Primary Arms SLx Compact 1x20mm Prism Scope - ACSS Cyclops Reticle

Manufactured by Primary Arms
MPN: 710001
Manufactured by Primary Arms
58 Reviews

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After rigorous field testing, this optic has been given a Silver-tier rating by the National Tactical Officers Association.

This Primary Arms rifle scope is part of the SLx optics line. SLx optics have built a reputation for innovation, reliability, and value. All SLx optics undergo rigorous field-testing during development to best serve you in any environment.

The Primary Arms 1X Compact Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops reticle combines the durability and flexibility of an etched reticle with the speed and ease of use of a red dot. Unlike most prism optics, the 1X Compact Prism Scope has a generous 3.7 inches of eye relief combined with a massive 13mm exit pupil to provide an exceptionally forgiving eye box. This allows for a high degree of efficiency in red dot-style shooting, keeping both eyes open for fast target acquisition in a variety of positions and circumstances that no other prism scope can touch. The 1X Compact Prism Scope’s included 1913 MIL STD Picatinny rail mount is removable, and the scope body is compatible with industry standard microdot mounts.

  • Silver-rated by the NTOA!
  • Glass etched reticle that works with illumination on or off
  • Partial reticle illumination with 11 brightness
  • CR2032 battery provides up to 13,000 hours of reticle illumination at medium settings
  • Forgiving eye box with nearly 4” of eye relief, and a bright 13mm exit pupil
  • Patented ACSS Cyclops reticle provides fast target acquisition, range estimation, and moving target leads out to 400 yards.
  • Quick adjust diopter ring for shooter-optimized reticle focus
  • ½ MOA click adjustments with capped turrets
  • Compact design at just 4” long and 9.7 ounces
  • Uses industry standard microdot mounts
  • Wide 76.3-yard field of view at 100 yards
  • Durable design for fog resistant, waterproof, and shock proof operation
  • Black hardcoat anodized finish
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty

At the heart of the 1X Compact Prism Scope is the new etched-glass ACSS Cyclops reticle. A heavy horseshoe makes rapid acquisition and reflex sight style snap shooting a breeze, especially when used in conjunction with the red reticle illumination. When speed is less important, the center chevron tip offers an infinitely precise point of aim that won’t cover the target, allowing for remarkable accuracy at long distances. Snap shots and precise hits aren’t the only tricks up this reticle’s sleeve, either! The edges of the horseshoe double as moving target leads, allowing for improved first shot hit probability on mobile targets. To account for the worst-case scenario, the etched reticle remains visible in black even when the scope loses power. Batteries are only needed for the full reticle illumination, giving you the flexibility of a high-contrast sight picture in the brightest of conditions.

The etched ACSS reticle combined with the fast focus eyepiece make this optic an excellent option for shooters with astigmatism. Red dots simply project an LED beam that reflects off glass back towards the shooter’s eye. The smaller the dot size, the more difficult it can be for the brain to resolve the shape, especially when combined with eye issues. This can lead to shooters perceiving the red dot as starbursts, comet tails, and a host of other distracting or obtrusive shapes depending on the shooter’s eye. Etched reticles and prism scopes don’t have this problem, and by adjusting the fast focus ocular ring, a perfectly crisp view of the reticle can be achieved for anyone. A clear sight picture will lead to more confident hits and better accuracy at further distances than ever before.

The 1X Prism Scope body is just as tough as the rest of the proven line of prism rifle scopes. During durability testing, the 1X Prism Scope outlived not one, but TWO piston-driven .308 Winchester rifles, selected specifically for their reputation for driving optics to failure. Combine that toughness with waterproof construction and nitrogen purging for fog resistance, and the 1X Prism Scope is an optic you can trust whether you’re a weekend plinker, a competitive ace, or a hunter in the field. Each optic is finished with a tough Type III hardcoat anodized black finish to keep your scope looking great for years.

The Primary Arms 1X Prism Scope is shipped with a riser mount that results in a centerline height of 1.41”, the standard height of an AR-15 platform front sight. A low base (1.05” to centerline) is also available as an accessory, which is useful for mounting to an AK-47 or other rifle with a stock located lower than the optics rail. In addition to these two mounts, two spacers are available for purchase to accommodate different applications and shooter preferences. When used with the riser mount they will result in a height to center line of 1.535”and 1.64”.

The 1X Prism Scope is compatible with all industry standard microdot style mounts, including QD options such as the popular American Defense AD-T1 series. When choosing a mount, note that the height from centerline of the scope to the surface where the mount attaches is .25” taller than a typical 20mm microdot. Therefore, if a mount normally results in a 20mm microdot sight height of 1.41”, installing it on the Primary Arms 1X prism scope will result in a taller height of 1.66”.
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Battery TypeCR2032 3V Lithium Coin
BrandPrimary Arms
Click Value1/2 MOA
Eye Relief3.70 in
Field View 10076.30 ft
Focal PlanePrism Scope
Manufacturer.Primary Arms
Mount CompatibilityAimpoint Micro, Standard Microdot
Night Vision CompatibleNon-Compatible
Optic SeriesSLx
Reticle ColorRed
Total Elevation Adjustment50 MOA
Total Windage Adjustment50 MOA
Turret FeaturesCapped Turrets, Tool Adjustable
TypeFixed Magnification
Weight9.7 Oz
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Ratings & Reviews

58 reviews


Worth the wait so far!

by -

Wow, long wait to be released but first impression is that this optic is awesome! Reticle is super crisp and sharp, even without my glasses... Will update review after I’ve had a chance to play with it more and some shooting on my AR and shotgun.

Worth the wait so far...

by -

Waited a long time for these to become available and so far, it looks like it's been worth the wait. Nice, sturdy optic... Very clear glass and super crisp, sharp reticle; love the ACSS... Will need to see how it holds up after a few hundred rounds on the AR and semi-auto shotgun and will update review accordingly.


by -

The optic itself is excellent and the reticle is clear as well as the glass. Not bad for only 9 0z. The optic comes with a riser that leads to an absolute co-witness so if you want a 1/3 to take advantage of the range estimator, I would get a different riser that PA sells. The only complaint that I have due to personal eye problems that the optic is not at fault for is that my dominant eye is -2.5 and I can't get a clear reticle even with the diopter adjustor. With glasses their are no issues. Great job PA

Love it!

by -

Awesome optic! Worth every penny! Another winner from Primary Arms

Great optic

by -

The Primary Arms 1X Compact Prism Scope with ACSS Cyclops reticle is a great optic for people like me with an astigmatism. At first, the center of the reticle was a little blurry in my dominant eye. I went to the eye doctor and found out that I have early stage cataracts in the near the center of both eyes. I can still get the optic to focus for use on my AR-47 that I built for deer hunting as a bush rifle. The only complaint I would have for the optic is the reticle. I wished it was similar to the Holosun HS503G Red Dot Sight with the ACSS CQB Reticle, which I like better for longer ranges. This is still a great ACSS optic for us shooters with an astigmatism. Get one and try it you will love it.

Great bang for the buck

by -

So glad to have an optic that is lightweight and works with my astigmatism. Like others have mentioned, the mount gives you an absolute cowitness but is lower than other regular cowitness mounts. If you prefer a lower 1/3 cowitness, buy an absolute cowitness mount from any who make them. This thing is good to go.

Great 1x Optic

by -

A great option for folks who prefer prism optics and don't want to spring for a TA-44 or want a 1x optic.

Mounted on a RS-Regulate 302 rear bias mount, with an AKML it's a great optic for an AKSU and can be mounted so it does not interfere with the hinged top cover. You will NOT have a co-witness on an AK, the sight is taller than a micro-red dot.

First Impressions: Big Thumbs-Up!

by -

I love how this corrects for my vision defects. Both target & reticle are very sharp, glass is surprisingly clear.
IMHO, this simplified ACSS reticle is far superior to those currently offered by other 1x prism optics.
Sighting in was easy. However, the clicks are both fine & small but thankfully tactile.
I'm glad I went with an appx 1/3 cowitness (used an ADM QD absolute cowitness mount), this height is both comfortable to shoot from and the ranging hashes clear my FSB, total weight is appx 10.5 oz.
Eye relief and eyebox are both generous.
My only minor complaint is the brightness control knob is very stiff (not that I expect to use it much, but still...). I find setting 3/11 adequate for lowlight/WML use which is the only time I expect to use the battery.
I highly recommend checking out the Cyclops if you have vision problems that fall within its ability to correct.

Another 5 Star Review

by -

I have this mounted on a Sig 556R (7.62x39) using a low mount I had laying around. (Compatibility with T1 type mounts a BIG plus.) The glass is very clear and the reticle and target are both sharper than I get with my astigmatism and a red dot. Bullet drop is right on at 300. The illumination isn't quite "daylight bright" in the AZ sun but the black reticle works great for most targets. There is the possibility of a dark target where the reticle won't be as easy to see. In that case you can use the illumination. The 1X is close enough that shooting both eyes open is very natural. Some have complained that the turret cap tethers can bind so you have to hold the tether while you are screwing the caps off or on. Since you should only have to do this when you zero it seems like a trivial matter.

Great little RDS replacement w/adjustable diaopter

by -

Built like a brick. Fast to pick up daytime with no illum. Glass quality seems to be better than other PA scopes, and they’re fine. A blessing for people with astigmatism and need a adjustable diaopter. Uses t1 mounts. Bang for buck 9/10.