero M4E1 lower. Parts, fit, and finish were perfect. Only reason I have it 4 stars is because there is no extra detents in case you send one launching and lose it. Thankfully I didn’t have that problem. I did not have to use the trigger guard pin and screw so I can not comment on those. Everything else was perfect.


by -

I've used this LPK many times, they are superb, don't waste your money on more expensive stuff! Aero Precision is top notch as is Primary Arms! Buy one!

Everything fits

by -

Everything fit and it was cheaper than other brands. They also packed me an extra bolt stop plunger, so I got a bonus.

Best kit for milspec demands!


I've used several "kits" and found this to be grade A in all, milspec, applications!

I'm no "professional". Rather, I've been passionate about proper firearm build, repair, and personalization as a hobby but primarily teach firearm safety, handling, storage, mentality and whatever is needed by each individual.

The reviews I've read make me wonder what lower was used.

I only recommend a few brands of budget lowers and stay away from others due to inconsistent manufacturing.

The one thing most don't mention is the texture which equals smooth or rough operating.
The pins, drill holes, channels and all surfaces that contact other moving parts are on the smoother side of milspec and don't take much time for break-in.

This is a tried and true kit for any lower that is within milspec dimensions and even some that are not 100%! It won't disappoint!

I do buy from Primary and use Aero parts anytime the price is right!

Sorry for the rant but I hope this helps.
Happy and safe shooting, Me