Marshall Lerner
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Max Cowsert
Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO)
Joe Lerner
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Matthew Do
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ozge Cumberland
Sr. Vice President of Business Development
Donald Riley
VP / GM Primary Arms Optics
Joyce Banda
Vice President of Compliance
Palak Choksi
Vice President of Technology
Kody Staples
VP of E-Commerce & Inbound Marketing
Osvaldo "Ozzie" Cortes
Senior Director of Human Resources
Todd Ellison
Director of IT
Robert Sheets
Senior Director of Engineering, Primary Arms Optics
Ryan Bowman
Senior Director of Supply Chain, Primary Arms Optics
Aaron Whatley
Senior Director of Merchandising
Ken Ross
Director of Outbound Marketing
Stephen Morgan
Director of Product Marketing, Primary Arms Optics
Silvano Maya
Director of DC Operations
Kelly Rosenberger
Director of Government Programs & Sales