Sprinco M4 Blue Enhanced Power Buffer Spring

Manufactured by Sprinco USA
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Manufactured by Sprinco USA
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Sprinco AR-15 buffer springs are made from high quality Chrome Silicon wire stock which is used in a variety of applications from Formula One to motor valve springs which can see up to 15,000,000 compression cycles in a single race. This makes it the perfect choice for a carbine which will see far less cycles than that over it’s lifetime. In order for this carbine buffer spring to retain its strength, Sprinco heat treats, shot peens, and treats each spring with a proprietary formula that retains spring efficiency for as long as you have your rifle. The Sprinco enhanced power carbine buffer spring is a great option to improve the long-term reliability of your AR-15.

  • For carbine length buffer tubes and mid-length gas systems
  • Color coded blue
  • Enhanced power
  • Made from chrome silicon wire stock
  • Heat treated and shot peened

This recoil spring is color coded blue indicating that it is optimal for use with 5.56 AR-15s with a mid-length gas system and carbine buffer tube. Sprinco has extensively tested this setup and have concluded that it works great with 5.56 AR-15’s with a barrel length from 12.5” to 16” and either a standard or H2 buffer weight. It also helps you to easily identify which power spring you have in your AR-15 if you have a habit of changing your setup constantly.
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BrandSprinco USA
MaterialSteel - Chrome Silicon
California Prop 65 warning

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Great Product

by -

Great product, nice fit and finish as described. I purchased this for a 10.3" pistol to combine with a H2 buffer. Primary Arms shipped my order the same day I ordered it and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Great for smoothing out recoil.

by -

Ordered this spring for my Psa middie along with an h2 buffer and now it feels like a dream, so smooth! Would buy again.

Smooth and the Price is Right

by -

Primary Arms always has fast shipping and gets to me in 2 days. The buffer spring at first was stiff which is to be expected. After 500 rounds it has worked flawlessly. I put it in my new 14.5 mid-length pinned and welded with h2 and did not have a hiccup. Don't recall hearing the twang sound you normally do with regular buffer springs. Was getting around 3 o'clock ejection with 5.56 on a possibly slightly over gassed rifle. Now I need to get one for my 11.5 BCM pistol. Price is right as well and this is a minor upgrade that will go a long way.

This should be standard in all AR’s!!

by -

My CMMG Banshee 45ACP felt like the bolt was getting beat pretty hard. More recoil than it should be having. Added this spring and a H2 buffer here from Primary and my precious Banshee shoots butter smooth now. I always replace any AR buffer spring with a chrome silicone spring. My first one from Sprinco and it works flawless.

Nice product, great with the adjustable buffer.

by -

Currently running this in an AR15, 10.5 inch carbine, along with an Odin Works adjustable buffer, at 6.65oz, extra heavy. Everything is running fine, but the brass is still kicking out at the 2 to 3 position. Therefore, thinking about the Red spring, ultimately getting the brass towards the 4 position.

High Quality Buffer Spring


Sprinco blue spring arrived in a hard plastic tube with an instructional insert. Per instructions, I lightly lubed the spring, inserted and properly seated the Aero 4oz buffer i have, and ran it.

On a Ruger Ar556 with carbine length gas and 16.1inch barrel (slightly overgassed), this set up ran PMC 223 and Winchester/PPU 556 without any issue. Ejected regularly at 3 o'clock with zero extraction issues.

With a standard H2 buffer, the felt recoil would be even less, but i opted for the 4oz, standard M4 loadout. With a good muzzle brake and this buffer/spring combo, the rifle is very, very easy to manage and keep steady.

Lastly, the spring is coated with Molybdenum Disulfate which reduces the "BOINGGG" noise to the point you wont even hear it anymore.

Overall, a high quality product. Would recommend to any AR owner.

Nice spring

by -

buy it you wont be sad.

Great for 16" build with adj. buffer.

by -

Used this alongside a Odin adjustable buffer for my 16" Recce build...one of the softest shooting 16" carbines I've built to date. Everything from Sprinco is great...If you ever need guidance on which springs/buffers to run, call Sprinco directly and you'll be greeted with a wealth of knowledge!!

Great Product

by -

This is the 2nd time I've replaced a factory buffer and spring with an H2 buffer and a Sprinco Blue. The first was for a 12.5" mid-length pistol. In this case it was for a 16" mid-length PSA lower that was throwing brass to 2:00. A very economical improvement to smooth out recoil and get the brass consistently ejecting to 3:30. No-brainer.


by -

This is the perfect spring for most ARS in my opinion it's a little bit stiffer than a standard spring but not too stiff to where it feels funny also I use an H1 buffer an H2 buffer is a little bit too heavy and you can feel it clunking around inside the tube the H1 with this spring is the perfect combination