Hesco Armor 800 Series 3800C Ballistic Insert - Level III Multi Curve Law Enforcement Cut - Large

Manufactured by Hesco
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Manufactured by Hesco
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The Hesco Armor 800 Series is a family of armor plates making extensive use of next-generation materials to achieve the lowest weight and maximum performance possible. Protect yourself against rifle-caliber threats without sacrificing mobility.

All Hesco 800 series armor plates are made of Spectra®, one of the most advanced UHMWPE composite armor materials on the market. Spectra® is 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than competing ballistic aramid fibers.

  • 800 series armor
  • Level III
  • Multi-curve design
  • Water resistant
  • Spall resistant
  • Composite compound material

The 800 Series Model 3800C-LE-MC-L Coated Ballistic Insert provides the wearer with Level III rifle threat protection, capable of stopping the following projectiles:

  • All NIJ certified pistol-caliber threats (IIA, IIIA) up to .44 Magnum.
  • All NIJ certified shotgun threats, including 00 buckshot and 1 oz. slugs.
  • Standard NIJ certified Level III rifle caliber threats, including 7.62×39mm lead-core (M67, 6 hits) and 7.62×51mm NATO ball (M80, 6 hits).
  • Specific rifle threats not typically covered by Level III NIJ armor, including 7.62×39mm steel-core (M43, 6 hits) and 5.56×45mm lead core (M193, 6 hits).

This model features a multi-curved design with a law enforcement cut in Large size, protected by a sprayed-on water-resistant polyurea coating, minimizing the plate’s thickness.

The law enforcement cut is similar to the shooter’s cut, protecting your vitals without impeding your arms’ freedom of movement; ideal for aiming your duty pistol or shouldering a long gun.
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Armor RatingNIJ Level III
Armor TypeHard Plate - Ceramic Composite
Weight2.4 lbs

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