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EOTech Frequent Asked Questions

Whenever you hear the name EOTech, you probably think military grade optics because of their prolific use the U.S. Special Operations since 2005. However, they didn’t start out building rugged holographic weapon sights for the USSOCOM.

Founded in 1993, EOTech originally started as a subsidiary of a non-profit research group, the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM). Their first holographic weapon sight appeared at the 1996 SHOT Show, where it targeted hunters and competition shooters. The first military-oriented EOTech sight wouldn’t appear until 2001, and since then, EOTech has developed a wide variety of combat optics and lasers for professional customers.

No matter the mission, EOTech optics are up to the task, providing accuracy and dependability for hunters, competitors, and professionals alike. Their holographic weapon sights remain a staple close-quarters optic, providing fast target acquisition and precision at close to medium range.

EOTech also offers a wide variety of magnified optics and magnifiers to help users reach out and hit targets at further distances. As with their holographic optics, quality is always their top priority, and the glass clarity of these magnifier optics allows for a clear view of target even in lower light conditions.

The Model 512 holographic weapon sight was developed after EOTech’s acquisition by L3. With improved durability, electronics efficiency, and a reticle designed for quick target acquisition, the 512 is perfect for home defense or even hog hunting.

If a duty-ready optic is what you are looking for, the 552 was designed specifically with the Marines in mind. This model is fully night vision compatible and can be purchased with the XR308 reticle designed for full auto .308 Winchester use on the M240.

Combined with the G33 magnifier, the 512 or 558 holographic sights can reach out and hitting targets at medium to long range. Replacement battery caps and repair kits are also available for both the 558 and 512.

Since these models are older, they are bit bulkier than newer holographic sights. For the latest holographic optics technology, consider shopping the XPS and EXPS lines.

EOTech’s XPS and EXPS holographic weapon sights are their latest holographic reflex optics. They are more modern than the older 512s and 552s, reducing the profile of the optic and integrating enhanced circuitry and functions.

The XPS model is the standard-height with a fixed base mount. The controls are on the rear of the optic.

The EXPS models incorporate a riser with a QD mounting system. EXPS sights put their controls on the left side of the optic, so users can easily reach up and control it with their forward hand.

Aside from the mount and button position, there is no real major difference between the two optic systems.

When shopping these optics, you will find that they have a numeric designation, such as the XPS2-0, or the EXPS3-4. These numbers are an important indicator of features and reticle.

The first number will be either a 2 or a 3. The 3 models have a NV-compatibility button that will instantly lower the reticle brightness for night vision devices. The 2 models do not have a night vision setting.

The second number can be a 0, 2, or 4. This number will tell you how many aiming dots are in the reticle. A ‘-0’ model will only have the single center dot. A ‘-2’ model will have a two-dot reticle that can be used as a holdover for long-distance shooting. The ‘-4’ models will have a four-dot reticle that has various BDC holdovers. Reticles with multiple dots are best used with a magnifier, as the dots may difficult to discern with the naked eye.

Once you’ve memorized the EOTech naming convention, it is easy to find exactly the unit you’re looking for. For example, if you want a QD EOTech with night vision compatibility and a single-dot reticle, you know to search for the EXPS3-0.

EOTech has always been a leader in red dot magnifiers. Their G33 magnifier set the standards for quality among magnifiers, and manufacturers have used it as the baseline when designing their own magnifier optics.

Since the G33, EOTech has also released the G30, G43, and G45 magnifiers.

The G30 is a budget-friendly 3x magnifier that brings many of the premium features of the G33 into a more forgiving price range. If you want to get the most of your budget, the G30 is a good place to start.

The G43 is a compact 3x magnifier that reduces the weight and profile of the G33 without sacrificing any of the performance. It also has a longer eye relief, which makes it easier to use in dynamic, high-movement conditions.

The G45 is a full-size 5x magnifier. This magnifier is roughly the same size as the older G33s, but with a 5x magnification, you’ll be able to identify and engage targets as a further distance than with the previous models.

EOTech’s VUDU line is a series of high-quality variable magnification rifle scopes, which meet the demands of expert marksmen worldwide.

From low-power variable optics to long-range rifle scopes, VUDU scopes come in a wide variety of sizes to match the applications of your rifle. Their premium glass lenses, precision turrets, and fog resistance make them exceptional precision scopes, while the durable aluminum housing allows for professional-grade water and shock resistance.

While the price of VUDU scopes may be prohibitive for some enthusiasts, the quality and craftsmanship of these optics will ensure a lifetime of standout performance. If you’re looking for a rifle scope that will give you a clear view of the target for decades to come, VUDU is a good place to start your search.

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