Primary Arms Cadet Program

  • Primary Arms Cadet Program

  • To support America’s police cadets, Primary Arms offers a specialty purchase program, which provides discounted rifles, pistols, and accessories to your academy’s students. Cadets can choose from a menu of hand-picked products to create a personalized defense system at the best possible price. Every option is curated for quality and consistency, ensuring that every rifle will be reliable throughout their intensive training.
  • How It Works

  • Ordering is made easy with Primary Arms’ commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

  • • Qualifying individuals can reach out to Primary Arms through our government sales email,, or by calling us directly at 713-570-1905.

  • • We will collect a small amount of information to verify your identity and get the process started.
  • How It Works

  • • You then choose your favorite firearm from the catalog, selecting from a menu of mission-ready accessories to complete your setup.

  • • Your order is then processed and shipped with all your selected attachments.

  • This makes our ordering program a true 1-stop-shop for everything you need on a proven duty-grade firearm.

Cadet program questions?

We would love to help! Click the catalog for more options. If more information is needed, or to check the new assortment, please contact our Government Sales Team at or call 713-570-1905.

Primary Arms Mission

Our mission at Primary Arms is to provide the world with the best shopping experience possible by offering quality products, the right assortment of merchandise, and world class customer service, all at affordable prices. We were founded based on a simple idea that has become the cornerstone of our business: To provide firearms enthusiasts, professional shooters, and servicemen and women the highest quality and affordable prices.

After 12 years in the firearms industry, we continue to grow and improve on our services and products. Our newly formed Government team is here to help every Cadet in the academy. With our wide selection of firearms, optics, and accessories available, choosing the right set up for the job is easy. You can also find products rated by the National Tactical Officers Association in our assortment.