Foxtrot Mike Products 9mm Tri Lug SBA3 PA Exclusive Pistol - 7"

Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
Manufactured by Foxtrot Mike Products
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Foxtrot Mike Products is at it again with another 9mm AR pistol exclusively built for Primary Arms. For those wanting an even smaller and lighter pistol, this build features a short 7” barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. This model comes with a Tri-Lug adapter for quickly attaching suppressors and extends past the 5.5” M-LOK handguard for clearance. The upper and lower receivers are machined from billet aluminum allowing for a greater degree of customizability for look and function. The magazine well and upper receiver feed ramps have been machined for use with Glock magazines, yet it is still compatible with standard AR-15 parts like a trigger, pistol grip, and safety selector. The integrated magazine release is much larger and easier to reach than the Mil-Spec alternative allowing for quicker magazine changes. This FM-9 features a Mil-Spec charging handle at the rear of the receiver. Foxtrot Mike is building some of the most popular AR-9s on the market and Primary Arms is proud to offer them directly to you.

  • Non-threaded barrel
  • Mil-Spec charging handle
  • Last Round Bolt Hold Open
  • 7” barrel chambered in 9mm
  • Billet upper and lower receiver
  • Glock compatible magazine well, receiver, and bolt
  • Enlarged magazine release
  • Blow back recoil mechanism
  • Tri-Lug suppressor adapter muzzle device
  • Mil-Spec AR-15 lower parts kit
  • 1.3" internal diameter handguard
  • 8.75" M-LOK handguard
  • SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Arm Brace

This blowback 9mm pistol comes with a smooth pistol length buffer tube and buffer/recoil spring combination tuned to reliably cycle a wide variety of ammunition. The heavy 9mm bolt also helps to increase dwell time and reduce bolt bounce ensuring safe and smooth feeling action. Feature rich, high-quality, and affordable, Foxtrot Mike Products offer cutting edge solutions utilizing the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes available.

Manufacturers Note:FM Products does not support the following items, using these may void the lifetime warranty associated with our uppers;
1) FM Products does not support Aluminum Cased ammo.  Blow backs have a much higher pressure spike in the chamber than a handgun.  Using Aluminum cased ammo in a blow back PCC is dangerous and will void the lifetime warranty of an FM Products Upper Receiver.
2) FM Products does not support import magazines besides OEM Glock magazines.  We recommend Magpul, OEM Glock and ETS magazines only.
3) FM Products does not support Spikes Glock style lower receivers.  The LRBHO requires consumers to modify the FM Products upper, to make egress for the Spikes LRBHO.  The FM Products upper is cut to the Colt spec, therefore we have no plans to deviate from that.  Modifying your FM Products Upper to accommodate a Spikes Tactical Glock style lower will void the lifetime warranty on our PCC Uppers.   
4) We only recommend Sylvan magwell adapters, as they require no modifications or adjustments to work properly.   FM Products does not support Stern Magwell Adapters as they require regular adjustments to work properly.

5) Some aftermarket Tri-Lug muzzle devices may not be compatible with this product. For any questions regarding parts and compatibility, please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Barrel CoatingSalt Bath Nitride
Barrel Length7
Barrel LiningSalt Bath Nitride
BrandFoxtrot Mike Products
Caliber Gauge9mm Luger
Handguard5.5 in M-LOK Rail
Muzzle DeviceTri-Lug
Twist Rate1:10

WARNING: This Product can expose you to chemicals which is known to state of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information, see

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I bought for price and LOVE it


I have this gun and it’s awesome. Understand that it’s got a 600 round break in period as emailed to me after I contacted FM about failure to feed. It’s extremely accurate and is a true pleasure to shoot. Minimal recoil and muzzle rise. Lastly, the three lug is so much better than threads with my SiCo Octane.

Best pistol AR I’ve ever owned!

by -

I changed up my FM-9 with a SB Tactical SBPDW brace, Fab Defense rubberized grip, AT3 ARO & MBUIS sights and a Rugged Obsidian suppressor with tri-lug mount. I shot 500 rounds of Federal ammo the first day without a single hiccup! This is by far my go to weapon! Primary Arms is one of my favorite dealers and they treated me great! Wish I could post a photo of my FoxTrot Mike’s FM-9!

Great Guns


I love PC carbines and own more than one. After reading the reviews about Primary and FM's customer service, I ordered this one and the FM 45. The 9 has run perfect with every kind of ammo I could put in it. All brass, factory Glock Mags and wet during break in... (all as suggested) not one failure to feed. The .45 had a few not feed. I emailed FM and got an answer back in 15 minutes. Try that with big brands that cost 3 times as much right now (Sept 2020). The .45 needed a 5 minute adjustment and now runs perfect... both are good to go not to mention a fantastic price. Good Job Guys!

Ok for plinking, not for defense

by -

To begin with, I shoot brass case ammo, use Magpul 21 rnd mags (as per Foxtrot recommendations) and run the gun very, very wet.
<br>The good, it's fun to shoot, light recoil and portable.
<br>The not so good, 1) according to the owners manual, it has a 500 round "breakin" period, thats expensive. During this time, you cannot use magazines with more than 60% of ammo loaded, to prevent malfunctions.
<br>2) Tactical reloads are not recommended (owners manual) unless the mags are short 2-3 rounds, to prevent malfunctions.
<br>3) The manual recommends changing all springs at 5000 rounds or as needed. I have not been able to find the springs / parts for bolt rebuild (buffer spring is 308 carbine), even after contacting Foxtrot.
<br>4) after approx 250 rounds, I have metal shavings on the bolt and inside the receiver. After contacting Foxtrot, and sending pics, I was told it was ammo residual.
<br>As background, I am a certified Glock armorer.
<br>Ok for plinking, not for defense.

Great Value and Fun to Shoot


With high ammo prices, I’ve only put about 250 rounds through it. With a Holosun red dot and magnifier, centered at 25 yards and am getting great, consistent groupings at that range, considering the 7” barrel. I purposely loaded some 33 and 27 round Glock and Magpul mags to full capacity to see if that would cause a failure, but the FM performed flawlessly. I haven’t seen excessive fouling or metal shavings, though I’m only in the break in period. Keeping it generously lubed per FM guide.
<br>The only issue I’ve had is mounting an Angstadt blast shield to the tri lug. The FM was in spec, with the shield at the exact same measurement, it wouldn’t fit. I contacted FM, who were very responsive, and suggested lightly sanding the inside of the shield. That did the trick, though I used a Dremel to save on elbow grease.
<br>FWIW, my experience so far is that the FM would make a decent defensive weapon if needed, but I’m just enjoying the plinking and target shooting at a great price point.